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That is why I was so excited to discover the new curling products from Babyliss; the Pro Perfect curl and the Curl Secret. These curlers are more expensive than conventional curlers but I really wanted them so decided to do some intensive research on them to help me decide which ones to buy. So if your hair is compatible then read on to found out what I think of the curl secret and the pro. BaByliss Curl Secretheat settings and 3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for different curl effects. 2 heat settings and 3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for different curl effects. The instructions you receive with the curl secret babyliss say that you should only use the secret curl on dry hair. Babyliss suggest that you clean, dry and comb through your hair first to get the best effects. When you are ready, your hair will be drawn into the chamber of the babyliss secret curl by a mechanism.  If your hair has not gone into the mechanism correctly or it is too thick then the curler will beep to let you know that you should remove your hair and start again. If you put in sections of hair that are roughly 1cm in diameter then you get corkscrew type curls.
A very small number of consumers have said that they could not use the product because they were left handed. Essentially this product achieves the same results that you would get from using curling tongs. One thing I should warn you about though. Due to the popularity of the curl envy, there are some dodgy websites out there selling fake items.

The price for the regular Curl Secret seems to be the same across the main online stores including Amazon.
The Babyliss Curl Secret is available in America but under the name Conair Curl Secret by Infiniti Pro. After I did all that work I thought I would share it with others so this is a review and comparison of the Babyliss pro perfect and curl secret hair stylers. However some users with naturally thick hair have said that they got better results and found it easier by using a straightener on their hair first. You have to remove your hair manually, so make sure you do it slowly and gently otherwise there is a chance that your hair might get caught in the device. If you use mousse then you can apply it before curling but make sure that your hair is dry. However, it is a lot easier to use than curling tongs and takes considerably less time to add curls to your whole head. Babyliss only sell the curl secret in deep purple and the pro perfect curl in black so if a site offers different colours then they are fake.
However, the Pro version is only about ?10 more expensive than the regular version on Amazon and is worth checking out. Ebay also has good customer support if something does go wrong and you need to claim your money back.  Make sure you double check that the model you are buying is purple because that means that it is an official Babyliss product. It has exactly the same functionality and comes in the same colour as the UK edition although you can read the following by Style24Seven: infiniti pro by conair curl secret review.
Regrettably because of the high temperatures that it reaches this is not suitable for real or synthetic hair extensions either.

If you have naturally thicker hair then you will need to insert smaller sections of your hair into the device for the best ringlet. It does take a little while to master figure out how to hold the babyliss at the correct angle but once you know it you are sorted. From the research I looked at, the average user was happy with how long the curls lasted for. If you are using hair spray to help maintain your curls then it is recommended that you spray post curling. I’ve been using cloud nine straighteners for years to straighten my hair but I was really glad when curly hair came back into fashion. Both the Pro perfect and curl secret are suitable for all hair types including, African Caribbean, very thin or fine hair and thick hair with a natural curl or kink.
It is worth practicing using the curl secret a couple of times before you use it for a big night out. If you have used a curling device before then this should give you a good indication of how long the curls will last in your hair. If you want all the whistles and bells then the babyliss pro curl is worth considering. These curlers are more expensive than traditional curlers but if you intend to use it a lot then this will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run and they should last you for many years.
If your curls are not lasting as long as you like then make sure you put the curler at the highest setting for both heat and tightness.

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