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Fortune magazine's latest ranking of America's largest companies shows that Cognizant has joined the Fortune 500 (ranked at number 484), with $4.59 billion in annual revenue for 2010. With over 450 factories across 84 countries, the 144-year-old Swiss company runs one of the largest operations of its kind.
Nestle has a set of leadership and management principles, and also what we call Nestle's business principles. Upon nearing the age of seventy, most career-driven folk have weathered enough of life's stormy seas and savoured its pleasures. Soota was thirty five years old, and CEO of DCM Sriram, a refrigerator maker based out of Hyderabad. Other than IT services, Happiest Minds intends focusing on software product engineering, infrastructure management, security, testing and consulting. Among the major offshore destinations, India is a major player as the IT outsourcing industry is pegged around $60 billion. Can Happiest Minds cope with today's high market risk, especially when the US and Europe's economies are posting low growth numbers? An engineering graduate from IIT-Roorkee (then Roorkee University) and an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines, Soota spent close to twenty years of his life with the DCM Sriram Group, a world removed from his eventual home in IT. When he jumped ship to Wipro, as president of Wipro Infotech (1983-1999), he was instrumental in diversifying the company (which was primarily into computer peripherals at the time) into the IT services industry - one of the few people who recognised its potential decades before others did. The brand is rarely seen in the mass media, makes do with minimal advertising budgets, operates in a sector that runs the risk of turning into a commodity and is still worth almost Rs 37,000 crore (Rs 370 billion). Jha says that there are two noticeable shifts between end-2004 and now: One, fewer people now say don't know. Image: One of the development centres at the Infosys Mysore Development Centre that has been designed by ace architect Hafeez Contractor. Companies like Microsoft, Google and even Toyota and Samsung are bigger brands than their individual products.
Spearheading the discovery of a gas bonanza in Mozambique and watching his investment rise tenfold in three years, Videocon's Venugopal Dhoot has become the most successful maverick in oil and gas business in India. A fortnight back when the news of the two brand-new discoveries in Mozambique -Atum and Golfinho - broke, Kuldeep Drabu, a key lieutenant of Videocon's Venugopal Dhoot, and D Rajkumar, MD and CEO of BPCL's oil and gas exploration arm, Bharat PetroResources (BPRL), were in Singapore, attending an India Infoline-hosted investor conference.
To put it in context, this is twenty times India's current annual gas consumption and enough to fire 42,000 mega watts of power plants, more than the total capacity that India's largest power producer NTPC fields today. In just three years, the value of his Mozambique investments has gone up ten times to $2 billion and this is just a teaser to what lies ahead. But the management says they have already secured $400-450 million worth of credit lines from Indian lenders to bankroll the projects till 2013.
As on December 2011, 11 per cent of Videocon's revenues come from its oil business backed by the Ravva fields in offshore Andhra Pradesh.
The industry has always been complaining of lack of co-ordination between the academia and the industry.
With China, the Philippines, other low-cost nations entering the field and offering cheaper labour, do you think outsourcing is going away from India? It boasts of several billionaire brands - that sell more $1 billion a year - and claims to touch over a billion consumers a day. What it means is that we try to put our operations in place in most of places we are present. They begin to think about dabbling in golf or bridge, taking long walks and exulting in the antics of grandchildren. They are very good at spotting new trends in the industry, building on them and then moving to the next big idea in the industry," says Amneet Singh, VP, global sourcing advisory firm, Everest Group. And we will do all the things that are required to make Wipro a technology company.' That was a commitment he brought to the company which really surprises me even today," says Mitta.
People are saying - what is the purpose of life and one of the purposes of life is happiness. He studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and worked as the creative head of Ogilvy. Those who stay with a customer one day graduate from low-value peripheral jobs to value-added core work.

