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TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Arc Fatigue: With the announcement of issue #9, many readers are starting to feel this burn, mostly due to the fact that it seems to just take so long and they want it over.
The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is being seen by fans as a long-overdue apology for One More Day. During Emerald City Comic Con '15, many of Marvel's creators have stated flat-out that Secret Wars is not a reboot of any kind, which has at least partly soothed fears. Editor-in-Chief Alex Alonso confirmed that the X-Men will remain a part of the Marvel Universe, as opposed to being spun-off into their own separate universe - although it is likely that the Mutants will be separated from the other characters in some capacity. Then there are the X-Men fans, many of whom are vehemently opposed to the event, as they fear it may lead to the X-Characters being rebooted out of existence to make way for the Inhumans, who Marvel have been pushing extensively. The announcement of there being a smaller multi-verse growing from the collapse that triggered this event. Even people familiar with Marvel might have trouble understanding everything about this series and its many tie-ins without doing some research beforehand. The series itself, while pretty accessible, was being set-up by literally all of his previous Marvel work, and the original Secret Wars. Fanon Discontinuity: For some odd reason, the Marvel Comics Wikia treats the Spider-Girl back-up stories not as a continuation of Mayday's story post-Spider-Verse, but as another part of the whole Secret Wars saga. Just Here for Godzilla: Some fans are tuning in simply to check out the absolutely insane shit that will apparently be happening during the event, like Captain America and Devil Dinosaur fighting an army of Hulks. The final issue of Captain America And the Mighty Avengers has a similar scene, where Dave laments that the world is about to end, only for Luke to state that he thinks this isn't really the end. The first issue of the event is essentially a Kill 'em All but given the premise of the series, a lot of people have to come Back from the Dead to fight on Battleworld. Mary Sue Topia: The "Feminist Fantasy" version of the trope is played with on Arcadia (see the YMMV section of A-Force for details), and played brutally (as much as Marvel could get away with by giving the miniseries a "Mature Audiences Only" rating) straight on Where Monsters Dwell-although an important part of the plot is that such a place is a location that only a Sociopath Femme Fatale would love.
The entire event is one itself if you haven't been reading Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers run. Miles Morales's final issue: he is able to thwart Victor Van Damme and HYDRA, but is met with the sight of the 616 Earth as the Incursion begins. They Changed It, Now It Sucks: While fans love Bendis' Old Man Logan series, the one sticking point seems to be his portrayal of Logan's healing factor. Ultimate End, which was marketed as the Grand Finale of the Ultimate Marvel universe, ended up being a storyline of 616 and Ultimate characters interacting with one another.
Several of the universes chosen for territories were barely glanced over, such as New Quack City and Egyptia. As virtually every tie in before the story and during the "Last Days" portion state, the entire thing could have been solved (or at least massively mitigated) had Reed and the rest of the Illuminati approached the rest of the scientific community and asked for their help. In Inferno #1, we learn that following a successful takeover by Demonic Invaders, Cyclops and Colossus have a deal in which Colossus helps police Cyclops's domain for 364 days of the year, but on the anniversary of the invasion he gets to mount a mission into Inferno to try and save his sister Illyana. Oh definitely, originally the character was an just a Vengeful Ghost archetype; he only ended up as a hero because the comics at the time wanted to lump its characters together regardless of their nature.
Weaknesses: Ghost Rider is for the most part immune to all forms of earthly damage, as he has taken blows from an enraged Hulk with no signs of pain and discomfort. As Johnny grew into a man his adoptive father Crash Simpson contacted cancer and was dying from the disease. Right, the sign-up seems all right for the most part, so I don't see much reason for me not to say "accepted". Personality: Doreen is a complete upholder of justice and pretty much unshakeable in her detestment of all things wicked, evil and naughty. Powers and Abilities: At first glance, a lot of people who know of Doreen assume her power to be something like "Super Adorableness".
Origin: From a parallel JA Universe that is locked into a Silver Age time, where the situations regarding heroes and villains are generally silly and ridiculous. Would it be alright if we say that Doreen just came back from Jump City, considering I used her on the restaurant the heroes visited, or do you want to just ignore that? Well I was going to ignore it, because you never actually said anywhere that it was her, right? She probably hides her tail by wrapping it around a leg, and wearing baggy pants or long skirts. Maybe its before the Squirrel Girl from the alternate Silver Age dimension fused with the prime one. I really don't see what's the problem, all I'm asking you is to say this Doreen worked in Jump City and interacted with the heroes from there at one point. Alignment: Good, with varying degrees of Anti-Heroism depending on which portrayal I decide to use. And that's not even getting into all the stuff Jonathan Hickman's wrote setting up Secret Wars. Even if it isn't explicitly the 616 Peter Parker appearing in the comic, the fact that elements of the title are slated to influence the new Marvel Universe leaves many fans hopeful that Peter and Mary Jane will end up together in some capacity. Fans are split between if it's cool and makes sense, considering character's status in Marvel history or they are annoyed that it's basically handling all the glory and honors to him and in the tie-ins everyone has to bend their knee to him.
