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Ah, I feel like our characters are finally catching up to speed with the rest of us, now that they’re putting together answers to some of our biggest questions.
While everything swirls in chaos, So-yoon is the only one who notices that Yoo-na looks curiously unperturbed. Agasshi asks about the lumber mill and the new lock on its gate, and the apartment landlord explains that the owner is back, intending to use the mill as a workshop.
An examination of the church wall reveals that the graffiti had been covered with a banner. A separate call comes in from a nearby shopowner, whose materials were stolen—specifically, a fresh can of red paint. Ji-sook prepares medicine for herself and her mother-in-law, explaining that they’ve started the in vitro fertilization process. That’s when Yoo-na comes home, and Grandma calls for a bowl of salt, hurling it at Yoo-na to ward off her bad mojo. So-yoon reviews the old episode of the program (Unusual People, Unusual Stories) featuring the Phantom Baby Mom, who would show up every day at the courthouse to protest her child being stolen from her.
That gets her access to the show’s video archive, and a producer recalls that while everyone was unnerved by the crazy Phantom Baby Mom, there was one woman who seemed to sympathize with her. Upon arrival at the hospital, they find the woman gone, with only a note left behind saying that she has sent off her daughter and will also be leaving.
The rescue team arrives to take over, and Agasshi tells So-yoon and Woo-jae what she just said.
Confirming her sister’s identity leaves So-yoon feeling subdued, and Woo-jae offers her a few comforting words. A new crime scene is discovered in a different city, and police descend upon an empty construction site where a woman’s body has been found. The ex-driver says he doesn’t know much, saying that the assemblyman took extra care and he barely ever saw Hye-jin. The ex-driver sticks to his story, but the minute they’re gone he puts in a panicked call saying that the cops may put him on the hook for a murder.
Unfortunately for those cops, their boss is unwilling to entertain their theories, no matter how suspiciously the facts line up.
Ki-hyun does some digging into the school’s recent activity and presents his findings to Teacher Park, who was part of hiring So-yoon and has been reporting to pharmacist Joo-hee. Teacher Park laughs it off nervously, but Ki-hyun wonders if she was paid and demands to know who’s pulling the strings, threatening her with charges of fraud and bribery. But his father says Ba-woo saw her with the dead art teacher before she disappeared, and even knows that she threatened to get Ba-woo’s father fired if he said anything about it. So-yoon picks up Hye-jin’s framed painting, and the framer ajusshi hands her the envelope that had been hidden in a false backing.
She’s called over to the station by Woo-jae, who hands her the object that was in the paint. She also shows him what she found in Hye-ijn’s painting, which turns out to be DNA results confirming a maternal line. At school, rumors fly and students eye So-yoon with morbid curiosity, even asking in class whether the dead body is actually her unni.
But So-yoon tells her firmly that her actions won’t be let go with excuses, and Ji-sook is called to the church.
Having checked with the inquiry service, she asks why Ki-hyun already confirmed her sister’s identity but kept it hidden from her. Ji-sook assists Grandma with physical therapy and massages her feet, sweet-talking her as she broaches the topic of sending Yoo-na away.
In the distance, Yoo-na hears her mother trying to send her away and holds back hurt, angry tears. Ki-hyun says he didn’t tell So-yoon the truth for her own good, which is an answer she heartily disdains.
She asks if she’s supposed to be moved by his act of concern, and he apologizes for being short-sighted, saying he just wanted to avoid putting her in an uncomfortable situation. Ki-hyun’s face looks thunderous after his talk with So-yoon, and as he drives back to town, he sees Gun-woo leaving the pharmacy. Ga-young’s mother hears the news report of the seventh victim being found in their province, and it makes her look extra worried. The cold rejection leaves Ga-young fuming, and she grabs a nearby brick and slams it into his windshield. So-yoon tries to console her, but Yoo-na says that she’s not like Hye-jin, who believed her. Agasshi takes out his telephoto lens and starts snapping photographs of the lumber mill—at least, what he can see beyond its tall metal gate. Ooh, I like the detail with the hidden dagger, since it had definitely been shown to us before and most of our eyes just glazed over it. But hearing Yoo-na explain what she knows casts a wholly new light on it, though it remains to be seen exactly what her mother’s secret is. I wonder if the illegal adoption ring is going to be our big secret; it seems plausible, given the shift of the story and the inclusion of the television program. Also, the show released this map of Achiara, which informs us of all the major landmarks in town. Ah, and probably the serial killer and illegal adoption is actually from the same perpetrator? Like some psycho scheme in Criminal Mind, probably all those women that died is a mother of those adopted baby? I am just super thankful that I get to watch this within 24hrs of Korean airing on my local cable network.
