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The centerpiece of tonight's dinner is porchetta - roast loin of pork stuffed with rosemary, garlic, and coarse salt.
Our mouths are watering, because we already know how good this aromatic dish can be, having sampled it just this morning at the outdoor market in Montevarchi - an excursion offered by TAT.
Having family roots in Naples, Turin, Genoa, France, and elsewhere, the four cooks of TAT have amassed an array of recipes from diverse regions. The recipes, provided in little booklets each afternoon, are characteristically Italian, with measurements tending towards the simple and intuitive. With the main course and contorni or side dishes under control, it's time to make our appetizer: Neapolitan pizza. To accomplish the delicate task of moving the wafer-thin dough from table to pizza pan, I imitate a neat trick Marisa had demonstrated.
Patricia Thomson is a regular contributor to PASTA and is president of La Dolce Vita Wine Tours. ADAM AND EVE SEED GATHERING MINISTRY - A GO TO THE HIPPOCRATES LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE END OF AGEING FUND RISING SITE!A i»?i»?i»? LINK: TO THE ADAM AND EVE WORD RESEARCH BLOG! There's TAT's four founders: Mimma Ferrando, Lele Vitali, Marisa Forcheri, and Simonetta Palazio - old friends who retired in Tuscany after raising children and working as teachers, social workers, family therapists, and secretaries in such far-flung places as Brussels, Zambia, and the industrial cities of northern Italy. Connie's husband, Marcel, is chopping rosemary with the mezzaluna, rapidly rocking the half-moon blade back and forth over the fragrant herb, cut from a huge bush in the backyard garden.
And while the TAT cooks pride themselves on teaching home-style Italian cooking, they don't necessarily focus on Tuscan dishes.
During our three-day session, we had risotto from Piedmont, pesto from Liguria, pizza margherita from Naples, and crespelle or Italian crepes from Tuscany. Taking the edge of the crust, I roll it up like a carpet around the rolling pin, then gently unspool it into the pan. These stone walls once housed donkeys, cows, rabbits, or other creatures of the farm, while the human occupants lived on the upper floors. We all hug and double-peck everyone's cheeks Italian style, and exchange emails, American style. And indeed, our group contains a retired brick layer, a British BandB owner, an office manager, two cooks, and a journalist. There's also Mimma's sister Franca Gatteschi, who offers a hand in the kitchen when she's not overseeing Podere Ciona, a small wine estate on her property.
But today the room is elegantly set, with red and white ceramic dishes placed on a red brocade tablecloth, and opulent roses everywhere, freshly cut from the garden.
A part-time cook at a vegetarian cafe in Connecticut, Connie Lussier had fumbled the task of separating egg whites several days earlier. The fact that we can peek into several different kitchens over the course of three days is what makes TAT so appealing to all of us and wholly unique among cooking schools in Italy.

Their cousin Franco Lombardi is a retired civil engineer who found a second career as an organic olive oil producer and offers TAT students a fascinating two-hour seminar on this cornerstone of Tuscan cuisine. As we nibbled and slowly weaved our way through the crowd of shoppers, we admired the crates of purple artichokes, red peppers, and tender apricots, huge rounds of aged pecorino cheese, cans of salted anchovies, and bags of biscotti. Meanwhile, Marisa is watching me wield the wide rolling pin and maneuver the crust into a long rectangular shape to fit the pan. Then, following Marisa's instructions, I trim the edges of the crust, coat it with tomato sauce, pour a liberal amount of olive oil over the top, then sprinkle it with dried oregano.
The room echoes with lively conversation and clinking glasses as a procession of courses arrives at the table: velvety risotto with asparagus, tender and savory porchetta, sweet-sour onions, and colorful pepperonata, a slow-cooked melange of red peppers, tomatoes, onions, black olives and capers. The young woman brushing Franco's olive oil on fire-toasted bread is his daughter, Francesca Lombardi, who acts as TAT's behind-the-scenes coordinator.
Using a wooden spoon handle, Lele stabs a hole through the middle of the pork loin, then instructs Marcel to fill it with the herb mixture. We tasted fresh ricotta and stuffed olives fried in batter, and stopped by an old pharmacy with floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves now lined with wines and gourmet goods where we sampled the classic combination of vin santo and cantucci - sweet golden wine from dried grapes and almond cookies for dipping. We gush over Connie's excellent tiramisu, a classic version with ladyfingers soaked in dry Marsala and coffee.
But this time when the eggs are handed over, our teacher shows more mercy than Connie's grinning peers, passing along a plastic egg separator. Add to this the cooks' charming husbands and household pets, and you've got a lively cast of characters dashing on and off stage during the three-day course.
Two of us came away from the market with new mezzalunas, while Linda Wojcik, co-owner and office manager of the natural food shop where Connie works, picked up a wooden gnocchi board.
Earlier, in making the pesto sauce, Simonetta tells us that "The secret is a lot of parmigiano. And when the plates are finally cleared, a small army of etched-glass bottles come out, tempting us with grappa and homemade liquors created from infusions of rose or lemon.
As small as your hand and lined with tiny ridges, it was exactly like the one we'd used the night before to create ribs in the gnocchi so they could better hold the pesto sauce. But being from Piedmont rather than Naples, it's not in his blood the way it is for Marisa, and his crusts end up too thick for my taste.
Taking the red, green, and white of the Italian flag as his inspiration, he used tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella on his pizza and presto!
We obey, and a half hour later, we're sitting on Marisa's patio, gazing at a perfect Tuscan landscape and crunching into a perfectly crisp pizza. As we watch the swallows careen, the talk drifts to the wildlife that inhabits these parts. Morning coo-coos and night owls can be heard from our beds, and deer and wild boar roam the heavy woods that for centuries have attracted hunters.

