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English Country Dances -- Tuesdays 7-10:15pm -at Philip Coltoff Center, 219 Sullivan Street, unless otherwise stated. Acoustic Vacations in the Mountains Inclusive retreats at the West Mountain Inn, Arlington Vt. The ghosts at the beginning fly in a circle; to pass them, you'll need to wait for a gap and run through.
In the next section, you'll need to jump across platforms without getting hit by any of the Boos in that area. The stairs at the end are particularly evil - standing on them slides you right into the Boo circle.
The green bubbles charge towards you and are invincible like most other enemies in ghost houses.
Situated on the heights of the Valley of Bowser, this icy level is very slippery and it's too easy to fall down a pit. You'll encounter two new enemies right at the beginning: the large Dino-Rhino and the small Dino-Torch.
If you were to just jump (or fly) over the pit without using the pipe, you'll quickly notice that the midway tape and the Dragon Coins are all gone. As for the midway tape, a conveniently placed springboard allows you to reach it up in the air. Once you pass the Muncher pit, take off and fly straight up to discover a 3-up moon on a platform up in the sky.
The pipe at the end will launch you to the goal tape, just as if you had entered the silver pipe in the main area.
The Boo blocks are more interesting: if you turn their back they pursue you, but if you look towards them they become blocks that are perfectly safe to stand on.

This course has many stairs which disappear and reappear, as well as swinging platforms and ropes.
Star Coin 2: In the second area, the player must climb the second pole and follow the trail of coins that leads to the second Star Coin. Star Coin 3: In the second area, The player must climb the third pole and climb the staircase to grab the third Star Coin, or climb the fourth pole and wall jump until Mario reaches the star coin. The path to the secret exit (which leads to World 5-A) starts with a small opening in the ceiling near the end of the first room, before the first door, above the right extent of the second swinging platform. On the map, the relevant platforms are marked 1-2-4-3 in the order you should jump on them.
To get past him, you will need to either jump over him or lure him away from the passage he is guarding so you can run through. This vine leads to a platform which leads directly to the door, avoiding all the enemies in this area. On the other hand, the Big Boo will ambush you from behind as well if you turn your back towards him. They're a bit difficult to avoid, but you can still spin jump on them like any other enemy.
Climb up the vine and you'll reach a platform where you'll find a Starman inside another turn block. The Munchers that hide between the pipes are lethal, and the Piranha Plants that pop out of the pipes make it ever the harder to cross this section unharmed.
It is possible to cross this pit the normal way, but it's incredibly difficult without the Cape due to the Piranha Plants.
If you're extremely skilled however, you can try taking the Starman from the very beginning and then running all across the level to this turn block.

Once you shoot out of the large diagonal pipe, you will need to hold right to bounce off a Paratroopa and end up on a springboard.
Its flame is lethal, and its presence really restricts your ability to jump, making it difficult to avoid incoming threats.
The Boos move diagonally and bounce off walls just like the fireballs that appear in castles. To do so, you must lure the Boo blocks towards you so they form a staircase that allows you to reach the door. If you're still invincible by the time you reach this turn block, it will contain another Starman, and you'll be able to get tons of 1-Ups from all the Koopas and Spike Tops in this level. You can, however, go to the very end of the area and grab the 1-up mushroom from the turn block if you wish. Collect the coins and stomp on the P-Switch and a blue door will appear which leads to the exit.
Through the opening and up a flight of stairs, a door leads to another room with a series of swinging platforms and ropes. The correct door is at the top-right, behind the Big Boo which must be lured out of the way; there is no time limit to reach the door. If White Raccoon Mario tries to access the secret exit, it will show a path to the normal exit.

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