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Ioi?aauoanu a aeeoaeuiia iooaoanoaea ii ?aciiia?aciui eieaoeyi, iiauaaeoa ai anao naiuo iaaa?iyoiuo ianoao. You will see the app secret and the app id there as shown belowCopy these values, and paste in the app id and App secret fields of the plugin settings screen.That will make it work for your site now. With enough of it on hand, Contraband can be exchanged for the Droideka Sentinel, a powerful unit that can only be leveled up with that currency. Their powerful weaponry employs an advanced targeting system, concentrating firepower to dispatch particle shields.
The bomb blast affects a moderate area, making it most effective against infantry, but also very capable for attacking enemy HQs.

You can download Star Wars: Commander for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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