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One of the great things about weekend hippie jamband music festivals where you can go camping is the ability to get away on a little vacation for a short while.
Van Gordon Martin has since left Spiritual Rez because he wasn’t fitting in with them musically so I’ve heard. I also saw Van Gordon Martin band play at Sully’s Pub in Hartford, CT within the last year.
At this point my energy was running low and I needed a nap before Shakedown hit the cabin for their 1am set. It’s truly amazing to witness Grateful Dead music still having an impact on the younger generations.
Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. Ever since that first Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer we have been oh-so keenly excited for the arrival of the comic book brought to life, courtesy of Matthew Vaughn. Now the film’s red band trailer has arrived and it fills in some more blanks, while still leaving miles of mystery for when the film lands February 13, 2015. Kingsman: The Secret Service stars Colin Firth as a member of the most elite secret agent group the world has ever seen. He sees something in a young lad (Taron Egerton) who has spent more of his life causing destruction to the world instead of saving it. I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Boys, I've had a rather emotional day, so whatever your beef with Eggsy is, and I'm sure it's well founded, I'd appreciate it if you could just leave us in peace. This will be a slightly different 4 year anniversary with Team Beachbody post than you have seen in the past.
It was the continual love and example of both our parents that gave us an example to follow in our relationship and strive for daily.
Many thousands of friends and complete strangers have told us what a great example we are as parents of 4 and soon to be 5 kids.
If one so desired you could go to one these festivals every weekend starting in about April all the way thru October.
However, it was well worth the extra $30 to get there a day early and get a stellar camping spot.
But he is still an incredible guitar player and doing really awesome things with the Van Gordon Martin Band.
So I had to cut my time short at the Riverworm stage and run up to the Main Stage quickly to see Zach. I never got to see Jerry Garcia play but I was turned onto the Grateful Dead in the 1990s by a friend of mine in high school.

Brushing on a broader canvas than previous albums, the wide collection of sounds and grooves here are some The Sunnie's best to date. After Vaughn’s work directing Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class, we cannot wait to see what he will do with the world of Kingsman.
I believe the best Beachbody success story is the story you are writing in your own life each and every day. I want you to know that we have all the same struggles and quarrels as anybody else has but are learning that a great relationship happens when the other person encourages and challenges you to become a better version of yourself everyday.
You may be going through some tough times right now, life may seem hard, or the trials may seem that they just continue coming your way and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The one thing that always attracted me to these events was the way people live for the weekend. Shortly after they went off stage the guitar player (Michael “Mac” McNamara) asked my friend Frank to borrow his alan wrench so he could fix his guitar. Spiritual Rez was playing without him when we got there that night and they mentioned he was in the hospital. I’m not familiar with the names of his songs but at Wormtown they did a lot of groovy tunes with a reggae vibe. I made it just in time to find my friend Todd and his girlfriend while Zach busted right into the WORMTOWN SONG!!!! I think this was supposed to be their last song but the crowd demanded one more tune so who was Secret Sage to say no to that?
I thought to myself “Oh no I’m an hour late!”” So I rushed down to the cabin and I quickly realized they hadn’t even started yet. I didn’t really “get it” until about 2002 when my best friend Dana showed me what it was all about.
Just know that Shakedown played one of the most amazing sets I’ve ever heard them play on Friday night. Remember that the enemy fights HARDEST when he knows God has something BIG in store for you. We had a quick chat for a bit while he fixed his guitar and then he went back to his campsite.
A few songs later Van Gordon Martin busts in the door of the Main Pub , hospital wrist band still on his arm, straps on his guitar and starts ripping up leads in true rockstar fashion. I’m 35 now…been seeing jamband shows since 2000, so some of us older jamband family have a certain need to pass it on to the younger generations.
We believe that our highest representation of the image of God is a husband and wife serving each other. The main headliners the past two years have been Max Creek, Zach Deputy, and Ryan Montbleau Band.

I had a nice chat with them about the upcoming Country Tavern gig on Nov 10th where we will be celebrating 5 years of LBT.
I don’t know all the names of Zach’s songs ( I apologize) but I do listen to them from time to time online. I grabbed a quick slice a pizza and a coffee for some energy and headed to back to the cabin. Shakedown is doing an incredible job of this consistently turning on the youth to the Grateful Dead experience. Many other well know regional and local acts from New York, Mass., and Connecticut play this festival as well. It is also noteworthy that Shakedown won Best CT Cover Band at the Hartford Advocate Grand Band Slam Awards earlier in the week. I saw this beautiful woman almost only in a Hilton Garden Inn uniform standing behind a front desk and almost only for a short 5-10 minutes.
It is pretty much a heaven for local bands and their fans to be able witness an amazing combonation of musicians that play this festival every year. I got a good power nap in for about an hour and caught some more of Zach Deputy’s second set.
We now have had almost three years of being full-time coaches and more time then we could have ever asked for together including a trip to Cancun with many of our best friends through Beachbody and we leave tomorrow afternoon after our teaching assignments at church.
Camp Keewanee has a natural woods environment where the majority of patrons camp and allows for shade from the sun and a fun place to hang out. Zach also 90% of the time has a huge smile on his face, just enjoying life and every moment making great music in process.
I’ve been going to Shakedown shows since 2002 and I have never been more impressed with the current lineup of musicians. They then went into the Old Crow Medicine show hit tune “Wagon Wheel” which seems to be somewhat mandatory for bluegrass bands to play these days.
Dani the mandolin player switch from mando to fiddle for wagon wheel which put a nice twist on the tune.
Shortly later they had Jeff Williams the guitar player from Ready, Set, Flo (whom I saw do an awesome MCA-Beastie Boys tribute last year at wormtown) join them on lead guitar for “All Along the Watchtower”.

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