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This collection was designed for optimal navigation on eReaders and other electronic devices. On Friday, May 7, 1915, during the heat of World War I, a German U Boat torpedoed the British Cunard Line cruise ship, Lusitania. Shortly before she was to take her seat in a lifeboat, a young, patriotic American girl was approached by a mysterious man who asked her to take custody of some important papers he suggested might help the Allies to win the war. Three years later, two earnest young friends, Prudence "Tuppence" Cowley, and Tommy Beresford, share a meager meal in a London tea shop casually discussing their mutual penury, having lost their jobs as soldiers returned either to their pre-war positions, or in Tommy's case, unemployment.
First published in 1922, The Secret Adversary is Agatha Christie's second novel, and it introduces the aforementioned Tuppence and Tommy, who will return in several other Christie books. Agatha Christie carefully weaves her story with clues that appear to be casually dropped, and which the reader may not take to heart. Support Free EbooksIf you enjoy our free ebooks, please consider making a donation to offset website costs. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

It is indexed alphabetically, chronologically and by category, making it easier to access individual books, stories and poems. In 18 minutes, the enormous vessel would sink, 8 miles (13 km) from the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. He asked her to keep these papers because of the standard ship's "women and children first" protocol.
This time they planned to form their own business, and decided to create a bold new detective agency, the "Young Adventurers." As their conversation intertwines with the conversations of other diners, they pick up a quick first commission (a missing person case) and immediately find themselves involved in a plot that includes Bolshevik conspiracies, a charming unfathomable amnesiac, a wealthy American industrialist, a German-English dragon lady, curious ambassadors and government officials, and a multitude of unseemly darksiders. Her skill at tying up these loose ends will make the reader want to reread the story just to be able to appreciate those clues in the context of the story's outcome. BarclayManon1753 on "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean RhysCynthia Anderson on "The Rosary" by Florence L. This collection offers lower price, the convenience of a one-time download, and it reduces the clutter in your digital library.
Unwittingly, the Young Adventurers' light-hearted romp morphs into a dangerous case of international intrigue.

They learn quickly, and by the story's end their powers of deduction rival Sherlock Holmes. BarclayLinda on Review: "The First Violin" by Jessie FothergillChris Bollard on "The Rosary" by Florence L. All books included in this collection feature a hyperlinked table of contents and footnotes.
Christie's skill at foreshadowing marks her as a master storyteller whose stories endure nearly a century after they were written. The young lady accepted the packet, not knowing the effect upon her personal life these papers would have. This reader will eagerly dig up other Christie stories as penance for underestimating her as an author the first time around.

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