You either think it makes sense or you are annoyed that cool character like Doctor Strange has been reduced to basically Doom's First Asskisser. On one hand, there are those who are worried the new Marvel Universe will fall into the same pitholes that New 52 did, including removing Legacy Characters, making everyone Younger and Hipper and enforcing True Art Is Angsty. Like other favorite targets, Brian Michael Bendis and Dan Slott, you got people who like his work and people who can't stand it. Others want the X-Men rebooted into their own universe, as there has always been issues with having them in the same universe as other Marvel characters.
While some praise the looks of the face, some also have rallied because it was expected, after all of these years, to be worse (and some even think that it shouldn't have been as scarred — Doom being Doom, he probably would have exaggerated how bad it was as another reason to hate Richards). While some fans are okay with this (even if some fan-favorite universes will not come back after the event), there are others that wanted a more streamlined continuity. This was inevitable, considering how the event pulls so much of multiple Marvel continuities into it. Marvel seem to have understood this and published a Prelude to Secret Wars trade collecting relevant issues of Secret Wars and Hickman's works. This is despite the fact that he actively suppresses people's memories, sends his Thors out to kill people who don't bow down and kiss his butt and literally commands everyone to fight to the death in their worlds just because they might have crossed him wrong one random Sunday in September. From her accidental Dynamic Entry to her Single-Stroke Battle with Big Boss Maria Hill, fans just loved her and were quite disappointed when it turned out the series was only two issues long. This is despite the fact that Web Warriors features Mayday as a main character and sporting the costume she dons at the end of her back-ups.
Even the core concept of the event, all the remaining universes in the comics multiverse being smashed together and forced to fight to the death in Battleworld, is pretty high in the HSQ itself. Her upbringing and tutelage under her father was Good Is Not Nice taken to the furthest extreme, which both explains her present attitude and makes her treatment of Shut Up seem almost warm and fuzzy by comparison. Sure he experienced the horrors of World War 1 and his original plan to present himself as a hero during that time blew up in his face, but feeling like he was 'owed' something for his struggles really shows that he's kind of a jackass. It's made explicit in issue #3, where it turns out that Doom had managed to save Manhattan before Earth-616 completely blew up. The entire problem here is that there's really no way to "destroy" a universe in a way that sticks, just like a character. This led to some fans who had been invested in a decade's worth of Ultimate storylines feeling cheated. New Warriors fans were especially bitter about the later since the only story that took place there focused on the X-Men.
Instead, they've decided that only they can solve the problem, thereby making the situation worse. Making him so powerful and connected to legitimate Christianity just raises too many questions and limits his usefulness as a character.
As the Ghost Rider however he constantly struggles for control over his body with the entity Zarathos who despises Blaze for trying to reign in and control him.
When Johnny was just a child however his mother abandoned both him and his father taking his siblings Daniel and Barbara with her.
Johnny resorted to supernatural means to cure him summoning Mephisto himself what Blaze didnt know was that his mother Naomi had tried negotiating with Mephisto to save John hoping her family's curse might end.
However, currently in the game, there's been a lot of stuff happening at once, so I may put off letting Johnny into the game until things have settled down.
However, the radioactive fluid that took his sight also unlocked the potential hidden inside every human - he can therefore hear, smell, taste, and touch better than anyone on Earth-616 (bah humbug Superman). As well as enhancing four of his senses, the radioactive waste unlocked a sixth one that very few manage to get - what Matt terms his radar sense. He has a comprehensive knowledge of pressure points, can blend seamlessly into a group at any point, and can use multiple weapons with ease.
Matt Murdock's father, prizefighter Battlin' Jack Murdock, was a good man forced to drink and crime by a mobster known as the Fixer. Not pictured: Wasp, Spider-Man, and about a hundred other heroes"And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat! Several heroes met in Wakanda to talk about this: Black Panther, Iron Man, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, Namor and Dr. In Issue 3 it is revealed that Strange is indeed aware of what Earth was like before the event, and is simply acting as Doom's lackey to fill the role, which may make this better or worse depending on the viewpoint. On the other, there are some who are not worried and feel that, especially with 616 and Ultimate merging, fan favorite characters like Miles Morales will still be around and aspects of the Ultimate universe that never got a fair shake will be able to do so here. And seeing as he's going to be the main architect for the new Marvel Universe, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is going to increase big time. There's also the fact that the "Canon" Marvel Universe will no longer have the "616" designation.
As far as the comic itself, there are those who can justifiably get confused between the many variants of each character running around.
Case in point, many universes have been professed to be "destroyed" at some point or another (for example, the Age of Apocalypse reality) but still showed up later at some point or another.
He ends up wiping out the entire organization and leaves his costume and gear at the battle site, declaring Deadpool is dead. Doubly shocking that they went this route considering what happened the last time the Illuminati decided to police the world without anyone's knowing. Doom asks Thanos if he currently has an Infinity Gauntlet, to which Thanos replies that he hasn't, but that him simply being Thanos should be enough for Doom to get on bended knee before him.
Such as being able to generate and control hellfire, lift and carry 25 tons, and even has unlimited stamina.However in the presence of a evildoer his most terrifying power reveals itself.
