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Secret Extensions are the beauty marvel that lets you add up to 16a€? of thick, natural-looking hair instantly! As Daisy Fuentes says, nobody will know youa€™re wearing Secret Hair Extensions, but everybody will notice.
When choosing hair please keep in mind that Virgin Single Drawn hair is left completely natural at the ends, there will be variation. Indian hair also has natural variation at the ends, which may cause the bundle of hair to look thinned out at the ends.
Now for our recommendations, 2 packs are recommended if choosing a length 18 inches or less.

As Seen on TV, these Daisy Fuentes endorsed hair extensions are ready to wear and look amazingly real. We measure the length of our curly Indian hair when it is straight because it has more volume for the same weight. Daisy Fuentes hair extensions are a blend of keratin-conditioned fibers that look, feel and act like real hair. The Secret Hair Extensions can be washed, trimmed, straightened and curled for a variety of styles that stay securely in place. Available in 12 multi-blended, salon-inspired colorsa€”from blonde to the darkest jet-black color.

Secret ExtensionsTM are made of an all brand-new keratin conditioned fiber that moves like, seems like, and looks like the genuine thing! The very best part is, Secret ExtensionsTM are offered in various colors to perfectly mix in with your hair!

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