What I really like about this show is that I have no idea what the hell is actually going on. Was it just me, or did the show seem to imply that the creepy pharmacist lady appeased Ba Woo’s father by sleeping with him?
For example, the subs in this episode were written so that Ji Sook told Yoo Na that she hated her directly not that women hate mistresses.
If its Ga Young then that would explain Hye Jin knowing about her birthmark (maybe they had the same one even though thats not really how birthmarks work) and Gun woo avoiding the sister of the woman he loved. Also I think Ji Sook may have terminated that child if she found out it was a girl instead of a boy. This was something that kept bugging me and I am sure I am missing a point, so I would really appreciate your help!
There are almost no murder mystery elements at all in "My Secret Hotel" this episode as the romantic tribulations take on full focus.
Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. If Episode 6 was a fantastically zany, nonstop hour of insane body-swap antics, then Episode 7 is a dash of that mixed with more of an emotional element.
So here we are with both characters in swapped bodies, arguing over allowing (or not allowing) Joo-woman, or is it Joo-wonita?, to shower. Too bad for him that Seul writes this off as mere male hormones and says that Joo-won still has a chance with her.
Joo-woman drives the two of them to his compound, saying that this is the safest place for them, free from prying eyes.
This is when Joo-won’s mother, Madam Moon, appears, and boy does this make things awkward. The problem (and narrative strength) about this body-swap is that both characters have to stand there while Mom heaps abuse on Ra-im.
Some magical veil drops over the scene briefly, to show what things would look like with the proper souls in their own bodies — I wonder if they thought it would be too hard to follow the emotions, otherwise? Even so, Joo-won feels that their body-swap was fortunate in this case, since she didn’t bear the brunt of it. Like a true son, though, when Ra-im comments that his aunt is beautiful, he retorts that Auntie has had work done, while his mother hasn’t. In the wake of the aborted Jeju shoot, Seul and Manager Choi are left to handle the mess and field reporter calls. Ra-Him drops Joo-wonella off at her apartment, where he looks around in horror at the shabby place.

Ah-young looks through Joo-wonella’s bags of designer clothing gleefully, supposing that Joo-won bought them for Ra-im, and relates a curious dream she had last night. Ra-Him takes Ah-young aside to give her a few earnest warnings, but Ah-young is confused to hear her boss telling her that he values her and thinks warmly of her. Ra-Him powers forward and informs her friend that Ra-im is going to be acting strangely for a while, and that Ah-young must be careful to keep at a distance and not walk around in her underwear anymore. While the ladies talk, Secretary Kim paces nervously as Joo-wonita glares at him, and he says uneasily that her gaze seems familiar. Joo-woman doesn’t take kindly to Ra-Him warning her roommate against him, so he takes petty joy in withholding the passcode to his house, leaving her stranded outside in the cold.
Ra-Him acquaints herself with Joo-won’s expansive home, marveling at the high-tech luxuries, and also texts Jong-soo to apologize for her behavior earlier. Ra-Him enjoys riding the motorcycle to her apartment in the morning and asking Joo-wonella how he fished out the key. In response, Joo-wonda peeks down his shirt and smirks, noting how she’s sensitive about the topic — does she want him to go ahead and give her a boob job? Ra-Him raises a fist threateningly, so Joo-wonda takes advantage of appearances and cries out, “Help me!
Jong-soo reads Ra-Him’s apology text, which asks him to have faith in her despite the confusion her appearance and behavior may elicit.
It’s a hot project whose script has been notoriously hard to get a hold of, so Jong-soo expects a more grateful reaction.
