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Secret Chiefs 3 were founded by guitar and sax player Trey Spruance and are based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our good friends over at ARTSCARE in Bristol have put together a fantastic new podcast featuring some of the Supersonic acts. Rock-A-Rolla has been Supersonic’s media partner since the very early days of the mag – in fact going all the way back to our first year of existence.
As always, pretty much all of them, but for my part Secret Chiefs 3, Zombi, Zu93, WITTR, White Hills, Circle, Fire!, Barn Owl and The Skull Defekts are all particularly unmissable.

The line-up is just plain different to any other UK festival you can think of, and it’s always outstanding. It seems to go like this:  Secret Chiefs 3 was started by former Mr Bungle man Trey Spruance (him above) in the mid 90s. Their music styles vary throughout their albums with their performance of surf rock, Persian, death metal, and other various styles – the only thing unifying the diverse range of styles they play is how precisely and accurately they play them. Capsule has a long standing relationship with the magazine and we salute their coverage of independent, progressive music. Capsule have always had a knack for selecting interesting and vital artists, and the line-up has always been spot-on in terms of what we cover in the magazine. There’s no way I can choose just one, but let’s go with Oxbow Duo and Wolf Eyes in 2007, Asva and Dalek in 2008, and SunnO))) and Thorr’s Hammer in 2009, all of which were memorable for various reasons. It undoubtedly plays a major part in putting Birmingham on the map and of course brings festivalgoers to the city, which can only be a good thing, but more importantly Supersonic has far-reaching impact on underground music worldwide.

Iao naeo yaeyaony eeou aeiaii, ia eioi?ii iieuciaaoaee aueeaauaa?o nnueee ia yoe oaeeu, eioi?ua ainooiiu ioaee?ii. They specialise in limited edition CD runs, online promotion and showcase events for artists and bands who are willing to pitch in, roll their sleeves up and be proactive. For crucial, cutting-edge underground rock, metal and experimental music, there’s simply no other festival quite like it in the UK. Other than the band selection, the Custard Factory setting makes this a completely different beast to the outdoor festivals doing the rounds – no mud and Portaloos here, just great music and a great atmosphere. On a more personal note, it’s like getting all the bands you read about in Rock-A-Rolla together in one place for an awesome weekend.

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