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Even so, there were various tasks that you could to with a simple mobile phone powered by Java, aside from making and taking calls. Since Nokia’s Symbian OS came into the world, phones turned into smartphones and became more sophisticated.
Once Android, Google’s open-source operating system, was launched, smartphones turned into even more complex devices with which you could do even more tasks. Secret Codes is an Android application that allows users to discover all the hidden codes inside their smartphones. The bad news is that none of the codes in the list offer a description of what they are doing, so you will have to try them for yourself.

After the application scans your phone, you can execute these secret codes using the #*#code#*#* pattern. A simple programming language put on mobile phones, which was not so advanced as an operating system. Most of these phones had no such secret codes that you could execute in order to get access to hidden menus where you could change various settings or unlock certain features. You could do a lot more stuff with your Symbian phone and people started using them as entertainment gadgets, business tools or any other crazy stuff.
We usually check our smartphones every 5 minutes or so, we type messages, watch videos, surf the Internet, listen to music, and control other devices with them.
Some of these codes bring up menus where you can enable various functionalities, which are otherwise unavailable for you. The good news is that the Secret Codes application can scan through all available secret codes on your smartphone and come up with a list of codes that you can use to enable these hidden functionalities.

Keep in mind that some of these codes may enable or disable features that you don’t want.
You will need to write the pattern and the code in the dialer app on your Android smartphone in order to execute them. Sadly, some phones are not supported by this application even if they are powered by Ice Cream Sandwich OS or higher.

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