Jong-soo can’t make sense of it, so he tries to lay everything out on the table and admits that she was right about his feelings.
Joo-wonisha agrees to ignore the discovery of Jong-soo’s feelings, in exchange for his agreement to never confess his feelings officially. Ra-Him arrives at the department store that morning on motorcycle, which is a curious sight for all the employees — especially when the formerly snooty boss now bows respectfully to them and offers to take the elevator. At lunch, Secretary Kim looks perplexed as Ra-Him eats, because she chooses lowly foods — ddukkbokki (rice cakes in spicy sauce) and soondae (blood sausage made by stuffing intestines).
When Ra-Him asks about Ah-young, Secretary Kim immediately thinks that she’s going to be punished and pleads for mercy. Both Ra-Him and Joo-wonita are called by a frazzled Manager Choi, because Oska has fled once again, albeit without his passport.
When Ra-Him admits that Oska took Joo-won’s car, Joo-wonita immediately gets on the phone to report it stolen. Oska is, at the moment, lost in thought as he strolls along a golf course, remembering a happier time when he’d taken Seul on a date here. Joo-wonita refers to the Jeju challenge wherein both cousins vowed to win Ra-im — a fact that Ra-Him hears with interest. Once again, the magic veil falls to show us the scene with the souls in the proper bodies, which I suspect the drama’s gonna do every time a scene is particularly important. Ha Ji-won stealing a look down her own shirt, Hyun Bin giggling (and then almost moaning) when Oska pats him down, Ra-im simpering when she acts like Joo-won acting like Ra-im… these bits are GOLD, I tell you. However, I have the weird feeling that Oska is indeed going to fall for Ra-Im, although that would seem too much for love triangle angles since Jong-Soo is also in the picture.
For one, wouldn’t it be MUCH MORE satisfying if when Joo-won is jealous, we actually see it as Hyun Bin? I also appreciate this veil affect used to show us how the real characters look and feel during these emotional moments.
Secondly, I think it gives us an important reminder that Ra-Him and Joo-wanda don’t see themselves when they look at one another.
Next up is figuring out the whys of it all, as some serious doubts crop up and loyalties come into question. So-yoon overhears Yoo-na grumbling that the mother never cared about her daughter when she was alive.
Woo-jae declares it evidence, showing how the color matches the paint in the church by smearing it on a wall (and getting yelled at by the owner in the process). Then she storms up to confront Yoo-na, who scoffs at the idea of a woman getting that worked up over her husband’s mistress. Recalling how the woman had said she and So-yoon were on TV together, she scans the episode for anything that might explain the comment.
They review footage from the hospital, where a woman assists in feeding the woman—it’s Hye-jin. So-yoon finds him at the station and shares her latest discovery, and it makes him wonder: If Hye-jin is her sister, who is Hye-jin’s mother in the hospital? Sounds like a suicide note, and the only clue they have is that she asked for a nearby water source and was directed to the lake.
Mom had a daughter named Hye-jin who died in her teens, swept away in a swift current before Mom’s eyes and never found. He manages to track down Assemblyman Seo’s former driver to the farm where he now makes his living, asking what he knows.
The officers don’t believe him, noting that he must have won the lottery to so quickly rise out of debt and establish such a nice big farm.
Curiously, the listing for an English teacher that So-yoon responded to was only sent to her school in Canada—all the other job postings were canceled.
Joo-hee calmly shows him the prescription and explains each effect, saying she’d have no reason to do anything to Ba-woo.
She’s unnerved that he knows, but says she told Ba-woo to be quiet to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings, swearing that the medicine is only to help him.
So-yoon confirms that it looks like Yoo-na’s bracelet, and now recalls seeing Ba-woo smeared in red at the church.
