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Live at the Great American Music Hall captures Secret Chiefs 3 in concert with what many consider to be the best of their many line-ups in 14 years of playing. Shot in 2007 at one of the band's favorite haunts, in San Francisco, this DVD does justice to a group whose live energy usually exceeds the recorded medium. Live at the Great American Music Hall DVD also includes an award-winning and seriously dimensionally altered 80-minute stop-motion animation feature film directed by Tawd Dorenfeld that uses Secret Chiefs 3's live show as a soundtrack.
Hank thought that getting through summer school to get to the fifth grade would be hard enough, but little did he know that it would get worse! Hank Zipzer, "the world's greatest underachiever," isn't striving for superlatives; he just wants to be part of the gang. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. If Rob Baxter, the Exeter head coach, has ever been more exasperated after a game of rugby, the details passed from the memory bank many moons ago. There were plenty of incidents that might have yielded the West Countrymen a penalty or more, had they been spotted by Carley, or either of his two on-field assistants, or by the video ref, also known as the “eye in the sky” or the “Television Match Official” (always spelled with capital initials in recognition of his ever-growing importance in modern-day union).
Baxter’s face was an absolute picture, and his expression did not change much from there on in, even though comeback tries from the scrum-half Dave Lewis, the centre Ian Whitten and the substitute back-rower Kai Horstmann secured a losing bonus point that may prove invaluable come the end of the regular season.
Just as it would have been difficult to mount a case on behalf of Tuilagi had he been penalised for two sickeningly heavy tackles: the first on the visiting full-back Phil Dollman, the second on the lock Geoff Parling – an old colleague of his at both club and international levels.
If they are wise, the sport’s administrators will look very carefully indeed at this style of tackling.

The potential for carnage in contact may have forced Gareth Steenson, the Exeter outside-half, into a rushed pass in midfield on the half-hour – an error punished by Burns, who unleashed a pearl of a kick to present Leicester with an attacking line-out five metres out. Renowned for their ultra-elaborate CD productions, Secret Chiefs 3 has also garnered a reputation for the power and immediacy of their live shows.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. When all the other fifth-graders take up sports, our hero searches for a physical activity that won't reveal his awkwardness. When Manu Tuilagi spends his Sabbath smashing opponents to all points of the union compass and scores a decent try into the bargain, he generally goes on to dominate the after-match discussions.The fact that he was not the talk of the East Midlands last night was down to the officiating, or otherwise, at the heart of this remarkable contest.
Utterly bemused by some of things he saw as his players set about cutting a  31-6 deficit midway through the third quarter, and even more befuddled by the things he thought he should have seen but didn’t – a penalty try and a yellow card for the Leicester outside-half Freddie Burns, for instance – he engaged Carley in deep and meaningful discussions the moment the final whistle was blown.
The most transparent of them occurred on 53 minutes, when Burns perpetrated the most laughably obvious deliberate knock-on of a scoring pass a few metres from his line, yet escaped serious censure. Only last week, dozens of health professionals fired another shot across the union bows by raising concerns about the dangers inherent in an afternoon’s thud and blunder. A couple of drives later, the more meaningful of them involving the busy hooker Harry Thacker, the home side earned themselves a penalty try and a 10-3 lead. Bolstered by a strong scrummaging performance from the replacement props Alec Hepburn and Harry Williams, they gave the Tigers a proper hurry-up in the last quarter. By the same yardstick, it is not often an entire platoon of match officials get their knickers in such a twist simultaneously.

Their fanbase has swelled in recent years and grown accustomed to this live incarnation (the Secret Chiefs 3 bootleg scene is thriving), and they demand an official release!
Eventually, he takes up ping-pong, but timid to the core, doesn't tell anybody because he fears that the other kids will tease him for taking up a "fake" sport. But it was a moot point whether the spherical midfielder used his arms in the way the law demands; if he continues in this vein he will cause some poor soul a serious mischief. If rugby is serious about protecting itself from the health-and-safety movement by heading it off at the pass, it needs to address the issue as a matter of urgency. Not just some audience-hand-cam and stereo-mic-job thing, this DVD boasts a pro six-camera shoot with live sound mixed by Billy Anderson, with the multi-channel outs mixed for DVD by Trey Spruance and Randall Dunn (producer of Earth, SUNNO))), Kinski, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc).
When Papa Pete suggests that Hank take up Ping-Pong, he decides to give it a try but keeps it top secret, as he thinks the other kids will tease him about it not being a "real" sport.
They have three sons named Theo, Ollie, and Cole, one fluffy dog named Annie, and no iguanas.
But when he finds out the contest is being held at "Nick the Tick" McKelty’s family bowling alley, will he risk being the laughingstock of the fifth grade?
The line-up includes Ches Smith (Xiu Xiu, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog), Shahzad Ismaili (who also plays with Graham Haynes, Laurie Anderson, and Tom Waits), Timb Harris (Estradasphere), Rich Doucette, Peijman Kouretchian, and Jai Young Kim.

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