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London: A UK man has revealed his secret behind remaining hangover free for over 30 years - lining his stomach with the stomach of a cow. Greg Bartlett believes that eating a pound of cow's tripe poached in milk and onions with bread and butter before festive drinking does not make you hungover the next day, the Mirror reported. Growing up in a house of beauty lovers, I had always heard of Frownies, but never really tried them! I don’t really have super deep wrinkles (mostly because of Gold Collagen), but I thought I would try them out!

If this is your first time, I recommend only using it one area to make sure it is comfortable. BEcause all week i’ve been thinking about making an appointment at the plastic surgeons to consider botox before my forehead gets noticeable!!! For some reason I thought they were some kind of really cheesy gimic that didn’t work, but they DEF work! It’s pretty impressive the founder is pictured on the informational pack and she is 57 years old, she looks pretty amazing!

It’s best to use them on a clean face (otherwise they don’t really stick) and just put them in areas where necessary!
They completely keep your forehead still and don’t let you make any expressions that might cause it to wrinkle!

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