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Four years ago there was a new TV revival of The Night Stalker that starred Stuart Townend. Depp had been loosely attached to Disney's Night Stalker movie since last summer, but since actors attach themselves to dozens of projects all the time, it meant little. Depp is also a producer on the Night Stalker film through his production company called Infintium Nihil. Before Johnny Depp could hope to battle monsters, he'll star as Tonto in another Disney movie, The Lone Ranger.
From sweet greetings to "suite" dreams, you'll enjoy all the best of Boystown Chicago hotels at City Suites.
Choose City Suites for trend-setting, boutique comfort just north of downtown and perfectly positioned in the vivacious Boystown district.

Reserve your stay at City Suites Chicago for a fabulous stay near Boystown, Chicago's best music venues, the Belmont-Central Shopping District and copious other destinations for your dining and entertainment pleasure. Premiering first as an ABC TV movie and then later as an ongoing series, Darren McGavin played a Chicago beat reporter named Carl Kolchak who wound up filing stories and defeating monsters, spectres and other oddities that went bump in the night.
Now Johnny Depp has a good shot at playing Kolchak in a Night Stalker movie for Walt Disney Pictures, and Shaun of the Dead's Edgar Wright might direct the movie. By bringing onboard Wright to develop the feature, it gives The Night Stalker movie more definition and a better chance at actually coming to be. There's no script for the proposed Night Stalker film yet, so it's likely that the filmmaker will also be intimately involved in the shaping of the movie's storyline. He's also keen on reuniting with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski on a remake of The Thin Man.

Our friendly and knowledgeable service team is here to ensure you have an unparalleled Chicago experience, beginning with a warm welcome in our signature Art Deco-inspired lobby. Book our Pop In Package, which includes one night's accommodation in a deluxe room, along with a $15 gift card to use at any Garrett's Popcorn in the city. Naturally, you'll want to spend the majority of your time exploring this eclectic city - from the Belmont-Central Shopping District to the famous Boystown nightlife to countless Chicago events and festivals - but rest assured that exceptional perks and amenities await your every return to our hotel.

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