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Nya Curl Secret Ionic med jonteknik, ger ett garanterat skonsamt, glansigt och antistatiskt resultat. This little beauty will do pretty much everything the pro version does and will be available on the high street from July 2013 for ?120. It has 2 heat settings (210 and 230) and 3 timer settings and it automatically alternates the curl direction for a lovely natural looking effect. I really want this but I know I shouldn’t because my hair is so thin, a curling wand takes me 5 minutes… Haha! Hi Anonymous, I was given one for Christmas and I have had the same problem, worked a couple of times and now it just beeps without doing anything. I have the same problem omg worked for 1 day and now it only beeps won’t draw the hair in. Skapa enkelt vackra, varaktiga lockar hemma på egen hand med Babyliss Paris Curl Secret.

Observera att koderna inte kan kombineras med andra rabattkoder eller erbjudanden och ej går att registrera i efterhand.
Get ready for the consumer (more affordable) version of the only hair tool that has ever made me cry (good tears for sure) – the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl. So the only real difference to the Perfect Curl is that it has a forward, reverse and alternate setting – but to be fair, I have only ever used it on alternate. You place it over a piece of hair where you want the curl to start, close it and the hair magically disappears into the curling chamber. I bought one and hair with it with great results really pleased…until the second time i used it and halfway through my hair got tangled and after 5 minutes of trying to release my hair my boyfriend had to rip it put! After trying it a few times since getting my hands on it, I must admit, it is pretty good.¬†On my first go, which I actually included a snippet in a weekly vlog, I wasn't too sure whether I loved it or hated it- purely because in all honestly, I found the concept a little terrifying.
Beeps alert you when your curl is done and you gently release it to reveal perfect curliness!!

I always make sure I comb through the section and pull away any strays that could get tangled up.
Initially, the thought of having my hair sucked up into an electrical appliance terrified me greatly.
I leave it untouched and tight for a while, and then when my hair is completely cool, I give it a little brush through and it's a bouncy curly dream.As well as the results from the tool itself, I'm also really impressed with the longevity of my curls.

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