Demonic forces greater then his own can wound or even kill him and weapons forged from substances considered holy or even holy creatures themselves can wound or kill Ghost Rider. Naomi had abandoned her family because centuries earlier her family had earned the attention of Mephisto after Noble Kale's shard of a family heirloom the Pendant of Power transformed him into the Ghost Rider. Instead Mephisto betrayed Naomi in her final breath swearing that while Blaze would not become the true Ghost Rider he would still become a Ghost Rider. Because this war between mutants and anti-mutant extremists have attracted the attention of some major villains in need of punishment. She has superhuman strength and agility, allowing her to leap several stories, as well as an enhanced sense of smell. In her universe, Squirrel Girl fought alongside heroes like the original Blue Beetle, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Thing to defeat villains like Doctor Doom. His hearing is sharp enough to distinguish a single cough in a city of noise, and once he has heard a voice he can recognise it instantly. In effect, he 'feels' everything around him in three dimensions, similar to running his fingers over everything at once. Designed by him, the cane contains thirty feet of aircraft control cable attached to a grapnel, which he can fire at a moment's notice. In order that his son would have a better future, Jack forced Matt to study every spare hour of the day.
On that day, the Avengers were born?to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand!
1 #252A member of a species of interstellar parasites, the symbiote that later became known as Venom was imprisoned by the other members of its species due to its desire to aid its hosts instead of dominating them. And then he confirmed that they will stay in the same universe as the other superheroes, so that was either a misquote or trolling.
And then there's books like Exiles and Spider-Verse, where a vast multiverse is the whole draw.
Then, at the end, his entire cast is out in the ocean on a yacht when the Final Incursion strikes, killing everyone. Cyclops waits until just before the next attempt to drop this on Colossus, who is understandably a little pissed off.
However his greatest weakness is the conflict between Johnny Blaze and Zarathos, should Blaze lose control he may lose his sanity or even his life.
Having failed to corrupt Noble Mephisto watched the Kale bloodline over the years as Noble manifested himself in the firstborn of each generation. Mephisto in exchange for Blaze's promise of servitude cured Crash's cancer only for him to die in a stunt accident almost immediately after. Through a technological and mystical accident, the Squirrel Girl of the Silver Age JA is melded with the Doreen Green of this game's universe. By listening to a person's heartbeat, he can always tell if they're lying or not - this is thrown off by pacemakers and the like, but otherwise infallibly accurate. The resolution of this sense is not enough for him to determine facial features or specific textures, but it does give him an uncanny picture of the relative positions and shapes of everything around him. It was this apparent bookishness that caused his young peers to label him with the mocking title 'Daredevil.' However, that all changed when Matt was ten. Through the years, their roster has prospered, changing many times, but their glory has never been denied!
This would be great and all, but for the minor detail that it isn't big on giving its hosts any kind of choice in the matter.

With the exception of Black Panther, they created a secret society, to discuss this and other grave threats and silently deal with them.The group is later restarted and are the protagonists of the third New Avengers series. Like Joe Quesada and Dan Didio both saying "Dead means dead" years ago, good luck making this stick. This is less a problem within the actual series and more to do with the fact that Old Man Logan is confirmed to become a Canon Immigrant, and many readers were hoping he'd have a dialed-back healing factor to avoid the problems the original Wolverine had as a character. Should an individual gaze into Ghost Rider's eyes they will see and feel every once of pain they have caused others in their lifetime.
After Crash's death one night Johnny found himself transformed into a skeletal being with a flaming skull this was a result of Mephisto's manipulations who intended to for Blaze to make good on his promise of servitude. Squirrel Girl has buck teeth that can chew wood, and a 3-4 feet long prehensile tail, and yes, the tail is attached. The Doreen Green here had only just learned of her mutant powers, and was enamored with Iron Man's heroics as seen on the news, deciding to become a hero because of it. His sense of smell is hundreds of times better than a dog's, allowing him to track anyone no matter how much they attempt to disguise their scent. He has also trained his body to peak human levels, capable of going toe-to-toe with Captain America despite the latter being borderline superhuman. For the last time, Battlin' Jack Murdock refused to stay down and won the championship match. An unknown amount of time later, the symbiote's prison was later incorporated into the make up of Battleworld by an entity called the Beyonder. And depending on the pain caused the effects can range from complete hysterics, to being left in a cataconic state to even death.
With the help of Roxxane Simpson Johnny was able to break free of Mephisto's grasp and decided to use this power to fight evil wherever he found it. She also has powers allowing her to work with squirrels, beyond the abilities of normal training. When the two Doreen's melded, Squirrel Girl has all of her memories from the Silver Age universe. Matt is withdrawn and solemn, approaching both cases and life with the careful efficiency of a blind man. It is this that allows him to do what he does - he can deal with a ring of attackers, work out the best way to scale a nearby building and map his surroundings all at once.
Pushing him out of the way, the young Matt was hit across the eyes by a falling canister of radioactive isotope. Spider-Man, one of the heroes chosen by the Beyonder to fight in an epic battle of good versus evil, accidentally freed the symbiote while looking for a machine to repair his damaged costume. Whenever the blood of an innocent was spilled or injustice was committed there riding of the flames would be the Ghost Rider.
She can speak and understand a squirrel's language and they seem to be able to understand her speaking English. His fingertips are sensitive enough to let him read typed print by running his fingers over the page; however, banknotes and photographs are too smooth for him to make out. However, disabling it (through psychic attacks or inducing mental instability) leaves him truly blind.
