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When planning my trip to the US, I received compelling guidance to return home to Australia via San Francisco, despite the fact that it would add hundreds of dollars to my flight costs!
The following message from Laura confirmed my instincts that another big adventure might be at hand!
I was of course, immediately hooked and before we knew it, this meeting seemed to take on a life of its own! My beautiful friend Kristi Walsh picked me up at San Francisco airport and after a dropping bags at her appartment, we headed straight to Laura’s place to connect with the Andara Rainbow crystals, before proceeding to the Secret Garden of Edenlight.
My plane had been delayed so by the time we got there, the other members of the group had already been there for some time. Leandro believes most crystal skulls to be androgenous, carrying the energy of both male and female. After reunion hugs and introductions, we set out with Brian for what we thought would be an overview of the garden before coming back to our central meeting point for a more formal ceremony. What unfolded at this power node was a ceremony to honour Brian, the garden’s creator and custodian. It was only the night before that Brian had completed the sculpting of his incredibly beautiful white marble Christ figure.
To me, Brian is like a modern day Merlin…a Light Wizard capable of pulling pure beauty from the ethers and grounding it in a tangible, physical way. The group holds the energy as Lia and Bato create the bridge between the earth and the cosmos.

Brian had been inspired to create a special altar to Mother Mary within his magical garden.
Just before driving me to the airport the following day to catch the plane for Australia, Kristina took me to the Grace Church in San Francisco…there was something there she wanted to show me. With a bit of imagination, the words on the pages transported me to a hidden garden full of wonder and surprise.
Although the three ladies had never met, I suggested that we all rendezvous together, given that the time was so short. Laura works closely with Mickey Magic who was bequeathed the role of official guardian of the Andaras, by their original custodian Lady Nellie. This was the first work that ‘Solar’ and I did together and it was quite an initiation! Our group of four swelled to about twelve – a clear sign that there was indeed a divine hand at work in all this! Although we’d said goodbye just a couple days before in Arizona, she had driven down from Lake Tahoe to be part of this special day. Her original rich brown smokey quartz colour was becoming lighter and lighter, and she was turning into a more milky, clear quartz skull.
Somehow, he had managed to move this massive statute into place by himself late at night, driven by the anticipation of our upcoming visit to the garden the following day. Almost all of Brian’s life is now dedicated to tending this secret garden, and sculpting new creations to adorn it.
When I was introduced to Jill’s friend Bato that day, I immediately saw him as a fellow star being.

There was a profound sense within all of us I think, that we were performing a most important service for humanity and our Mother Earth. Being there was a pure and truly heart opening experience for each and every one of our divinely chosen group.
I was astounded when I walked through the huge golden doors of cathedral, to see an enormous spiral labyrinth etched into the floor.
Adorned with a crown of quartz points and other precious gems, this figure emanates a quiet strength and power that is is quite awe-inspiring. He works and lives in his flower covered, Wizards’ Den made from tree branches, hidden deep in the bushes! Laura wrote back¬†immediately bursting with excitement, saying that she had the perfect place for us to gather. When my eyes fell on the incredible jewel encrusted blue pyramid with its spiral motif in the centre, flanked by the majestic figure of Christ in white marble, my channel spontaneously opened. I felt the energy blasting through me, and I think every member of the group felt a similar power and purpose.

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