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I'd make it give the player 50 number of random pets between SpeciesID 1 and SpeciesID 1400. However, the problem is that there is no way to look for these "pets that don't exist but must exist" within the game. I realized that PetIDs must be sequential on the PTR because the pets are all given to you at the same time on the PTR (when you log in). I don't have it hosted on a more official source this is an addon that only matters for the PTR and it seems silly to use Curse for something like that (but I might if there is interest). Don't you wish we had an Undead Murloc pet with a glowing light on its head and the abilities Reckless Strike and Wish? The following list contains exclusive World of Warcraft loot that was only available to convention attendees, or to subscribers of the PPV events on television or online.
Murky binds to your entire WoW account, so all present and future characters will be able to enjoy this cute little companion by their side. Murky is uber rare, so it's unusual to see any of these loot codes available, but you can click the link below to search eBay for current availability.
Here's a nice video which shows all of the various character emotes while sporting the Murloc Costume. The costume "buff" lasts for one hour, but will cancel as soon as you eat, attack or take damage.
It's believed that Blizzard issued only 15,000 loot codes for the Murloc Costume, making it a very rare and prized loot item.
The Big Blizzard Bear mount was issued as a gift to attendees of BlizzCon 2008, as well as to subscribers of the BlizzCon PPV event on DIRECTV. The Big Blizzard Bear is similar to the difficult-to-obtain White Polar Bear, but with less armor, and with the addition of a very awesome flag waving Murloc atop it. Only 13,000 of these loot codes were distributed, making the Big Blizzard Bear a very rare mount. This mount binds to an entire WoW account, so purchasers of the loot code will be able to use this mount for all present and future characters. Tyrael's Hilt was an exclusive WoW pet loot given out to attendees of the 2008 Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational in Paris, France. Mini Tyrael is crazy rare, so you may have trouble finding one, and if you do manage to locate an unused loot code, be prepared to empty your wallet. Grunty is the pet loot that was given out to attendees of BlizzCon 2009, as well as to subscribers of the BlizzCon PPV event on DIRECTV. Grunty has quite a few amusing emotes where he unleashes the power of his Gauss Rifle, as well as one where he spins it around just like a a gunfighter from the old west would twirl his six shooter.
One really exciting behavior that Grunty has will trigger when he's in the presence of a Zergling.
Here's a video showing Grunty in action, including a demo of what happens when Grunty is in the presence of a Zergling pet.

There were 20,000 loot codes issued for Grunty, which means it's a pretty rare pet, but still relatively affordable.
Deathy is the fire-breathing, world shattering Murloc pet loot which was given to attendees of BlizzCon 2010, as well as to subscribers of the BlizzCon PPV event on DIRECTV.
Deathy is an incredibly entertaining pet, and one that can still be had at a pretty affordable price. Deathy will bind to your entire WoW account, so all of your current and future characters will be able to have this little world-breaking Murloc tagging along beside them. Murkablo binds to your entire WoW account, so all of your current and future characters will be able to summon this aquatic prime evil.
Murkalot is the exclusive pet loot item which was distributed to BlizzCon 2013 attendees, as well as purchasers of the BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket.
Murkalot binds to your entire WoW account, so all of your current and future characters will be able to summon this righteous little Murloc Crusader.
Now only lower-level characters pass through the zone and are probably more occupied with leveling up their character quickly than searching an almost player-free zone for secrets. Then I thought: if I were a programmer at Blizzard with a ton of stuff to do, what would I do to give PTR players "random" pets? Due to their limited availability, these loot items are some of the rarest and most valuable loots in the game.
Murky is a cute little baby pet Murloc who occasionally likes to whip out his top hat and cane, followed by a little song and dance routine.
If you can find a Murky loot code for sale on ebay, expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 for it. The Murloc Costume is account bound, so all present and future characters within a given WoW account will be able to don this amusing getup.
The Big Blizzard Bear adjusts its travel speed depending upon the character's riding skill level. Only 8,000 loot codes for Tyrael's Hilt were issued, making this an extremely rare WoW pet loot item. Only 8,000 of these loot codes were distributed, which makes this a very uncommon and super-hot WoW collectible. Zerglings are pretty rare (only available to owners of the original World of Warcraft Collector's Edition), so you may not encounter many of them, but when Grunty comes within ten yards of one they will fight.
Also featured in this video are Murkimus the Gladiator (reward for competing in the Arena Tournament), along with Mini-Tyrael. Grunty binds to your entire WoW account, so all of your current and future characters will be able to summon this Murloc Marine. Deathy has a few amusing animations, which include: puffing a smoke ring, spewing out a stream of fire-breath, and another where he leaps into the air and reigns fire upon the ground below.

However, there were only 20,000 loot codes issued, so as more of them are redeemed, Deathy's price is only going to climb as supplies become more limited.
Watch the video below for more info on this cool new pet and to see some of his abilities in action. It is highly popular with pet collectors, and unused codes for the pet are often listed on auction sites, such as Ebay, for thousands of dollars.
Suffice to say that the game's world holds few secrets nowadays, as the game's millions of players have gone over every nook and cranny with a fine-tooth comb. The Murloc Costume is not only hilarious looking, but it also possesses several unique and entertaining emotes. When summoned, he will float next to your character at shoulder-level, then occasionally fall asleep when idle. He'll then unleash a powerful spray of automatic gunfire, occasionally followed by him firing an explosive charge into the air - the recoil from the blast knock him on his behind. If Grunty wins, the Zergling will be shot dead, then keel over on the ground in a somewhat anti-climactic manner. When new content is released, players scan every line of code for potential Easter eggs and secrets. It's underwater, with the cave entrance being nothing more than a small crevice that players must struggle to swim through.
Though players noticed something about Terky, they still had no idea where the pet was located. Players soon flocked to the region to unlock the pet for themselves and the rest, as they say, is history. In fact, the Murloc Costume has its own special animation for just about every character emote that exists. Hidden within the cave is an egg that, when collected, unlocks what was previously an Asian server-only pet by the name Terky the Murloc.
The other reason it remained hidden for so long is the fact that the cave was added to Borean Tundra, a zone in the continent of Northrend that is rarely frequented in 2015. These pets have formidable offensive and defensive abilities that are useful in battlegrounds, arena events and individual combat scenarios.
The zone was first released with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion back in 2008, and as soon as the game's next expansion came out players left the zone to pursue new adventures.

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