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On the beautifully decorated temple walls of Ankgor Wat lies a carving which seems to depict a Stegosaurus. In 1995 Carl Baugh discovered what appears to be a well preserved human hand print on a rock that is said to date back to the Cretaceous period (145-65 million years ago). The infamous giant stone balls of Costa Rica have garnered a lot of interest ever since they were discovered in 1930 by a group of women who were clearing jungle land for the United Fruit Company.
Now this case for some reason fascinates me the most, but any specifics are now lost and no photographs exist, for obvious reasons. The spheres vary in size, some as small as a few centimetres, while others as large as 2.5 metres.
Javier Carbera first discovered the Ica Stones in 1961 when he received one for his birthday.
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Angkor Wat is a mystery in itself, depicting symbolic details of the precession of the equinoxes among other oddities which are yet to be explained. In Antelope Springs, a fossil loaded excavation site, he found fossilized footprints on an old rock. Carbera immediately recognized that his stone was depicting an aquatic animal that had long been extinct. Bits of information like this should not add credence to the claims that an extinct dinosaur is carved into its walls, but should emphasize that every aspect of this amazing building, every carving and caricature is there for a significant reason.
What makes this discovery startling though could only be seen on closer inspection, where trilobites (one on each shoeprint) were discovered embedded into the fossil. Trilobites first appeared about 540 million years ago and died out around 240 million years ago.
But it is impossible to know their original shape as many were damaged during their initial discovery and since then.

Carbera became fascinated by the stones and collected them from local merchants who were in possession of them. Many of the stones bear graphic images of a sexual nature, but others depict dinosaurs, such as pterodactyls, tyrannosaurus rex’s, etc. The tubes were being researched in the Geomorphology Laboratory of the Université de Caen, but that is the last ever heard of them.
There are a few engravings which show interaction between humans and dinosaurs, such as a man riding a winged beast, closely resembling a pterodon.

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