He has been seen deflecting handgun rounds with a billy club - however, in that case the shooter was standing a few feet away and was pointing his gun straight at Matt allowing him ample time to anticipate the shots. A perfectly balanced weapon, Matt can throw his club with astounding accuracy, rebounding it off multiple surfaces to hit his target.
Taking on the appearance of a jet-black costume with stylized white spider emblems on its chest and back, the "black suit" proved an invaluable asset to Peter, so he brought it with him when he returned to Earth, reveling in the fact that it could change its shape to imitate civilian clothing and produce a seemingly unlimited supply of organic webbing. Waking up in the hospital, Matt was instantly assaulted by an overwhelming battery of sensations, nearly driving him insane.
He put on a yellow-brown devil costume and chased down the Fixer, only for the latter to die of a heart attack. Desiring to deepen its bond with him, the symbiote began taking over his body as he slept, leaving him more exhausted when he woke up and he had been when he went to bed. Despite his track record, he continues to be snared by them, perhaps in a vain attempt to fill the void left by his mother's absence. He is an expert fighter with the club in all its forms, making use of its versatility in a staggering number of ways. The encouragement of an unknown nun (later revealed to be his mother) and an old man named Stick allowed him to master his new hypersenses.
Having experienced death twice that week, Matt vowed to make it so that no-one else would suffer his pain. The team also within the first few issues gained the series trademark of shifting lineups, with the Hulk leaving the group with issue two, and Captain America not actually joining until issue 4, and with the major change of all the originals save Captain America being replaced by issue 16. Already wary of his new costume's autonomy, Peter took it to the Fantastic Four, where Reed Richards revealed its true identity as an alien life-form. Matt became a master acrobat and fighter under Stick's tutelage, all while getting himself into Yale Law School with sheer determination. Over the years, half of the Marvel Universe has been a member (to the point that every member of the Fantastic Four has been a member at some point), with new members being recruited and old members coming back or leaving as story dictates.
Horrified and disgusted, Peter had the Fantastic Four remove the creature, discovering it was vulnerable to sonics and intense heat, and returned to his classic red-and-blue outfit.
Also, her lips taste like hazelnut, and she tends to give off a very faint smell of it as well. From a young age, Matt has had a burning desire for the justice that the law brings - he therefore views himself as judge and jury but not executioner.
Unexpected loud noises (like a subway train) will disorientate him, as will particularly bad smells or chemical tastes.
The symbiote did not take Peter's rejection well and eventually escaped captivity, disguising itself as Peter's original costume and attempting to force itself on him during a fight with the Vulturions. He is a lot better at blocking out pain, but then again he feels a lot more pain than your ordinary person. In his struggle to remove it, Peter retreated to the bell-tower of an abandoned church and rung the bell, weakening the symbiote, which seemingly sacrificed itself to save him.Some time afterwards, a disgraced reporter named Eddie Brock entered the same church intent on committing suicide, having been fired after Spider-Man inadvertently revealed the serial killer he had been interviewing was a compulsive confessor, divorced by his wife, disowned by his father, and diagnosed with terminal cancer. The Dog Bites Back: As Hulk was destroying everything again, the Illuminati organized a trap for him, sending him to a distant planet. The founding members were Hawkeye, Mockingbird, War Machine (as Iron Man), Tigra, and Wonder Man.
Sensing Eddie's obsession with Spider-Man, the symbiote bonded to him - revealing Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker in the process - but Eddie's overwhelming hatred twisted the already bitter alien's love into a malevolent obsession. Calling themselves themselves Venom, Eddie and the symbiote set out on a campaign of revenge against Spider-Man. Thunderbolts: First debuting in 1997, the Avengers' evil counterpart, the Masters of Evil, decided to pretend to be heroes when the Avengers are presumed dead after the events of Onslaught, but ended up turning good for good after getting a taste of life as heroes. During a confrontation with the supervillain Styx, the symbiote was seemingly killed and Eddie was imprisoned alongside serial killer Cletus Kasady. Gave Us Wi-Fi: Reed Richards and Iron Man are making a fortune from the technologies they get from the stolen Skrull ship.
The group however fell on hard times and after the events of Civil War, was co-opted by the government and given to Norman Osborn, who corrupted the program (and was later moved into his own book with most of the cast brought in with the reboot into Dark Avengers). The symbiote staged a jailbreak, freeing Eddie but leaving behind a spawn that bonded to Kasady, turning him into the monstrous Carnage. Matt has been beaten down by life for years, but he will always abide by Battlin' Jack Murdock's words - to never give up. With Norman's defeat, the book is back to dealing with redemption with the title focusing on criminals being offered time off of their sentences in exchange for going on missions. After Eddie declared a tenuous truce with Spider-Man and relocated to San Francisco, he was captured by the Life Foundation, which forced the symbiote to give birth to five offspring: Scream, Lasher, Agony, Riot, and Phage.
The book has since been renamed "Dark Avengers" while an "In Name Only" version of Thunderbolts with no ties to the existing team has been launched, lead by the Red Hulk and featuring Deadpool, Venom, Elektra, and Punisher.