The local townships have strict laws preserving the wild nature of Chianti's woods, much of which is in private hands. Since each of our hostesses has renovated crumbling farmhouses, they've all had to deal with the reams of red tape that comes with construction.
But every one understands the restrictions on real estate development and unfettered modernization that could wreck the unique character and wild beauty of this region. It is, after all, what has drawn foreign travelers here ever since the Victorian age and lured every one of us - Italian, American, and British - sitting around this table. HE NOW again drowns many of His enemy, as "i" prophesy months back, and since He has drown many in Tonga, and crushed many in Haiti! As when "i" called for a storm Haiti in 2004, and even gave the date, the first time "i" ever asked for a certain day, and 2 months later storm rolled across Haiti on May 26th, the day "i" prophesy. Drowning more than 3000 devil worshiping beings, and on the very date "i" called for it,this is the season of our gathering for His Glory, and our Destiny.A A A 8. Floods of biblical proportions from america, too australia, with great droughts in between. Sun soon again shoots flare's through its center as prophesy back in 2008, and since the sun has shot flares from its surface greater than any before. He now shakes the earth to and fro so too prepare the earth for the Mighty quake of Destiny, too israel, making a great valley where once stood a blasphemous dome on His rock. Earthquakes the black sea as He foretold to me in a Dream, and "i" prophesy and since the volcanoe's beneath the black sea have began to shake, as prophesy by me HIS and your smallest prophet, and gathering Call. These along with many individual signs "i" have spoken to men and wo-men around earth that now come, and are coming! Merely tossed boats onto the shore with His quaking hand, the same in Australia, it had been years since australia had had a tidal wave.
Due to Him, having me speak Ezekiel 13:11, and Ezekiel 13:13, Yea, and O'GREAT HAIL STONE'S SHALL FALL ACROSS THE EARTH IN MANY OF THE SEVEN NATIONS IN WHICH "i" CALL AND GATHER! Hurricane houston Texas, as the Hurricane i prophesy too all last year and 2004, they touched the Bible, after GODS MESSIAH PROCLAIMED , TOUCH MY WORD, AND I WILL MAKE THIS LAND A WASTE LAND!" Isaiah28:2 4. For fear of hitlers wrath, if they refused!" Now this man, JOSEF SCHEUNGRABER ESQ; 90 year old German Hero!" Has been chased and caught and accused of not stopping hitler!" Always during these tribunals, they say, well they could have stopped hitler from killing jews, or any, while knowing the jews themselves did nothing to stop hitler, he said walk to these trains and they did so!" Horrible, but not Josef's Fault!" Josef knew just like the jew, if he said NO, he died!" "So this day, when AMERICAN BUILDING'S ARE BLOWN up with 1000's of innocent, and then even presidents try too get the murders freed, and protecting them!" And while in scotland a murderer who killed 100's on Pam am flight 103, who killed 270 people, innocent people, was freed after 5 years!" And as stated those who have been freed of the muslim, {{ FREED FROM Guamtonimo prison }}that were killing and beheading our soldiers, and then went right back to war against us!"WHILETHIS GERMAN MAN, WHO DID WHAT HIS LEADERS told him to do, and was proved to be near where a massacretook place in Italy, of some men who had killed german soldiers, now receive's the Life sentence he did not deserve!" Why?

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