A bidding war for Cove Energy's coveted 8.5 per cent stake in the same block is already underway, significantly impacting the valuations of the other partners. Last year, it resulted in spectacular results: Of the 14 wells in Mozambique that were drilled, 12 were successful. They are about our core values and allow us to deal with all kinds of cultures, geographies, consumers, their preferences and various other complexities. Some people who do not understand Nestle think we have operations in India to make products with low-cost labour to export and so on.
The rest will come from software product engineering, infrastructure management and the security business. Even though they tried to remain composed, all hell broke loose after the announcement of the find. Therefore, it's very difficult to gauge the upside or downside and attribute the right value," explains Drabu. Around the same time, the reservoir estimates and appraisals are expected to get independently vetted by global certifiers like DNM. But it's obvious that in just five to six years Videocon's balance sheet will tilt entirely towards the oil and gas business. And, he trusts his people, gives them freedom, flexibility and at the same time demands performance." This is an impressive testimony from someone who has worked at the highest levels with Soota - so much so that it can work against his firm. We love to go to places where nothing much has been done and where you have wild cat wells with no data and history. And the way things are going, Mozambique can become the third-largest global LNG producer, after Australia and Qatar. Simultaneously, long-term gas supply contracts are getting stitched up," says one BPCL official.He adds, "Frantic marketing activities are already underway. What differentiates us though is the fact that we invest about 2 billion Swiss francs ($1.9 billion) a year in research and development. Somebody would say, 'Even if we show a refrigerator to Soota and tell him that this is a computer, he will believe it,'" says Mitta. A winning business formula will necessitate differentiating factors and a niche focus - such as, say, concentrating on the mid-market segment, on growth markets like APAC, or even creating a niche area for itself in terms of service offerings.
Though preliminary, the Japanese, Taiwanese, Indian companies and even the Koreans are negotiating to sign up." But, Mozambique today has zero infrastructure and will guzzle billions of dollars in both upstream and downstream related investments, currently pegged at $18 billion. It was also ranked among Fortune's 'World's Most Admired Companies' in March 2011, 3rd year in a row. They are about the ethics that we follow in everything we do as well as our own behaviour and responsibility towards people. Our factories here use Indian raw materials produced by Indian farmers to make products that are made to Indian tastes and are sold in the country - that is the way we operate.What it means is that wherever we start operations we immediately start creating shared value. I don't know what exactly you mean by functional foods, but if you are referring to what we call nutraceticals which add nutrition through processes more close to pharmaceutical than food processes, we have those kind of products.
According to Gartner research, the IT services market globally was around $800 billion in 2010 of which the pie of global sourcing was just 10 per cent.
But at the same time there are also different types of opportunities when you start," says Soota.
According to Jha, Infosys' unaided brand recall in the US (the largest market for information technology in the world) has improved from zero then to 8 per cent in March 2010, while the aided recall has shot up from 18 per cent to 70 per cent. Even at a 50 per cent probability of recovery success - "P2 or proven plus probable reserves" in industry parlance - it's a jaw dropping 42 tcf of natural gas.
It's a very high reward," adds Saurabh Dhoot, who has joined his uncle's energy quest in the family business. So far, these investments include well-drilling, platforms, pipelines, and a natural gas liquefaction plant with facilities to compress and purify. What makes someone's career in this company is his or her ability to follow these principles. As we grow, the community connected to us starts to grow - not only our business partners and employees, but also our suppliers, the farmers who supply us raw materials, our distributors and so on. If he can do that, Soota is well on the way to getting what he wants: not just customers, but happy ones at that.

As I said, when we make a product, we tell the consumer what it is all about and the elements of good nutrition.
For instance, if you want to create value for the society, you have to behave from an environmental point of view.
A friend of Premji's, Anand Khokha, who was living in the US, inturn suggested Ashok Soota whom he knew well. The opportunities for entry level companies are generally provided by disruptive changes in technology. IR Global Rankings and MZ Consult ranked it amongst the best companies in Asia-Pacific and China in the categories of investor relations website, financial disclosure procedures and corporate governance practices.
Even after the recent news flow, most analysts only maintained "a bullish stance" on BPCL's E&P assets.
Every Nestle product has a nutritional panel or compass on the pack which helps in understanding its nutritional value. The most important thing with those kind of products is to learn, so that the learning can be translated to expand the value of our common products. We are seeing an enormous amount of interest areas like Cloud, mobility, analytics, social CRM," he adds. Companies that have a strong brand are more likely to be called by prospective customers than those with lesser brands.
For instance, Cognizant is a deep-rooted company with offerings from consulting to maintenance, while TCS is one that brings big deals, size, scale and pricing on the table. It became oriented towards becoming a multinational company because Switzerland was too small. We have a nutrition council that takes into account nutritional needs along with the global prices of commodities. Then we also help them with improving the quality of yields, helping them in selecting the right seeds, with the scientific farm techniques, and in conserving the produce. No big bucks spent below the line, no media blitzkrieg - the whole effort is to work on the conscience of stakeholders like customers, partners, shareholders, employees and the society.
We have moved ahead of other Indian brands in the business and are in the second level after the big spenders like IBM, Accenture, Deloitte and Hewlett Packard. So, branding has gone up for the industry has a whole," notes Alok Shende, principal analyst, Ascentius Consulting. That is what we told the investors; that at some point, the industry will converge around 19-20 per cent. It is a unique blend of consulting-driven, relationship-driven management, backed by very solid delivery capability. But in this way, we build a relationship of trust with our consumers which helps the company to grow. We also have healthcare nutrition products that we have developed for patients with cancer, diabetes and digestion disorders. The reduction has been around 40 per cent in the last 10 years; the figure in India is over 60 per cent for the same period.
Infosys, which has always been sharply focused on the bottom-line of its business, cannot match these numbers. Such extensive research & development then allows us to formulate our entire range appropriately.
The business logic here is that getting a new customer on board is up to six times more expensive than getting an order from an existing customer.
It is important for information technology companies like Infosys to leverage its customers for another reason. It has the right ingredients, the quality is impeccable, the packing is done very well, and so when the consumer buys it he feels delighted. Not only complying with the law, rules and regulations - that is obvious - but also complying with the best practices.

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