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They’ve transported us into the hold of a commercial space freighter, the war-torn deserts of Arabia and the bowels of an Algerian prison, but the folks behind Secret Cinema claim that this December’s event will be the biggest and most ambitious yet. As if the auditorium had risen from the sands of the Sinai itself, an abandoned cinema lies in waiting for an audience that never came.
This extraordinary outdoor cinema was captured by Kaupo Kikkas, an award-winning Estonian photographer who explains the story as he heard it.
With the idea firmly planted in his head (and an urge to watch David Lynch’s Dune on his very own cinema screen in the desert), he returned to Paris, and began working on the idea with investors. Details are a little blurry, but allegedly on the night of the grand opening party, with the Sinai governor in attendance, the electric generator was mysteriously sabotaged.
Photos and information about this place, other than Kaupo’s, is strangely hard to find. If you then zoom out, you can see we’re near the famous Egyptian coast of Sharm El Sheikh.
If you happen to be planning a trip to Egypt and would be interested in scoping this place out with a local guide who might reveal more of the story, there is one other tiny and obscure mention of the cinema I found in a Trip Advisor review, in which a couple writes about their experience with Sinai Safari.
It is with a very heavy heart that I have to share with you the sad news that the secret cinema of the Sinai has been destroyed.

I’d also like to thank the efforts of the Facebook page created in the aftermath of the article going viral, which was striving to help revive the cinema. Young people in the neighborhood had never known a time when the doors of the old Louxor Movie Palace were ever open.
If you're in Southern California this summer and up for a challenge, here's something that might inspire a road trip rather more surreal than a cruise down Route 66. I can imagine the Moulin Rouge had some pretty exotic acts in its heyday, but entertaining an audience with rhythmic flatulence? It was the kind of race where if a car broke down, the driver would have been invited inside by locals for spaghetti. The concept is simple: sell tickets blind, keep the film under wraps, send punters off to a secret location and fill the place with actors in costume, themed food, music, and surprises (some of them nasty), all designed to evoke the world of the film. A movie-worthy mirage, you’d be easily forgiven for not trusting your eyes upon stumbling such a surreal sight in the heat of the dusty Egyptian desert. Noha Zayed, possibly a fellow reader of Messy Nessy Chic, recently took it upon herself to find the site. I loved how everything was in a glass dome and you could take a shuttle to a resort at "Las Venus" at the drop of a hat.

Obviously this year’s movie, which plays from December 6-31, is still anybody’s guess, but we’d assume that, given the festive timing and the relative bleakness of last April’s film ‘The Battle of Algiers’ (above), it’ll be a return to the crowd-pleasing spectaculars of old. The Frenchman’s crazy desert movie dreams fell flat and the cinema has been left there ever since, like a monument of the Pharaohs from another dimension. As the story goes, Dynn Eadel (agreed, not a very French name) who likes to smoke a lot of cannabis (and presumably has a bit of money to throw around), was hanging out in the Sinai desert one day with his friends and decided that the one thing the place was missing was … a movie theatre! However, perhaps more importantly so, it inspires and motivates me to seek a more pro-active role in the preservation, revival and protection of all these amazing places that I’m compelled to share with you. Check in here for insider news, tips and deals from the worlds of food, fashion, arts, culture and more.

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