She thinks it means Hye-jin found her mother before her death, but Woo-jae clarifies that the results point to sisters or an aunt-niece. Assemblyman Seo points out that Yoo-na is her daughter too, putting the kibosh on the suggestion straightaway. When Yoo-na says in surprise that she hadn’t said a word, Ji-sook looks upset and worried. However, he does relay one curious fact—that somebody else was making the same inquiries into Hye-jin’s old schoolmates, and that somebody was supposedly So-yoon. He looks far from pleased to see her, but she insists that she’s a grown-up now and he can like her freely, and nobody will say anything about her being his student. She storms off shaking in anger, muttering about revenge, and barrels right into a man and falls to the ground. They put out a request on the show asking for information relating to illegal adoptions in Achiara thirty years ago, which has the town buzzing immediately. She explains that when she was five, she saw her dead sibling inside Mom’s belly—that was the start of her ghost-seeing ability. I definitely disagreed with So-yoon finding the painting warm and loving, but not for anything having to do with that little Easter egg—just, you know, that lady looked creepy. I’m not sure how I feel about that, because while it is a big deal, it feels less interesting than the murder angle, or the touches of ghostly and paranormal occurrences. Hye-jin embodies a whole lot of our mother motifs, from the birth mother who gave her up to the adoptive mother who died, the grandmother who abandoned her, and the new mother who used her as a replacement.
But she looked alarmed to have attention drawn to the issue of illegal Achiara adoptions, in which case, why would she have brought So-yoon here?
Woojae has a pretty standard motif and characteristics as well, but his sincerity and will (PLUS Sungjae's acting) make him an outstanding person for me. However I think she’s starting to notice more about the people about her in this episode.
But, rather than it being a weekly thrown-together random mishmash there is clearly A Plan and we are finding out more and more as we go along. How exactly did everyone automatically arrive at the conclusion that if Hye Jin is actually So Yoon’s sister, then this woman is not her birth mother? It's extremely obvious now that from every possible angle the wedding between Hae-yong and Soo-ah was staged mostly for social reasons, and that neither one of them seriously considered themselves to have an actual relationship with one another.
The main characters are the ones who have to create a very compelling illusion of true love and romance because, well, that's where all the social pressure is right now. Now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one, but there simply isn't any other way to describe these preposterous going-ons.
The way the characters are defined, everything about the situation makes sense, even if the absurdity is clearly being accentuated to make a broader social point.

Ra-Him is mortified at the idea of him seeing her female body and wrestles Joo-wonella, trying to prevent him from taking any further liberties with HER body. He admits that although he knew that life was different on the other end of the income bracket, he didn’t expect it to be so severe. I love that this is their blackmail to keep the other one in line: Stay put or I’ll flirt with your body! Ah-young welcomes her roommate with open arms, which leads to Joo-wonda staring openly at Ah-young’s boobs.
Joo-wonita sneers at the lies and shoots off a warning text to Secretary Kim, who’s immediately alarmed.
Ra-Him tries to guess the PIN, wondering if perhaps it scans fingerprints or retinas instead, but can’t crack the code. And then she cooks dinner, leaving Oska gaping in shock at his cousin’s culinary proficiency. Oska’s so bewildered that he tells Ra-Him to eat first, thinking it might be poisoned. It’s a song that he says is similar to the title song on his upcoming 7th album, and that comment spins him off into a flashback from earlier in the day.
While slinging a few more insults about Oska’s lack of musical talent, Tae-sun tells him that he added a song to the device that he should give a listen.
Unable to shake her off, Joo-woman does the only thing he knows how to do to cope: he recites his familiar refrain to distract himself. The message mollifies his hurt, but that just flares up when Joo-wonda arrives at action school dressed in her fancy clothing and sporting some major ‘tude. Hilariously, Ah-young hears the news with heavy heart, assuming that it’s a sacrifice made for her benefit. He and his secretary try to interpret what this means, overanalyzing the gesture — perhaps Joo-won was faking the illness all along. Ra-Him speaks up for Oska and offers to take responsibility for the situation and bring him back.
Now Joo-wonita offers Oska a deal: If Oska gives up his part in that bet, Joo-won will drop the car theft case. The fact that he’s stooping to these depths now means that Ra-im must mean a lot to him. It’s like they want to make sure we absorb the full impact, so now Joo-won stands facing his cousin. As hilarious as they are in each other’s bodies, I liked how these moments brought us back to the true characters that we fell for from the beginning. At least for me, the meta-awareness can be distracting and has the effect of diluting the emotional impact. I think the occasional veil scenes make a bigger impact than if the characters were trying to express their feelings through the other person’s body.