During one of their falling-outs, the symbiote emitted a psychic scream that summoned a spaceship from the evil space-faring symbiote empire to Earth. Led by Norman Osborn, the group consists of Doctor Doom, Loki, The Hood, Emma Frost, and Namor who try to secretly manipulate the superhero political atmosphere for their own benefits.
To stop the symbiotes from taking over Earth, Eddie and the symbiote seemingly merged, with their agony and despair leading to most of the invading symbiotes committing suicide. With the return of the main Avengers title, it has continued as the adventures of a second official team. Eddie's relationship with the symbiote turned sour as Brock's cancer and conscience started acting up and the symbiote began to develop an appetite for human flesh, made worse when the symbiote assimilated a clone that had been programmed to want to destroy all of humanity.
Headed by Luke Cage, who was explicitly given permission to choose anyone he wanted (except Iron Man and Thor), the roster has rotated somewhat over the years but typically includes his wife Jessica Jones, Wolverine, Ms. Motivated by a religious reawakening, Eddie sold the symbiote to crime lord Vincente Fortunato, who gave it to his wimpy son Angelo. If it is a modern crisis crossover, it has to be played by all the characters involved, it can't be ruined by a swift covert attack of a secret team.
The symbiote, disgusted by Angelo's cowardice, left him to fall to his death and sought out Mac Gargan, offering him its power in exchange for killing Spider-Man. Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, and Daredevil have also featured, along with Strange's assistant Wong and also Squirrel Girl (as a babysitter for Cage's daughter).
Mac eagerly accepted, becoming the third incarnation of Venom, but the symbiote's bloodlust overwhelmed him to the point where he - at first impulsively and eventually willingly - committed cannibalism to satiate it.
The symbiote attempted to abandon Gargan and return to Eddie after sensing his cancer had been cured, but was repelled by the Anti-Venom symbiote.
Anti-Venom nearly killed the symbiote, but Mac escaped and went on use it to impersonate Spider-Man as a member of the Dark Avengers.After the Dark Avengers were arrested, the symbiote was appropriated by the US Military, which intended to use it as a living suit of combat armor.
They appeared in their planet, told them to stay away from Earth, Black Bolt destroyed their city when they refused, and they teleported back to their ship, to return home.
Bonded to Colonel Flash Thompson, the symbiote was kept suppressed by chemicals that prevented it from bonding to him for a period of 48 hours, although it could still take control of him should he become angry. Young Avengers: Created by Allan Heinberg the first run was 2005 through 2006, about a Teen Titan-esque group of young heroes who gathered following the events of "Avengers Disassembled" by an alternate universe version of Kang the Conquerer. After going AWOL to protect Betty Brant from the Crime Master, Flash opted to let the symbiote bond with him, though he still kept it suppressed in a semi-successful attempt to prevent it from rampaging and eating people.
Despite originally patterning themselves after the original core group, most have completely different connections to the Avengers, if any at all.
During a confrontation with Anti-Venom, the symbiote again attempted to rebond with Eddie and nearly succeeded, but returned to Flash after he reminded it that Eddie would constantly resist its control. Among the heroes recruited are Wiccan and Speed, Vision and Scarlet Witch's long lost children, who would later seek the Avengers' help in finding their missing mother. During the Circle of Four, the symbiote secretly bargained with Mephisto to receive demonic powers via the Hell Mark, but was later forced to relinquish them to its clone after Daimon Hellstrom implanted a demon inside it. Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering: For their high and loud intentions, the Illuminati do not have a good record of successes.
Has had multiple mini series starring the group with a new ongoing set to debut in 2013, led by Kid Loki.
Hank McCoy developed a perfected version of the drug, enabling Flash to keep the symbiote completely docile.
Their threat to the Skrulls was not just useless, it gave them the means to start the Secret Invasion. Mighty Avengers: Running from 2007 to 2010, was at first a team of Avengers who were on the Pro-Registration side of the Civil War storyline, then later a team led by Hank Pym that was active outside the United States during the events of Dark Reign.
When separated from Flash by the Superior Spider-Man, the injured and angry symbiote jumped at the opportunity to rebond with its original host, but was disgusted by Otto's psyche and tried to return to Flash. They collected the infinity gems but could not banish them from existence, and the Hood got most of them a short time later. Otto dominated it with his will and forced it to remain bonded to him, but the symbiote seized control of him during a brawl with the Avengers, lashing out at Flash for suppressing it with chemicals. The new team is lead by Luke Cage and features Monica Rambeau, Superior Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Ronin, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), White Tiger (Ava Ayala), and the Blue Marvel.
After being repelled by Peter's psyche, the symbiote returned to Flash, accompanying him into space as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They advised Noh-Varr to be a hero, and he laughed at them (he became a hero later, but for other reasons). Events led to the symbiote returning to its homeworld, where it was revealed that the "Klyntar" were originally benevolent, seeking out worthy hosts to bond to and make them into noble warriors called Guardians of the Cosmos.
And before Civil War and Secret Invasion, they simply met to decide that there was nothing they could do about the crisis. Unfortunately everything that can go wrong actually goes almost horribly wrong with young heroes dying, mysterious attacks on faculty, a secret black ops team, alien invasions, numerous betrayals, and Norman Osborn.
