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ArchivedThis article is about something that was for a period of time or is no longer in Club Penguin. You could become a Secret Agent after your penguin had spent over 30 days or more in the game, by clicking on the (M) symbol at the top right hand corner of the game and answering a quiz you would get a chance to be an agent. However, Megg posted that PSA Missions would start from June 11 and you could receive medals.
Before the HQ was destroyed, you could buy the Nintendo DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, and be able to get into the Command Room by unlocking the code that came with the game. Alors oui, l'affiche pas plus que la synopsis ne laissent dupes sur la nature du film.

Meme pour des adolescent attardes ce film semblerait mauvais, je me demande comment Jessica Alba et Samuel L Jackson ont pu etre d'accord pour jouer dans ce navet, quand a la petite grosse heroine du film elle serait plus convaincante en coiffeuse visagiste. Secret Agency (Barely Lethal) est un film independant qui a fait un direct DVD, malgre son casting allechant : Hailee Steinfield, Sophie Turner ou encore Samuel L. Pseudo comedie d’espionnage pour ado, Secret Agency ne propose en fait pas grand chose a se mettre sous la dent.
L’agence Prescott forme des agents secrets de leur plus plus tendre enfance jusqu’a ce qu’ils deviennent de vraies machines.
Bear, the PSA had to close down and PSA data was then transferred over to the Elite Penguin Force.

However, after Operation: Blackout, PSA Missions can only be played on the Club Penguin Homepage.
Voulant simplement vivre une adolescence normale elle met en scene sa mort et entre en derniere annee dans un lycee de banlieue. G is her right hand man who provides all the gadgets, and also provides all the missions for the Secret Agents.

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