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Secret Calculator lets you hide your secret photos, videos, documents and PDF files behind a working calculator.
How to measure bra size & bra size - victoria's secret, Get the perfect fit with the angel bra fitting guide - your go-to resource for flawless fit tip and tricks from the experts at victoria's secret. How to measure bra size - victoria's secret, From band to bust, the angel bra guide has measuring your bra size down to a science.

Thin and curvy: victoria's secret bras don't even fit the, Victoria's secret, for some reason, is hailed as the leader in bras and lingerie in the us. Bra size calculator - how to measure your bra size, Find your true bra size with this simple bra size calculator! What every one sees is just an ordinary calculator, but after you enter the password, you can get access to your secret files.Don't worry about the icon.

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