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Victoria’s Secret is having huge clearance sale where you can save up to 70% off on over 200 items! I’m grateful that my peers in the journalism community saw fit to recognize my reporting with the highest awards of broadcast journalism including the coveted George Foster Peabody Award for Investigative Reporting and three Alfred I. My children didn’t think a Peabody Award was cool until comedian and actor Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report received one for political satire.
Although Colbert rubbed his Peabody in the face of fellow Comedy Central host Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, I would never stoop to such antics.
I bring the same dogged tenacity, can-do-attitude, and creativity from journalism to my consulting work today. We advise businesses on how to effectively use Social Media and online video by creating strategies. Brad Besancon, the former Director of Social Media for the Dallas Cowboys, and I cofounded Clairtiti in 2014 to fill a void in social media consulting. We help our clients create astounding #AudienceSpeak® by using an approach of Listen-Think-Speak.
It’s a successful formula bred from my years in journalism and Brad’s years representing major brands. We align our client’s business goals with how they should speak with customers online.
Clairiti also serves as the umbrella for producing sports related media products and documentary style videos. I am a frequent speaker and moderator at PubCon which Forbes magazine named as one of the must attend conferences on Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. Robert Riggs & Veteran Producer John Spark Cohost The Texas Daily news show in Dallas, Texas.
The norm for me is working under demanding and difficult conditions–literally under fire. We were also hit by friendly fire from a USAF F-16 that was searching for enemy surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites. 60 Minutes featured me in a report after my investigative series revealed how the Army was covering up the true cause of two friendly fire incidents during the invasion of Iraq.
Patriot Missile batteries killed a Navy F-18 pilot and two British aviators flying a Tornado back to their base in Kuwait after a mission over Iraq. The Army brass tried to hang the blame on young Lieutenants who like the pilots killed were victims of a flawed weapon system. It was my good fortune to work with a team of highly talented producers, photographers, reporters, and News Directors like Marty Haag and John Miller who were guided by the highest journalistic standards.
The FBI in conjunction with the University of Virginia Critical Incident Analysis Group asked me to participate on a panel that produced a landmark report entitled “Threats to Symbols of American Democracy” that underscored issues that would later tragically unfold during the 9-11 attacks. The American Bar Association awarded me its Silver Gavel Award in 1994 for “Free To Kill”, a series of investigative reports that uncovered corruption in the Texas parole and prison system.
The three-year investigation exposed how notorious serial killer; Kenneth McDuff had received early parole. The definitive book on serial killer Kenneth McDuff published in the wake of Robert Riggs’ corruption investigation on how McDuff received early parole from the Texas Prison System. Gary Lavergne the author of Bad Boy from Rosebud praises Robert Riggs for his groundbreaking investigation into how serial killer Kenneth McDuff received parole from the Texas prison system along with dozens of other violent criminals. American Justice on the Arts & Entertainment network produced an hour-long report about my investigation of McDuff in 1999 and it continues to air today as the series most popular episode. The reports prompted the federal prosecution of top state officials and the first overhaul of the Texas penal code in twenty years.
Legislators enacted a mandatory life sentence for violent offenders named the “McDuff Law” that surely has saved people from harm caused by a revolving door prison system. The Dallas Crime Commission awarded its first ever “Excellence in Crime Reporting Award” to me in 1999. The Commission commended our reports about the origins of an epidemic problem of counterfeit check and identity theft rings in North Texas as well as a landmark documentary about the Mexican black tar heroin traffickers who caused the overdose deaths of dozens of teenagers in an affluent North Dallas suburb. The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas and the Texas Press Association awarded me its “Freedom of Information” award in 1996 for a series of reports that uncovered how the accused killer of a nine-year old girl had been improperly released on early parole. The reports resulted in passage of a sex offender registration and public notification law in Texas.

Belo Celebration of 156th Anniversary Recognizes Robert Riggs for his reporting that received recognition with the prestigious Alfred I.
The report became a topic of testimony by the late CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite in a congressional hearing and the ban was revoked by the Pentagon. After graduating from Texas A&M University, I  served as a legislative assistant and committee investigator for the late Congressman Wright Patman of Texas. Washington Post story on the first Congressional attempt to get to the bottom of what became known as the Watergate Scandal and later prompted President Richard M. Shacklette was the legendary House Investigator that uncovered how President Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff, Sherman Adams, had accepted an expensive vicuna coat and oriental rug from Bernard Goldfine. At the time Goldfine, a Boston textile manufacturer, was under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. Years later, Shacklette was aiding in Patman’s investigation of the Watergate bugging. As Chief Investigator for the Joint Committee on Defense Production, I held a top-secret security clearance and directed inquires into abuses stemming from the Watergate scandal that contributed to the passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. My political experience includes work as a field operative in a presidential campaign and management of a congressional campaign.
