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The game is set on Bear Island which features plenty of different locations for you to explore, play games and meet other bears. With seven different bear options to choose from when you create your account there is enough choice that everyone can play as their favourite type of bear. To purchase these items you’ll have to work hard in the game section of Secret Bear World with games like Rocket Bear, Ninja Bear and Bear Racing all rewarding you with coins to spend in the various stores. For those players that would rather just spend their day chatting with other players there are plenty of chat opportunities with the option to use a pre-selected set of phrases or type words directly into the chat. The best part of Secret Bear World though is that all of these locations, shops and games are always at your fingertips through the phone like menu that lets you access these features anywhere.
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Parents love Secret Bear World because it's a fun and safe place for their children to play online. In Secret Bear World you’ll be able to create your own custom bear and explore a world filled with other players while participating in a range of activities. With plenty of new friends to make the game is definitely a great social experience for fans of other popular virtual world games like Fantage. You’ll get to explore cities, a castle, a beach and even a rainforest as your own bear avatar. Of course as you play the game you’ll also have the option to dress up with a variety of clothing items that you buy for your wardrobe to truly make you stand out in a crowd. These stores also stock furniture that you can buy to decorate your own home and a variety of cars that allow you to zip around the game world.

This means less loading screens compared to other games in the genre and makes the Secret Bear World particularly great if you’ve got a slower internet connection.
At first he will not allow me to photograph, but then gives me permission and hints at something even more spectacular.
I know that our world is dying and that polar bears are under pressure from global warming, and are compromised by the  chemicals in the seals they eat to survive.

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