Hosts lacking an ideal physical and psychological balance resulted in a number of symbiotes being corrupted, leading to the foundation of the planet-conquering empire seen previously. Ultimately shut down following the events of Dark Reign and The Siege and relaunched (literally and figuratively) as Avengers Academy. The Venom symbiote was apparently the first returned to "factory setting" in its lineage, but it's experiences on Earth drove it insane. The group appeared first in the New Avengers, without any kind of explanation for the reader. Dark Avengers: Initially a short-lived book (2009 through 2010) set during Dark Reign about a Norman Osborn led team of supervillains disguised as the Avengers. Properly Paranoid: Iron Man had the corpse of a Skrull that was pretending to be Elektra, and who was completely undetectable before being killed and reverting to her real form. Though cancelled after the events of "Siege", a new team appeared in the pages of New Avengers v2 though in a twist, the group was betrayed by one of their own (Skaar).
Acquired Poison Immunity: According to Eddie, and later Flash, the symbiote has become Stronger with Age and has become increasingly resilient to flames and sonics, especially the former.
He thinks that this Skrull is the peak of the iceberg of a whole alien infiltration at all levels. The new team were ultimately transitioned into the pages of the Thunderbolts, which was renamed "Dark Avengers" and the group were joined by Moonstone and USAgent.

Pet Avengers: Starting in 2009, a series of mini-series that focuses upon various animal companions of superheroes teaming up to fight evil. And then Black Bolt revealed to be a Skrull, and tried to kill them Reality Warping Is Not a Toy: Reed Richards tried to get all the Infinity Gems to try to banish them from existence, to prevent anyone else from abusing them.
Avengers Academy: Running from 2010 to 2012, the book follows Hank Pym (the real one, not the Skrull who ran Avengers Initiative) and a group of experienced heroes (Tigra, Justice, Speedball, Quicksilver, and Jocasta) team up to train young heroes. The 1996 The Hunger miniseries showed it is capable of forming an exoskeleton resembling that of a Xenomorph. Originally the book focused upon a group of young teenagers recruited or forcibly turned into super-powered beings by Norman Osborn during his time running the Avengers Initiative, in hopes of ensuring that they don't become super-villains. Bonus points for it resembling body armor when bonded to Flash, and Agent Venom's "Mark III" concept art even has "H.R. Following the events of Fear Itself, they have opened the team up to all heroes and have taken on other teen heroes like Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon, formerly Araña), X-23, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson, son of the original Thunderstrike), and White Tiger to the Academy. But it is not a FF comic, so they stay watching TV while the building seems about to explode. Secret Avengers: Debuting in 2010, it follows, a black-ops team of Avengers led by Steve Rogers, who after his resurrection, allowed Bucky to continue being Captain America.
Aliens Speaking English: Justified in that all its hosts were English-speaking humans and it picked up the language over time. The book is similar to the current version of X-Force, except being Avengers the team tries harder to stick to the Avengers No Killing policy then X-Force does.
Namor to the other members (except Xavier, who was not present) when they decided to exile Hulk.
The book was relaunched in 2013 with Nick Fury as leader, the removal of the "no-kill" rule, and the members of the team having their memories suppressed between missions to ensure plausible deniability for SHIELD. All Webbed Up: The symbiote produces organic webbing from its biomass, and Peter has exploited this to weaken it.
While not present, when confronted on the subject, Professor Xavier said he was for a temporary exile to allow Banner to cure himself, but not the permanent one Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt, and Doctor Strange opted to go with. Avengers Assemble: This book initially launched in 2012 as a tie-in to the film, featuring an in-continuity version of the film team. Animal-Themed Superbeing: Venom is a spider-based villain, justified in that the symbiote's first and favorite host was Spider-Man. After issue eight, it turned into a "down time" book, following what the Avengers do in-between missions, with more of a focus on the female Avengers (namely, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, and Captain Marvel).
The others to Namor, when the Beyonder revealed by accident that he still desires to conquer the surface world. Uncanny Avengers: Launched in 2012, this new title deals with the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men that acts as a sort of bridge team between the Avengers and the X-Men as a result of Captain America wanting to reach out and do a better job of helping out the mutants. Arch-Enemy: The symbiote, regardless of its host, is one of Spider-Man's most infamous and dangerous enemies. So far the team is known to include Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, the Wasp, Wonder Man, and Havok. Badass Grandpa: The symbiote is dangerous even without its hosts, has lived a very long time, and it is also a "grandfather", having grandchildren called Toxin and Scorn.
The Worf Effect: The Illuminati met before Civil War and Secret Invasion, and could not find a way to prevent what was about to happen. It was relaunched following the AXIS event with a partially new cast and will undergo another one following Secret Wars (2015), once again with a updated roster. Belated Backstory: Why the symbiote was in that container on Battleworld was revealed in the 1995 Planet of the Symbiotes, released a decade after Secret Wars.
Avengers Arena: A 2013 series launching with the premise of young heroes of Marvel (including five characters from Avengers Academy) fighting to the death, trapped on an island by supervillain Arcade, who has taken several levels in being a bad-ass as far as him seeking to kill the kids in order to regain his reputation as an assassin. Solicits implied the whole story behind its imprisonment was to be revealed in the "Planet of the Symbiotes" arc of Guardians of the Galaxy, a full 30 years after its debut, but this wasn't the case.
