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It’s a full moon on Saturday, February 15, the day celebrating the Roman wolf festival Lupercalia.
It’s also the perfect night to celebrate Feral House’s new Ye-Ye Girls of ‘60s French Pop book, and Feral House and Process Media’s releases for the new year. The lovely white witch Maja D’aoust (who co-wrote The Secret Source: The Law of Attraction and its Hermetic Influence Throughout the Ages) will speak about the pagan Lupercalia ritual. We’ll have a freshly printed and bound copy of Hashish, The Lost Legend, which some have said is the most extraordinary special edition they’ve ever seen. Adding more delirium to the festivities, DJ Kitten Sparkles will spin prime examples of the Ye-Ye Girls experience. Feral Friends, We’re thinking pleasant and refreshing thoughts as we move through the newly green grasses.
Why aren’t our kids learning the one thing that has the greatest impact on their lives? Your kids learn the secrets for creating happiness, building confidence, owning their greatness, living with purpose, creating success in life, and being all they can be! Imagine knowing that when your kids walk out the door each day they will be confident and prepared to make good choices, to go for their dreams, and to handle anything that comes their way. Our kids are learning their ABCs and 123s…but why aren’t they learning the one thing that has the greatest impact on their happiness, confidence, and success in life? Have you ever wondered why some kids have “a good head on their shoulders” while others are easily influenced by peers?
Have you ever wondered why some kids are focused and goal-oriented while others seem to drift through life?
Have you ever wondered why some kids have powerful self-esteem while others never feel they are quite “good enough”?
Have you ever wondered why some kids stay connected to their parents while others turn away from them?

Have you ever wondered how someone like Oprah Winfrey was able to rise from poverty to become one of the most influential women in the world? If kids aren’t proactively taught how to develop a mindset based on empowerment, it will evolve on its own as a result of exposure from the media, influence from their peers, and how they decide to interpret their life experiences.
It wasn’t until after college and I discovered the field of personal development that I learned how to separate my achievements from who I was.
Over the years I became and expert in personal development, coaching, and mindset work…And when I did become a Mom, I started writing short stories to help my kids learn the skill. You want your kids to know how to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves. This is for you if you want to give your kids the best chance of being ready for their teen years. You want your kids to know how to handle mistakes, failure, disappointments, and failure without giving up on themselves.
You want your kids to learn how to think for themselves, make good choices, and stand up to peer pressure..
You want to give your kids the best chance of being ready for middle school and their teenage years. This is for you if you want your kids to come to you when they have problems or need advice.
Kids learn a powerful way of thinking so that they are confident and prepared to choose the right path in life, to handle anything that comes their way, and to go for their dreams. You see, one of the things that makes Adventures in Wisdom™ so unique is that each skill is taught through a fun short story by Wyatt the Wise Wizard. Through the stories, kids see how the skills are used to solve real-life problems that they might face at school, with their friends, or at home. MindPower is the secret behind why some people live a life of their dreams while others seem to struggle…never quite creating the life they imagined or dreamed of.

Your kids learn how their thoughts create their experiences and what they can do to shape their thoughts.
The MindPower Segment lays the groundwork for the rest of the Adventures in Wisdom™ segments. How your kids feel about themselves and whether or not they believe in themselves will directly impact their happiness and what they create in their lives. Although you can’t give your kids strong self-esteem and self-confidence… you can teach them to develop it in themselves, from the inside out, so they can feel good about themselves and believe in themselves no matter what comes their way. Spring is fully manifest and we are reminded of the duality of nature; cute while gently born and bloody raging in the throes of death. Sometimes it’s difficult to conceive how one could run a publishing company miles outside a tiny town in the Northerly reaches of Washington state known for its surrounding waterways, wooden shipbuilding, and Victorian style buildings.
Or…how an illegal immigrant from Mexico went from picking weeds on a California farm to become a leading brain surgeon at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland? So I am thrilled that kids around the world are getting the message about this powerful way of thinking and I am honored that you are on our site today to learn how you can help your kids own their greatness and go for it in life! Kids learn how both their conscious mind and their subconscious mind work and how belief systems are at the core of shaping how they experience their lives.
Sometimes my kids don’t want to listen to me but they will listen to Wyatt the Wise Wizard. The hands on activity using food dye and water to demonstrate how a seemingly little lie can cloud trust between two people was a very powerful experience. They learn how to build a belief system based on possibility and they learn secrets as to how their mind works.

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