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Her character is a woman with a rough upbringing, who was abandoned at a young age but still manages to keep a positive outlook on live. Beautiful Secret Episode 13 daily motion video Beautiful Secret Episode 13 in HD video Beautiful Secret Episode 13 live drama Beautiful Secret Episode 13 Mp4 download Beautiful Secret Episode 13 youtube video download full drama Beautiful Secret Episode 13 full drama parts Beautiful Secret Episode 13. This entry was posted in Kdrama and tagged 2015, kdrama, kdrama episode, streaming, The VIllage:Achiara's Secret, watch kdrama, watch online. If you were hoping the show would make some progress in answering all the questions we’ve been wondering now for weeks (such as, who’s the killer? Sang-hyo tries to stop the boys from literally fighting over her by flinging herself between them. Sung-gyum overhears this, and is surprised and disappointed to realize that Sang-hyo spent the night at Hae-young’s.
Despite an initial cold shoulder when they happen to meet at the elevator, Sung-gyum decides to hear Sang-hyo’s side of the story. Or, rather, he’s waiting for her, as he calls from the parking garage to give her a ride home. Slowly, Sang-hyo gathers her things, and as she heads to the elevator, she receives a call from Sung-gyum. Both men continue to wait, and Sang-hyo finally takes decisive steps along the marble floor. But she didn’t forget about Sung-gyum — she sent Eun-joo to break the news that she left with Hae-young.
During the ride home, Hae-young notices Sang-hyo’s distracted expression, and swerves the car over to a stop when she brings up Sung-gyum. She spots the selca pics from last night and snatches the phone from him, determined to erase the photos. Later, over fruit and coffee, Mom says that watching the two of them reminds her of her early days of marriage. Eun-joo’s made good on her promise to take Sung-gyum out drinking, and they sit at a pojangmacha, downing soju. Sang-hyo’s in bed, asleep, as Hae-young quietly moves his pillow from the floor to the bed, trying to crawl in next to her. That sends both of them to another Las Vegas flashback, when Hae-young was sleeping — or, rather, pouting, because Sang-hyo had to leave to work at the hotel unexpectedly.
But he does warn her that if she keeps poking him, he’ll start to have some sexy thoughts.
That memory gets present-day Sang-hyo to stop poking Hae-young, and she decides that if his back is truly hurting, then he can have the bed and she’ll sleep on the floor instead.
Hae-young finds her expression unsettlingly cute because he warns her not to make it in front of anyone else, especially Sung-gyum. At the office, a sad Gi-chul looks around at the empty desks, mournfully pointing out that Hwang and Young-mi have died — and even Kyung-hee, too.
In a flashback, Gi-chul and the new hire Sung-min hide around the corner as they watch Kyung-hee collapse in Team Leader Cha’s arms. She calls Hae-young for his apartment’s passcode, letting him know that she found out about his parents leaving already.
Hae-young runs into the apartment, shouting out for Sang-hyo before realizing that she’s already gone. But a voice calls out, letting him know he just needed to give her the passcode — he didn’t need to come all the way here.
Our intrepid stalker-reporter Jung-eun has found out about the little fake-marriage ruse, and in an effort to tear Hae-young and Sang-hyo apart, she gleefully writes an article revealing the truth behind their wedding — and the love triangle between Hae-young, Sang-hyo, and Sung-gyum.
We’re back to square one at The Secret Hotel, as they hold an emergency staff meeting that is strongly reminiscent of the meeting they held in the first episode, trying to figure out how to deal with the negative publicity. Sung-gyum argues against this, but GM Lee steps in and reminds him that all the hotel staff were complicit in the fake wedding, and if it’s proved to be a fraud, it will ruin the hotel. Her silence is enough of an answer for him, and he leaves with one last warning to Sung-gyum to not harass her about her decision. He bids adieu to the phantom-Sang-hyo in his apartment, but turns back in surprise when she speaks to him.
Honestly, I’m so done with these man-boys, and I want Sang-hyo to be done with them, too.