I kinda like the switch back because we DO get to see the expression on GR face or JW face.
She pauses at a scene from the hospital, squinting at a figure that’s too blurry to make out.
Sergeant Han says they researched his background and asks point-blank if the farm was a reward for killing Hye-jin for him. With a grumble, Woo-jae starts to take the can away, but spills it instead… and mixed in among the leftover paint is something strange and stringy. They’d eliminated three qualified applicants who came before So-yoon, which looks an awful lot like they were luring her specifically.
Woo-jae takes it for a childish prank and decides the children need a talking-to, and So-yoon offers to talk to Yoo-na. That means Hye-jin likely found a half-sister who shared her mother, who lived in this village.
Yoo-na denies any involvement, but when So-yoon accuses her of ruining Hye-jin’s funeral and making a mockery of her final passage, Yoo-na insists that she did it because Hye-jin asked her to.
Ki-hyun looks stricken to hear it, and I’d guess he has a good idea who that sister might be.
It seems like the feelings are lopsided, though, because he says he has no feelings for her.
In any case, the loss of a child (whether real or even imagined) explains some of Ji-sook’s intense fixation on having a child now, as though it would solve her problems. It does give us more of a chance to mine the whole mother motif, since we have a lot of interesting dynamics going on, and a wide range of relationships. And through Ki Hyun we saw him leaving the pharmacy so I think she slept with the art teacher (which we already know about). Mostly it's because they seemed a little overwrought, not to mention mildly creepy in the context of the situation.
In this way, a problem that was created by elaborate social standards is destroyed by true love, threatens to resolve by true love, but only if it's all carefully defined in the most cynically romantic way possible. Joo-woman, on the other hand, sneers at Seul, more affronted by Seul’s unannounced entry into his room than at the misunderstanding at hand. Joo-won apologizes for his mother, but she retorts that Mom’s hurtful words were nothing compared to the ones he said to her.
They don’t get along (and, like their sons, are engaged in a constant game of oneupsmanship). Fed up with Oska’s diva antics, Manager Choi threatens to sell his stock in Oska Entertainment and walk away.
She thinks Ra-im’s upset that Joo-won has seemingly transferred his affections from Ra-im to Ah-young, and sighs guiltily. Any sort of kindness between the cousins is odd, so the manager has to wonder if this suddenly nice Joo-won is drunk.
She’s too late, however, and arrives one step behind the police, who have arrested him for car theft. The switch is pounded into every moment of this drama, and we are surely aware of the true identities, so why rob us of some great potential acting moments from Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin?
I’m loving their two-man comedy hour so much that I wish we could just skip over every scene not involving them. Interesting point about how they are still perceiving each other even though they are looking at themselves. Maybe the reason there’s been no crime in Achiara in the last ten years is because everybody’s too busy covering their own ass to bother reporting anyone else? She vaguely recalls that that adopted daughter was a runaway orphan, named something like So-jung. When she threatens to tell his secret and what he did to her that day (in the car), he tells her to go ahead, since he did nothing.
But when So yoon got the papers that said Hyejin has a maternal relative in Achiara, the camera cut off to Gayoung,yoo na’s Mom and the Pharmacist too right? It’s not Yoo Na because Ji Sook is too young (assuming yoo na is actually her daughter). But this time, "My Secret Hotel" takes all of these various loveliness to their obviously insane conclusions, and I'm still kind of aghast that the drama had the guts to take the story in such a ridiculous direction. There may not be a fully defined plot arc here just yet but the social criticism is palpable. Joo-wonda reacts to this, almost like he thinks to himself that even if his family is infuriating and dysfunctional, at least he has one.
They’re so fantastic at the comedy, both physical and verbal, so it feels like a cheat to take away the dramatic moments.
I am immensely interested in how the drama's planning to escalate from this already completely out there position. Detective Choi agrees reluctantly, saying he’s only going to be active on the serial murder case. And even if the audience itself realizes that everything about the situation is totally bizarre and stupid, do you really want to see the dark horrible truth concerning human relationships, or would you rather have a feel-good story instead? And I really think So yoon’s granma died due to seeing someone that caused her to fall off.

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