Blank White Eyes: The symbiote has large white eyespots originally in the shape of Spider-Man's lenses, though after bonding to Eddie Brock they became distorted. The team was lead by Hank Pym and featured the Vision, Victor Mancha, Monica Chang, and new characters Doombot and Alexis. When bonded to Mac Gargan, his own eyes were visible within the symbiote's, although tinted green, yellow, or red with Hellish Pupils. Avengers Undercover: A 2014 series that is a direct follow-up to Avengers Arena which follows five teen survivors of the book (who are beyond broken) infiltrating Bagalia, the Masters of Evil's own sovereign nation, all the while deciding if they want to be heroes or join the dark side. When under control Venom IV's eyes are black lenses rimmed with white, although after his Guardians of the Galaxy makeover they became small white eyes, and are now glowing yellow with a white outline. Avengers World: A 2014 ongoing comic focusing on the new expanded roster of the Avengers as they work to tackle multiple threats across the world. It acted as additional supplemental material, with each issue focusing on individual characters in the team as the two main Avengers books began to focus more on their interconnected story that lead into the 2015 Secret Wars event.
A-Force: A new title released in 2015 during the Secret Wars event featuring a Amazon Brigade of Avengers from a number of different worlds coming together.
Blob Monster: What the symbiote amounts to sans-host, although it can manifest a head, eyes, mouth, and occasionally very rudimentary arms. Though it can only stay like that for half an hour at a time (but with practice it could stay in humanoid form longer), and it prefers being bonded to Flash anyway.
This version draws many comparisons to The Authority, with taking a "widescreen" action approach along with attempts to take a look at how such actions would come across in a closer to real world setting. Body Surf: It makes its way back to Eddie by doing this in Separation Anxiety, and also jumps from Groot to Rocket to Drax when stuck with the Guardians of the Galaxy. After a line wide relaunch it split into two different teams: Ultimate Avengers and The Ultimates, but another relaunch reunited under the Ultimates banner. Brown Note: Killed the invading symbiotes in Planet of the Symbiotes with a psychic scream. Following Secret Wars in the fall of 2015, as part of All-New, All-Different Marvel, a new ongoing series launches featuring Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Monica Rambeau, and America Chavez as the title group. All-New, All-Different Avengers: A new title released during the All-New, All-Different Marvel initiative following Secret Wars starring a more grounded version of the team comprised of Captain America (Sam Wilson), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor (Jane Foster), the Vision, Ms. Category Traitor: The Venom symbiote was deemed this by the symbiote that took over Rune in Venom vs. This version deals with the team not having unlimited funds and half the team still being teenagers with problems like school.The team made their television debut in The Marvel Super Heroes, a 1966 Animated Anthology that brought the comics to life through Clip-Art Animation. Additionally, the two Ultimate Avengers direct-to-dvd animated films were Lighter and Softer versions of the team, and an origin for The Ultimates.
A more successful animated series, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, ran from 2010-2012.
Characterization Marches On: The symbiote was exiled from its planet for refusing to kill its hosts, which deemed it a freak amongst its species. Of course, this characterization doesn't make a good villain, and was promptly forgotten by every writer on the planet, as prior to its return to the Klyntar Homeworld it was usually presented as a man-eating parasitic monstrosity. Arguably justified as it's experiences on Earth are explicitly mentoined to have driven it insane. Mephisto selected the symbiote as one of his potential replacements for the Descent and bestowed a Hell Mark on it. Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Its favorite hosts are Spider-Man and Eddie Brock in that order, and if the opportunity to rebond with either of them presents itself the symbiote will happily screw over its current host to do so. Clingy Costume: It does not like letting go of a host, and in fact the reason it hates Spider-Man so much is because of how close they came to being permanently bonded before he rejected it and forced them apart. Clothes Make the Superman: The symbiote can bestow superpowers on mundane hosts, mainly patterned after Spider-Man's due to its absorption of his DNA, and can also drastically boost the powers of superpowered hosts. Combat Tentacles: The symbiote can project pseudopodia and tendrils to attack and restrain prey, although Venom usually uses them in the guise of webbing.
Superior Venom takes this to a new level by having the symbiote turn Otto's robotic spider legs into segmented tentacles resembling the ones he'd worn as Dr.
Contagious Heroism: Being bonded to a heroic host helped undo some of the symbiote's corruption.
The Corruptible: The symbiote started out benevolent, but exposure to evil hosts filled it with hatred and bloodlust. Bonding to Mercuiro for a short amount of time is enough to send it into a downward spiral back into the bloodthirsty monster it once was.
Costume Evolution: The symbiote has changed its appearance with each host, and sometimes while bonded to the same host. Curb-Stomp Battle: During one of its "nighttime patrols" with Peter, it came across the Sandman posing as a dock worker.
It was only when Peter rejected it on the grounds that it was alive and trying to permanently bond with him that it became embittered and angry. A Darker Me: The symbiote has this effect on its hosts whenever it's not outright controlling them. Dark Is Not Evil: After being purged of its hatred and corruption, the symbiote is benevolent, but still has a menacing appearance when not bonded to Flash.
Deadpan Snarker: When allowed to speak for itself, the symbiote often displays biting wit and a venomous tongue.