Even so — these guys need to stop treating Sang-hyo like a prize to be fought over and won, and start respecting her as a person who is fully capable of making her own decisions. I think it’s really cute too, and would only add that even with all the cute, there is a ton of heart in the relationship between the OTP. She is sort of like Captain Kirk in love with the Enterprise except her love is a hotel named Secret. It’s bad enough watching you relish in your chauvinistic behavior and manchild antics episode after episode. Like you, I feel like I’m in the minority for not getting on board and succumbing to this ship.

So much potential – the promos and posters for MSH had underpinnings of being influenced by and paying homage to the characters and books of Agatha Christie. I had stopped watching for a bit too because of other interests, but I had fully planned on picking it up again as it seemed like it would still be satisfying in some ways. Remember in Secret Garden when Hyun Bin whines about his back and we all assume that it is an attention getting device but then it turns out to be a painful injury. I feel like this show should’ve had a 4 episode cutdown and had Surplus Princess fill in the gap. Was it just me or did they keep switching the side of the bed on which Hae-young was sleeping on the floor? Also, was she adopted by a single mother or something since she always talked about how she grew up without a father(though maybe adoptee dad was horrible)?
I still want to kiss the outfit coordinator most of the time; been really digging her shoes lately. But the writer screwed up big time with MSH, took a lovely vibrant show with good actors and ended up being a watered down version of Heirs staring and squaring off matches. I completely agree with what you said about Eun-joo – I went from wishing she would get lost to wishing I could hang around with her. Her life changes completely when she joins a singing competition and is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. She gestured with a finger to her , Victoria sat on a white couch with her cast members while wearing a plaid shirt and looking cheerful.
Hae-young is especially taken aback when she throws herself at Sung-gyum to beg them to stop fighting, and tries to pull her away from him. But he’s not quite that willing to accept that apology, even though she promises that she has no desire to be back with Hae-young. Hearing the sound of high-heels, Sung-gyum perks up — but it’s just another coworker walking past. He asks her to not mention Sung-gyum when she’s with him, because she knows how he (Hae-young) feels about her. She stomps over to the sofa, where Hae-young joins her and pulls out his phone, suggesting they order in for dinner. He grabs the phone back, and a wrestling match ensues that just so happens to end up with them in a very suggestive position when Mom and Dad arrive. It was a cowardly act, she knows, but she was desperate, and those who are that desperate don’t always think clearly. She started to tickle him to bring back his smile, and despite his efforts to stay mad at her, he’s just too ticklish. He immediately springs up and tells her he was just joking, and returns to his spot on the floor. She smiles over it until she reads the previous messages from last night that Hae-young sent in her name. She takes his phone and is about to delete the photos he took of her while she was sleeping, but hesitates, giving him one last look before setting the phone back down.
When he asks why, she tells him she just doesn’t want to eat breakfast with him, and then continues to needle him by sticking out her tongue in response to the rest of his questions. From his sources, it seems like Sung-gyum’s father might not have been such a great guy after all — he had a lot of mistresses and beat up his wife. Detective Kim wonders if that necklace is possibly related to one of his mistresses, until he remembers the necklace that was found in Hwang’s things, the one that Young-mi was using to blackmail GM Lee and Sung-gyum. But before they can go any further, a nervous Gi-chul knocks on the door, desperate to tell his side of the story. As he dazedly walks away from the office, he glimpses what he thinks is Kyung-hee and rushes after her.
Tears fill his eyes as he recalls the moment he returned to their old apartment in Vegas and discovered she was no longer there. Only this time, Sung-gyum is willing to support Sang-hyo rather than blame her for the article. GM Lee asks Sang-hyo one last time — is she sure that she has no lingering feelings, and she only married him to save the hotel? The only reason why I can’t fully hate Hae-young is because it seems like Jin Yi-han is having so much fun with this role that I love watching him play around with it.
Whether watching you as a guest in someone else’s house as you revel in disrespecting their bed or watching you jump into your own bed.
