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Meanwhile, in the midst of Belle’s newfound success as an author, her sister Jackie arrives without notice after she discovers her husband is an adulterer. Check out two sneak peeks for the February 1 third-season premiere below: First Review (Belle pays her publisher a visit) and Great Disguise (Belle attends the party for her book launch dressed in disguise). Season Three episodes of Secret Diary of a Call Girl will air Mondays on Showtime at 10pm ET, beginning on February 1. Best friend Ben (Iddo Goldberg) has professed his love for her, she has a new home with a new roommate, and her job is complicated by her boss’ absence.

A disguised Belle attends the launch of her book, but her confidence is knocked by hearing criticism first-hand.
Her handsome editor Duncan reassures her that she has what it takes to be a writer, but Bambi and Ben have issues of their own with the book. Wallpaper images in the Secret Diary Of A Call Girl club tagged: secret diary of A call girl. This last season promises to be even more complicated than ever, giving Billie a chance to sink her teeth into extra-meaty material as she wraps up this terrific role.

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