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I first saw The Secret Garden in a theater completely devoid of people who were not related to me.
Watching the movie for the umpteenth time in preparation for this post, I was reminded again of how phenomenally it was cast. Of course, no adaptation of a beloved childhood classic is perfect, though in my opinion this movie comes fairly close. This entry was posted in Blogger Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla, Books, Children's Literature (all forms), Evaluation of Media. It was written by Caroline Thompson and based on the novel of the same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
According to IMDB, the manor was constructed from several different ruins around England, and the garden was built from scratch.

Mary is so bratty and awful that you feel no sympathy for her and Dickon is relegated to a side character with no warmth or depth. The summer of will be remembered as the time when every child in the world wanted to see "Jurassic Park." You will receive a weekly newsletter of -related tidbits, articles, trailers, Stream The. She has the unique ability to be both stern, imposing, sinister, and in the final moments of the movie, truly sympathetic. The house is looming and creepy, and the garden is a visual delight – who hasn’t wanted to visit that garden? Additionally, the incredibly fake British accents and incorrect period clothing are extremely distracting. It’s basically terrible Fan Fiction that was somehow both published and approved by her estate.

We sat separately from our parents, then switched to a third, still separate location halfway through the movie. Kate Maberly is convincing as both the contrary and entitled brat who comes to Misselthwaite Manor and the spirited, loving girl who flourishes inside the garden.
It was an unforgettable experience for an impressionable young girl, made even more unforgettable by the quality of the movie we were seeing.
October 7, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment A young British girl born and raised in India loses her neglectful parents in an earthquake.

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