The foundation for my new media work is built on a long association with noted anthropologist, art expert, and filmmaker, the late Edmund Carpenter who contributed the intellectual basis for the media discourse of Marshall McLuhan. Tony explained how the ad tapped into fears people had about Barry Goldwater and nuclear weapons. The TV spot only aired once and is credited for helping President Lyndon Johnson win election. Clark Mollenhoff, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, author and syndicated columnist mentored me on my transition from politics to investigative reporting.
Mollenhoff encouraged me to join the Investigative Reporters & Editors where he had played an important role in the formation of the group.
Clark Mollenhoff was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, lawyer, syndicated columnist, and Washington, D.C. I owe my first audition tape to the kindness of a fellow Texan, CBS News journalist Bob Schieffer who offered advice and would lend me his Capitol Hill camera crew to shoot standups. It has been a pleasure to give back to Texas A&M by starting the endowment for the Alan Stacell Creativity Fund which supports student projects outside of the classroom and the endowment for the Professor Rodney Hill Chair in Architecture. I have served on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the College of Architecture, which is home to one of the top Visualization schools in the world. In 2010, The University of Texas at Dallas awarded me a “Certificate in Entrepreneurship” for completing a nine-month course at its Institute for Innovation which is geared to launching start-up ventures. Like any true Texan from a family of horsemen dating back to the 1920′s, life is best enjoyed in the saddle. Riding Elk trails on a 4 day horse trek with the Linn Canyon Ranch outfitters through the Gros Ventre Wilderness in Wyoming.
During my grade school years, I would fly from Paris to Dallas aboard a Central Airlines DC-3 every summer to visit my grandparents.
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Get This Ozark Trail Outdoor Chair with Umbrella Only $5.97!Stay cool outdoors with this awesome camp chair! Shacklette mentored me on Capitol Hill and provided wisdom that helped this young eager investigator avoid political minefields. BUT JUDGES LACK THE AUTHORITY TO OUTRIGHT DISMISS THE SUITS WITHOUT AN EXPENSIVE REVIEW PROCESS.
For a limited time and while supplies last, you can send a Victoria’s Secret Reward card to a friend! Orders of $100 or more will ship free with promo code 100SHIP, otherwise shipping adds $6.00. For a limited time and while supplies last, you can send a Victoria’s Secret Reward card to a friend! You can save $20 off your purchase of $125 or more and get FREE Shipping when you spend $50 or more. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. The first one is a big yellow envelope (created with my old paper texture, and blank postage stamp), with red Top Secret stamp. Get this Ozark Trail Outdoor Chair with Umbrella for only $5.97! This is a great chair to take to the beach!
We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to. Senator William Proxmire thanks Robert Riggs for his work as Chief Investigator for the Joint Committee on Defense Production. Broussard is pictured with his Stearman BiPlane that played an important role training pilots during World War II. ANOTHER SUED OVER THE USE OF RAZOR WIRE ON THE PRISON FENCE CLAIMING PRISONERS COULD HURT THEMSELVES TRYING TO ESCAPE. Plus if you were able to snag on of their free gift cards from yesterday, you could possibly use it to purchase something from clearance! The card will be worth a least $10 but could possibly be worth $20, $50, $100 or even $500!
To receive Free shipping you’ll need to use coupon code SHIP50FREE at checkout and coupon code 20OFF125 to get your $20 off your purchase of $125 or more.
Shipping and taxes do not count toward the $10 minimum purchase requirement to earn a reward card. Proxmire and Rep Wright Patman, the Chairman of the House Banking Commitee, served as joint chairmen. Henry apprentice wrangler, Marlene Broderick former lawmaker, Beth Riggs Texas horsewoman, Bryn Anderson, Robert Riggs, and Peter Linn of Teton Outfitters Linn Canyon Ranch.
I'm a wife and mother of 5 young children, born in Springfield, Missouri, home of the Cashew Chicken and Brad Pitt. IT’S NOT THE KIND OF LITERARY PUBLICATION THAT CORRECTIONSbPROFESSIONALS THINK CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO. I love spending time with my family, playing video games, blogging and, of course, saving people money! Quebec) who have reached the age of majority (18 years or older but 19 in AL and NE and 21 in MS).
Talking, interactive cash register helps children practice early math and money skills through pretend play fun!
Each participant may only send and receive one (1) Send-A-Friend Secret Reward Card (“Card”) during the entire Promotion. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. Associates and contractors of Victoria’s Secret and its affiliates are not eligible for any part of this Promotion.

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