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Flirty Fleurs The Florist Blog - Inspiration for Floral DesignersThoughtful musings of florists who adore florists and flowers. This rose is so big that the 22 stems barely fit into one vase, they probably only fit because those 3 stems had snapped and couldn’t be used!
David Austin Roses are the epitome of the English garden rose and are highly sought after for their beauty. We worked with those 12 varieties in a recent Floral Design Class here in Seattle, Washington: Beatrice, Carey, Charity, Constance, Darcey, Edith, Juliet, Kate, Keira, Miranda, Patience, and Tess.
A solid dark pink coloring on each petal, Carey opens into a perfect buttercup garden rose shape. A large, lovely blush pink rose with a wide-open, green-eyed center, which adds a unique touch.
Constance is a good-sized rose, although shallow, that will open fully and show its center. One of two hot pink David Austin roses, Darcey is smaller than Kate, and a deeper magenta-crimson color.
Edith is a large bloom with complex coloring: touches of gold, peach and rose tones all in one bloom. Keira is a perfectly cupped-shape rosette whose petals blend from blush pink to cream to light pink. The perfect pink garden rose, Miranda is a strong and hearty bloom, by far the strongest of the pinks.
Keep in mind that Tess needs a few days to really bloom open, it took 4-5 days for it to open to the stage where I felt it really showed off its full beauty. Tomorrow I will feature the arrangements we created with these beautiful David Austin Garden Roses during the Floral Design Class. January 6, 2015 by Alicia 5 Comments Can you think of a better way to kick off 2015 on Flirty Fleurs blog than with a Rose Color Study?!
Day 9 – Blooms are going strong, but foliage has died and needs to be removed, no blooms are drooping. A special thank you to Florabundance Wholesale for providing these lovely roses for the Blush Study!
Details: Martine Guillot is a true garden rose, grown in the outdoor gardens of Rose Story Farm which is located just outside Santa Barbara, California. Details: More of a lavender blush rose, as opposed to our other more pale pink roses in this study. Details: Great rose for special event work, it opens up large and takes up a lot of space in arrangements!
A HUGE thank you to Florabundance Wholesale for providing all of these roses for the Blush Rose Study. So big that of the 25 stems 3 of the roses snapped due to the pressure of the heads in the wrap. The stems are very, very thorny and take extra time to clean- keep this in mind for processing. Personally it’ll remain my favorite green rose due to its dark, solid green coloring.

The words evoke memories of a beloved grandmother’s garden, filled with soft, show-stopping roses that smelled like heaven.
Twelve cut varieties are bred specifically for floral designers and are available in the North American market, in shades of red, hot pink, pink, peach, yellow, and white. Today on the blog we are featuring the David Austin Garden Roses as part of our Rose Study Series. She’s a lush raspberry hot pink into magenta rose blossom that opens nicely, nearly double the size of Darcey. Significant range of colors in a 12-stem bunch of Keira: some tend to be more pink, some more blush.
Opens to be a very large rose, nearly three inches – the largest of the David Austin cut varieties. The individual shots were kept to a minimum because they just weren’t giving a clear picture of their differences. When processing and prepping for the vase I automatically do a hand-tied spiral in my hand (can’t help it) and what I noticed right away is how nicely these roses create a beautiful, full hand-tied bouquet. The thorns are so thick that my rose stripper wouldn’t work and I had to de-thorn with a knife. I had been looking forward to working with this rose as I’ve heard about it for years! I had to eat my own words of not liking this rose the first few days, now I can see why it is so popular for retail work – long lasting rose! I like this rose, I like the people that grow it – they are consistent with what they grow! When you do place an order for any of these roses I would highly suggest mentioning the actual stem count that you desire to confirm you receive the correct amount!!
I’ve wanted to get my hands on this rose for quite some time, she is such a beauty and there is no other rose quite like her! Like many designers, I feel happy when I hear the words “David Austin Garden Rose”!
This rose is for the designer that likes the unexpected and likes some whimsy in their designs as there is a range in the bloom size and each petal can have a different tone of blush.
Highly recommend adding it if your client would like an arrangement with a garden feel, including a true rose scent!
Please give them a call if you’d like to order and have any of these roses shipped directly to you!
They’re readily available at any grocery store flower department, come in a huge variety of colours, and last an absolute eternity if you care for them properly. While in the pictures it looks to be the same size as the Lemonade Rose, I would say that Green Tea is a smidgen smaller and the stem is more flexible. Nostalgia for these gorgeous, old-fashioned blooms has meant a huge surge in the popularity of garden roses in the bridal market and all signs indicate that they’re here to stay. This particular variety should be kept in the cooler, otherwise it may open to quickly for your event. I think it is best if you look at the roses side-by-side to see the real difference in bloom size and color saturation – the group pictures are at the bottom of this post.

A great Special Event Rose as it’ll take up a lot of room in the design and is a fun, ruffly bloom. This rose is grown by Alexandra Farms, one of my personal favorite farms in Colombia as they are known for their great quality. I’ve heard about Keira (Ausboxer) and have wanted to see this rose in person, sure enough she is quite the little beauty. This rose is also grown by Green Valley (they grow the Pashminas) and really would pair well with the Pashmina in arrangements. No hydrating solutions or flower foods were used and all flowers were kept at room temperature and not in a cooler. I have noticed that if I receive Juliets from Green Valley that they are a darker, warm peach.
I’d suggest keeping her out of the cooler so she can open into a full bloom for your design work. I find it best to let it sit out for a day to hydrate and open up and then I place it in the cooler to keep it at a premium stage.
This is a fantastic rose for event work – a big garden rose which will take up space in arrangements. The blooms are a lovely blend of white that turns to blush pink in the center of the bloom. As you can slightly see in the photo, the outer petal is a very pale pink, but the open blooms on the inside are a brighter pink – they play perfectly with the lighter, blusher pink roses! Very similar in size and shape to Bridal Akito, the main difference is that La Perla has a more cream coloring in the petals with hints of pink in the center. The open blossom is huge, by far the largest in this whole group coming in at up to 6″ wide!
This rose would be good for bridal bouquets as they fall into place nicely next to each other. As with all the green roses, they just don’t seem to change much from day 1, no real blowing open of the bloom. I did speak with Eleanor of David Austin Roses and she informed me that the guard petals should not be removed as they are tougher petals which helps the rose to open to its full cupped garden rose form and prevents the bloom from shattering.
The one slight drawback to this rose is that the petals do tend to tear, perhaps because there are so many petals? Short vase life, best to use in event work and kept in the cooler when not designing with it.
Although I did mention above that I did not use any flower food while processing the roses, Eleanor did mention that they recommend using Chrysal’s Rose Food.
There are a lot of guard petals on this rose that should probably be removed as most were bruised, keep that in mind when calculating time for processing. I like the shape of the blooms, somewhat reminiscent of Finesse roses with its packed petals, the blooms don’t open super wide, but the packed petals give it a very lush look.

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