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If you could only protect one online service from a guaranteed hacking attack, you should choose your primary email account.
Every time you log into a new device with your 2SV authentication code, you can choose to “trust” that device and avoid asking for any more codes in the future.
All of this new storage space caused us to forget our old habits of deleting sensitive emails. That way, if your email account is ever compromised, you can limit the amount of information that gets leaked. In a perfect security world, we would have different complex passwords for every online service we use. If every account you own has the same password of “Cat1234”, then maybe consider switching your email account to “Spiderman12345678”. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obama secret email accounts may fuel public suspicion of the President, who just had his approval ratings plunge due to the IRS scandal.
Even the Associated Press failed to get the secret government email accounts released under the Freedom of Information Act.
The idea that consumers are constantly worried by hundreds of emails in their inbox completely ignores two key points.  Firstly, nobody gets that many emails to their personal email address and studies that claim otherwise invariably include a work email account, which will always skew the results towards unwanted email.  Second, most people simply don’t worry about their inboxes in that way, whether they have 1 or 100 unread emails – when was the last time you were at a party and your friend said they were having a terrible day because they have 100 unread emails in their personal inbox? To have long-term success brands need to ensure they are consistently reminding consumers about their brand just as they would across any other broadcast marketing channel.  If TV airtime was free, media buyers would not advertise less, they would book as much time as possible. Brands need to get past the idea that consumers should engage with every email they receive  from a brand and the idea that consumers are overloaded by email.
The statistic from Merkle is not even relevant to your point, you are arguing that nobody complains about too many emails (which by the way they do) and then quoting a statistic about communication channel preference. Email is a great channel but the attitude of just sending more emails is utter garbage and will definitely damage engagement and list quality.
I think relevance is still key, and marketers shouldn’t blithely be sending out emails willy nilly. As with most marketing tools nowadays, I feel that we should stop looking at email as a standalone tool and think more of it as an essential part of a lead nurturing process.
While I agree that email marketing can be used for brand recognition, I find the majority of the points made above quite bizarre. The article above seems to forget that we have a choice with email marketing – we can unsubscribe, and personally, I have done many, many times if my Inbox is being pounded by a brand that is sending irrelevant content to me…its all about the content! This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to send an email without any chance of other people seeing it. In the subjects, you can easily find references to discounts, free shipping, or extra percentages off: the approach of their email marketing is strongly commercial. We can notice that the elements of the main newsletter haven’t changed in the last few years.The presence of a prehader, a top banner and a main image as the heart of communication, and the bottom banner for extra discount remain the same.
While the layout hasn’t changed, we can notice that from October 2009, the icon to  “follow us on Facebook” has been introduced. Let’s watch the last newsletter from June (21st and 27th); can you notice any repeated element in the two different campaings? These are the weapons on offer when it comes to getting brides to open your email, use them wisely. When you need to change your password, you get a change notification in your email account.
On Outlook, mobile users can download an app called the Microsoft Account app (called the “Authenticator” app on Windows Phone). But it’s not: it takes two minutes to setup and another 10 seconds to verify every device you own. You can see when somebody has entered an incorrect password, for example, or when a security challenge has been issued.
If someone gained access to your email account, they may have set up an auto-forwarder which automatically redirects all emails to their inbox. These security settings can vastly improve your overall online security while limiting your exposure to threats and malware.
I don’t know about you, but if someone gained access to my email account right now, they’d be able to see everything from recent flights to gift receipts for Christmas presents.
Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and most of us use the exact same password for every online account. Well, that way, if someone guesses or cracks your password on an unsecure website, then that individual won’t be able to access every other account you own. So if you could only protect one of your online accounts using a really good password, please make it your email account. The head of the House investigation does not point to Obama but is already claiming the IRS scandal targeting was ordered from Washington. But the Obama secret email accounts can complicate Congressional investigations like the IRS scandal, making them seem suspicious to the public.

After waiting for months the AP was finally hit with a request to pay more than $1 million to have access to the Obama secret email accounts. So why do brands believe that trying to get more return from fewer, highly targeted emails is the most successful approach?
Comparing to TV and saying if it was free they would book as much as possible ignores the base costs.
However, the footer with contacts is coloured and the Facebook icon is more visible only since the beginning of November 2010. Let’s face it, your intended recipient DID get you email but for one reason or another, did NOT open or reply. They are researching new vendors, browsing the live news feed and sharing wedding planning progress constantly.
Do not copy and paste a long paragraph about your products or services, as if this was your only chance to ever speak to them.
When Gmail was first released (on invite-only beta) in 2004, it had a whopping 1GB of free storage space.
You’ll thank me if your password ever gets leaked (and it will get leaked if it’s as dumb as “Cat1234”. The cost of sending to a smaller audience in potential lost sales far exceeds the incremental cost and effort required to send to the whole audience.
Keep the email short and sweet, ask them a question at the end so they can respond easily and on their phone as chances are this is where they are opening from.
One leak will send your email address and password combination plummeting into a hacker’s hard drive.
Reach out to brides through your Weddingful account and receive higher open rates and replies.
Avoid having bridezilla on your hands and let Weddingful reach out to all the engaged brides on your behalf! Depending on your email provider you should see: the senders name, the subject and the email preview.

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