Deal with the Devil: The symbiote made a deal with Mephisto to obtain demonic powers via the Hell Mark, though it later admitted this was a mistake. Declaration of Protection: When it is berating Flash for his poor treatment of it, it mentions all it wants is to protect him. Demonic Possession: After Zarathos was separated from Alejandra and captured by Blackheart, the symbiote seized control of Flash intending to absorb the Spirit of Vengeance and gain demonic powers.
Later, Daimon Hellstrom possessed the symbiote with a powerful demon to turn it into one of his Monsters of Evil, but Venom used the Hell Mark to suppress it. While the symbiote and the demon initially got along, the symbiote realized the demon was slowly pulling a Grand Theft Me on it and shunted the Hell Mark and demon onto its long-devoured clone, which it puked up and bonded to Andi, turning her into Mania. Giger-y" look similar to the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, even when it's completely amorphous.
The Dreaded: Despite its weaknesses being more-or-less common knowledge, SHIELD considers the Venom symbiote to be a top-level threat to humanity, on par with Doctor Doom, Magneto, and the Red Skull. Symbiotes in general are this throughout the galaxy, as a drunk Kree who'd never been to Earth before recognizes what it is and wets himself before being eaten. Emotion Eater: In some story lines the symbiote feeds off its host's negative emotions, and amplifies them as well. This becomes a problem when the symbiote is purged of its rage and bloodlust, since there's nothing stopping Flash's own hotheadedness from causing it to relapse. Enlightenment Superpowers: By letting go - or rather, being forcibly purged - of its bloodlust, the symbiote becomes exponentially more powerful. Even Evil Has Standards: After finally getting its wish to rebond to its first host granted in Superior Spider-Man #24, the symbiote is the one disgusted by "Spider-Man" and tries to leave him to return to Flash, only for Otto to force it to stay bonded to him.
Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Technically has no name, so it is variously referred to as the "Black Suit", "The Symbiote", or simply "Venom".
Thus far, the only confirmed member of its species (discounting possible symbiotes like Krobaa and Dreadface) to have been given a real name, and not just a nickname, is Gabriel Summers's minion Zzxz. Evil Costume Switch: Has been used as one for Spider-Man in most media following the 1994 Animated Series. The Exile: The 1995 "Planet of the Symbiotes" arc revealed that the symbiote was the sole member of its species to refuse to kill its hosts, and as a result was imprisoned until Spider-Man accidentally released it. False Soulmate: The symbiote believes it's meant to be with Peter, who wants nothing to do with it. This is seemingly a universal trait of corrupted (and even some non-corrupted) Klyntar, to the point where the Toxin symbiote sneers that Venom let the puny humans defang it.
Fantastic Drug: The effect the symbiote has on its host has been compared to a highly addictive drug, one that just happens to be sentient and carnivorous. Shortly afterwards, it and Eddie parted ways, although it's tried to rebond with him twice after his cancer was cured. Fight Off the Kryptonite: While the symbiote is always weak to fire and sonics, how weak it is to them varies, as it once cowered at the sight of a lighter, but tanked an explosion while bonded to Mac Gargan, and likewise tanked being blasted by Jack O'Lantern's broomstick glider's Weaponized Exhaust, flamethrowers, and even hellfire when bonded to Flash. Fire-Forged Friends: The symbiote and its fourth host, Flash Thompson, have gone through many trials and tribulations together, and over time developed a begrudging respect for each other that has become genuinely sincere since it was cleansed. Even a still-corrupted version of the symbiote in Secret Wars: Spider-Island was proud to call Flash it's friend. Food Chain of Evil: The symbiotes are the preferred prey of the Xenophages, who find ones that have been bonded to their host for a long time (like Venom) to be particularly delectable.
Due to their Genetic Memory and Hive Mind, the entire species is now innately terrified of him, to the point that the mere sight of the Silver Surfer caused the Carnage symbiote to experience a Freak Out, one that was severe enough to briefly traumatize Cletus, who the symbiote left out of fright. From Nobody to Nightmare: A meta example, seeing as how the symbiote started out as a new costume for Spider-Man and was initially unpopular with fans, so it was retconned into an alien parasite that later became one of Spider-Man's most dangerous and popular enemies.
Genetic Memory: Possesses a weakened version of the non-corrupted symbiotes' Hive Mind in the form of inheriting genetic memories of its prior hosts and the symbiote species' prior conquests. Good Counterpart: The Venom symbiote has one in the form of the Anti-Venom symbiote, which was formed when Martin Li accidentally fused the remnants of the Venom symbiote in Eddie's blood to his white blood cells. Unlike the Venom symbiote, the Anti-Venom symbiote had no will of its own, and was even immune to the symbiotes' traditional weaknesses. When it was touched by a minion of Oberoth'M'Gozz in the Thunderbolts Annual, the symbiote became temporarily inert after screaming unintelligibly, with Flash noting that he's never heard it make a noise like the one it's just emitted.
Handicapped Badass: The US Army used a drug - possibly the same one Norman Osborn gave Mac Gargan - to suppress the symbiote, greatly limiting its ability to influence Flash. However, the drug's effects only lasts for 48 hours and the symbiote is still able to take over Flash when he gets angry.
When Flash joined the Avengers, Hank McCoy created a perfected version that chemically lobotomized it, although its effects were still temporary.

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