Because if my ex tried to butt into my life like he does, I would be beyond furious, and frankly, it would kill any remote chances of rekindling anything. Others might be able to suspend disbelief and chalk up him behaving this way because he loves her and their the OTP, but I can’t. Granted trying to balance a romantic comedy with a murder mystery is a hard and difficult task to pull off. I haaaaate him and can’t count the variants of F word that I yelled at him this episode. It would’ve done a much better job what with a faster storyline and less staring matches.

If only the actors playing the OTP were just like 10% less adorable then I wouldn’t be wasting my time like this because their characters are maddening. My Secret Hotel just ended up being disappointing, a filler for Mondays until something better comes up. At least she has stayed true to her feelings for the entire series, but has learned to stand up for herself when it comes to Sung-gyum’s little game-playing.
Apparently there is a large mirror leaning against the wall, and sometimes they show the point of view as reflected in the mirror. Many people seem to be annoyed with SH for being a typical drama heroine but really, if you were her would choosing be that easy?
I also don't care about any of the side characters except maybe that stalker girl who follows HY around.
Now she’s torn, as she paces from the stairs leading down to Sung-gyum, to the elevator that will take her to parking garage.
He uses his hurt back (from the wrestling match — yeah, right) as an excuse to stay on the bed. She yells at him for sending it, even though he profusely denies it, and pushes him off the bed (where he claims he really did his hurt his back now. He wakes up to check his phone, delighted to see she didn’t delete the photos after all. On the way to work, Sang-hyo giggles at how much she enjoying driving Hae-young crazy — a realization that which makes her stop laughing, because she shouldn’t be having this much fun doing anything that involves Hae-young.
But because everyone one from that time is no longer around, the only one who could confirm it would be his wife.
Which means if that necklace isn’t already in the hands of the killer, there could be another murder.
He tells the GM that Kyung-hee was killed by Team Leader Cha, but GM Lee reassures him she’s only out sick. In the meantime, she tries to guess the passcode herself, trying all sorts of combinations until she finally lands on the correct one: their wedding date. She tells him that until the rumor about the hotel and their wedding dies down, she wants to stay here with him. He practically radiates this charming energy that I still find compelling, even if I really want to grab Hae-young’s shoulders and tell him to grow up already.
But it was nice seeing a little juxtaposition of her being the one begging for him to stay for just a little longer.
I would have much preferred for her to ignore them both and just take a taxi by herself (or, y’know, go out drinking with the girls, because the girls still seem like barrels of awesome-sauce, and I totally want to be BFFs with Eun-joo and drink soju with her).
I too find it frustrating, like when Sang Hyo came home, showered, and put on a tight sweater dress?
Also the architecture of his home and office are intriguing, as befitting an architect…even if no one in his firm ever works and they should all be penniless beggars on the street. Kind of how I feel about Plus Nine Boys, although Plus Nine Boys has more of a plot and more dramatic impact. And anyway the whole scenario is unrealistic to the point I gave up taking his show seriously. While ultimatums may not be the best way to win back her heart, he does look super cute as he goofily grins at the photos he took of her last night.
Is it wrong that I only want these two to stay fake-married just so Sang-hyo can have some family in her life? She points out that since his parents are no longer here, there isn’t a point for her staying.
His character is a total wreck, but I still find him so much fun to watch that I’m willing to roll with it. I think if the original writer wrote out the whole script (RIP) then the show may’ve been better. If I am annoyed with someone it's HY because he is the one who is forcing SH into all this madness by manipulating her with all his sob stories.
The yanking her back and forth and the ultimatums would have been the last straw for me if I was her. Oddly enough or rather by extension I like the man Director Jo is when he is with Eun-joo…or maybe its just because their conversations amuse me.
Either way, unless there is a birth secret, I don’t see how this affects our main couple. But in fact he is a creepy stalker guy who just can't get over and he is pulling her into his obsession! The most beautiful paradox in a story is when a character can grow but still be consistent with the person we were initially presented with. Besides, first he forces her into stuff and then mops around and blames her for everything.

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