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A decade before the civil rights movement, the first integrated basketball game occurred in the South. Ten years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, and a year before Jackie Robinson signed with the Dodgers, the first interracial basketball game was played in the Southa€”a dangerous, precedent-shattering contest.
The road to the first integrated basketball game in the South is recounted in The Secret Game, the second book from Scott Ellsworth, a lecturer in LSAa€™s Department of Afroamerican and African Studies. Jack Burgess (middle row, second from the left) with his undergraduate basketball team, the University of Montana Grizzlies.
The book shows those peoplea€”players, coaches, and onlookersa€”and how they arrived in that locked gymnasium on that Sunday morning. There was once an adage in New York publishing circles that said, a€?The smaller the ball, the better the book.a€? Multiple bestselling tomes had been written about golf and baseball, but by the mid-1990s, not many serious books had been written about the history of basketball. The 1957 tournament allowed Ellsworth to tell the basketball story that he really wanted to write, discussing the eventual desegregation of the sport as well as the increase in tempo from very slow to very fast through the 1950s and a€™60s. Ellsworth was blown away hearing and reading about what McLendon had accomplished, but there was one detail that puzzled him.
Ellsworth knew right away that he had an important story in front of him, one that hadna€™t yet been told. Ellsworth used almost 300 books and articles that he obtained through U-Ma€™s Hatcher Graduate Librarya€”a€?the best library in the world for a writer,a€? he calls ita€”but much of the story came from the interviews he conducted. The Secret Game, now a New York Times bestseller, has received praise from critics across the country. All of the work related to the booka€”its methodology, content, and argumenta€”are related, Ellsworth says, to his work as an instructor in LSA, where he teaches courses on race and crime and on Southern history and literature. For his class titled a€?Race, Crime, and the Law,a€? Ellsworth brings in a number of guest speakersa€”including former drug dealers, ex-convicts, police officers, defense attorneys, federal prosecutors, and former FBI agentsa€”to illuminate multiple sides of the issues surrounding the intersection between race and the law so that students can practice seeing any problem from multiple perspectives.
Kevin Freeman, a global financial analyst commissioned by the Pentagon, is one of the world’s leading experts on the issues of Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism. May 14, 2015 by Matt Lehn 1 Comment After the universe-ending uncertainty of last issue, this week’s installment serves as the true kick-off to Marvel’s summer mega-event.
This epic tome divides into two plot narratives: the “A Plot”, a serviceable vehicle by which the overarching parameters of the mish-mash “Battleworld” are defined, and “B Plot” wherein the surprises and snags are seeded. No small feat, Secret Wars is defying expectation and cutting through the hype with something for Marvel fans new and old alike.

About Matt LehnMusician and freelance web denizen Matt Lehn has been living and breathing the Marvel Universe since 1985. The story is documented in LSA lecturer Scott Ellswortha€™s fascinating new book on race and basketball, The Secret Game.
The all-white Duke University medical school basketball team played against the all-black North Carolina College Eagles in a locked gymnasium.
The book describes the risks that each team took in making such an unlikely event happen, and it portrays the people on each side of the court who kept working to make the game a reality. A dynamic guard and essential member of the 1944 Duke team, Burgess was deeply angered by the poor treatment of black patients during his time as a doctor studying in Durham, North Carolina. He interviewed a man named John McLendon for the book, and thata€™s when the story changed. On a page that McLendon had handed him, an entry was listed stating that McLendon had coached one side in the first integrated basketball game in the South, in 1944. He crisscrossed the country, going everywhere the story touched, including Montana, New York City, and all over North Carolina. Moments in history like the Duke and Eagles game, Ellsworth says, exist primarily in the memories of the people who lived it.
It is important work, Ellsworth says, that is essential to fostering dialogue between groups and helping students embrace broader ideas of justice and a larger understanding of the human experience. In his latest book Game Plan, he outlines the potential threats against our economy and how Americans can be prepared to protect their savings and investments.
Clocking in at over forty pages, writer Jonathan Hickman gets right into the business of world-(re)building, easing the reader through the new status quo. In both, there’s a great deal of comforting familiarity- characters and general background tropes functioning recognizably as spiritual callbacks to former iterations. That may not be a direct metaphor but forging bold hybrids is certainly the order of the day.
We'll read through the Marvel Universe year-by-year, and vote on the best hero & villain of each year. Always a die-hard New Yorker at heart, he now lives with his wife, three boys and two cats in Portland, Oregon.
It's my way of sharing my borderline obsessive addiction to the comic book medium, and I hope you like some of what's going on here.

You can probably also get a sense if CBH is for you by taking a look at some of my columns. Or, leave a comment on the blog here, I'm always looking for new awesome people in the comic book community.
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The teams played two halves of fierce, fast basketball, and as extraordinary as the game itself was, what happened afterward surprised everyone. Eventually, all of the players decided to play one more time, a shirts-and-skins game, with teams that included both black and white players.
Ita€™s a story of heroic players and coaches challenging segregation during a time period, Ellsworth says, that we dona€™t read much about.
He interviewed all of the surviving members of both the Duke team and the Carolina College Eagles, using his training as an oral historian to help him glean the important elements and get as many verifiable details as possible.
With America’s rising debt, multiple cyber economic attacks and weakening of the dollar, the potential economic threats are documented and real. Fully examining the denseness of scope, the writer addresses not only some of the logic behind the makeover but the means by which it can (and probably will) unravel.
Indeed, fans of Marvel’s other stylized “alternate reality” overhauls (Neil Gaiman’s Elizabethan 1602, the mutant-centric Age of Apocalypse, et al) will feel right at home. Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina’s offerings are decidedly more somber than last week’s action-fest opener but they more than compensate with loads of subtle expressiveness and expert detailing.
Even down to some of the cast keying-in that something’s inherently “off” about the world around them. Veteran letterer Chris Eliopoulos not only skillfully peppers the dialogue with idiomatic speech bubbles (the Thors, “Zombie Venom”) but methodically emboldens word emphasis within the normalized balloons.
Contrary to many financial newsletter and advertising claims, there is not a silver bullet to these threats and investors need to be prepared to strategically adjust. It’s definitely a swing element in maintaining the pace and keeping the text from getting too heady.

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