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It’s the bow-tied, triple-knotted kind of ending for this cast of characters, as we say our final goodbyes to Secret Garden. Meanwhile, Ra-im heads to the bus stop, trailed behind oh-so-conspicuously by Mom’s secretary.
Ra-im just explains obliquely that it was a miracle, and that she and Joo-won have experienced a miracle that can’t be explained by science and medicine. At the same time, Joo-won sits down in a cafe with Jong-soo, who’s called him out for his concession speech. Jong-soo tells Joo-won that he’s always wanted to be a father, an oppa, and a man to Ra-im. The next day Joo-won drives Ra-im somewhere, as he confirms that Oska and Seul have arrived. Oska and Seul gag at the hearts, and Oska retaliates by signing the document like an autograph.
We get a montage of their happy first days as a married couple, taking walks together and staying in together. She calls him Secretary Kim (cute) and tells him that his ending sucks, as he chases her around the room in circles. They go to ask Grandpa for his blessings, but he sides with Mom, saying that they’ll have to get her permission first. Director Park is lamenting his lost job when Joo-won calls, re-hiring him and taking him under his wing. Ra-im announces her married status to the action school, and the guys stare agape, some of them even crying (heh).
Joo-won says he already spoke to Jong-soo, but Jung-hwan’s like, I’m the director now! Oska tells him that he doesn’t care about those things anymore—now, every moment, all this, is what matters to him. Joo-won and Ra-im each do well at work, and enjoy the sleepy exhaustion of being newlyweds. As we watch Ra-im do sit-ups while Joo-won holds her legs (an excuse for him to kiss her, of course) he narrates in voiceover that they spend their days finding out just how immature a man and a woman who are in love can be. They wear MATCHING SPARKLY TRACKSUITS as they play and run around in the snow, and they continue to fight and make up like always. Grandma comes out to greet the kids warmly, but coldly ignores Joo-won and Ra-im, making sure the gate shuts firmly behind her.
Ra-im becomes an action school director herself, echoing Jong-soo’s lines from the first episode to her team of stuntmen. Oska proposes to Seul with a chestnut and then the ring he’s kept for all those years, and tells her that fifteen years have gone by since the beginning, and he plans to never grow up, and remain like this with her forever. Ah-young and Secretary Kim walk along the river, and happen to find the message in a bottle that he had thrown into the ocean on Jeju Island after they had first met. Jong-soo goes to meet a casting director for a project, only to come face to face with Sohn Ye-jin.
She tells him that she happened upon his script that’s been stuck in development hell for the better part of a year, and asks what he thinks of her. Joo-won puts the kid back to sleep with one finger to the forehead (That’s exactly what MY dad used to do!
It starts to snow as she says those last words, and they snuggle as they watch the snow come down. We flashback to thirteen years ago, when Joo-won had gone to the funeral in his hospital gown, and seen Ra-im for the first time.
What I find lacking (besides a satisfying use of the body swap element, grrr) is a true connection to her characters. I found Joo-won’s character very compelling at first, because he was so damaged and flawed and curiously new…but he ended up being SO socially abrasive that he lost me. I have to admit that the latter half of the episode felt like a copy of My Name Is Kim Sam-soon to me, but without the emotional resonance—I LOVE the finale episode of Sam-soon and felt it was a beautiful fit to the drama, but here, it feels tacked-on. As for the drama as a whole: Secret Garden is like Gourmet to me—the loveliness of the packaging totally obscures the ordinariness of the story and the hackneyed plot. Nothing wrong with a simple plot, and certainly, Secret Garden is buoyed by enough other aspects to make it a fun watch. The magical element frustrates me the most because one of the biggest issues in the drama’s plot IS the body-swapping, and yet the drama never defines its magical rules, never explains the purpose, and just leaves us hanging. It’s clear that Dad initiated the swap to save Ra-im from a horrible stunt accident, based on his comments at the Mysterious Garden restaurant and after she misses her audition. The same goes for the amnesia—it happens for no reason, then goes away just as easily at a convenient moment. So I am left to conclude that that magic was utterly pointless, and that makes me feel like Drama jerked me around and toyed with my feelings. HOWEVER, i have to say that this is the first dramabeans recap that i wait for every week, and for episodes 17-20, you don’t even know how many times i refreshed the blog to check if the recaps are up. I think the body swap is incorporated to make the plot more interesting, otherwise, it would just be like any other kdrama out there. Re body swap, perhaps it is necessary so that the hero can prove his love and thus save the heroine.
I think on previous episode, all problems had been solved, so this last episode just a kind of bonus for fans who want Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won being together in the real life, right?
In the morning, in Joo Won’s car, Ra Im was confused where Joo Won was going to take her to.
Oh, Such a romantic scene, no need candle light dinner or even Eifell tower to make a marriage proposal scene become a romantic one like this. When filling out the forms, Joo Won gave Ra Im an understanding that for a while there’s no ceremony for their marriage because Joo Won wanted his mother to attend and give her blessing at that event. Then this wedding register become silly because on a form they fill with ‘lovely’ signature.. Oska and Seul decorated Joo Won’s place for the newlywed couple, the wedding gift for Joo Won and Ra Im. Next, the couple really enjoyed their time together, walking in the snow, lazing in bed, watching the sunset, and reading books in the library… what a perfect happy life! The wise Madam Park gave Ra Im some advice to endure the hard times with her mother in-law, Madam Moon. At their place, when Ra Im said she wanted to meet with Madam Moon, Oska came and said that Madam Moon fainted after getting a copy of Joo Won-Ra Im marriage document. Madam Moon said that Joo Won might be happy for several years, but someday he’ll regret his decision. Then like a professional colleague Madam Moon negotiate about the rights that should be released by Joo Won now since Joo Won not her son anymore.

Since manager Park on Joo Won’s side, then the intention of Oska’s mother to shift Joo Won’s position turned hopeless.
At action school, Ra Im showed her wedding license to her sunbae-deul (seniors) and juniors. Tae Sun became fussy because Oska was busy writing a reply letter to fans instead of practicing since the day after tomorrow was his concert. Back to our newlywed, Ra Im was upset because she got so tired and sleepy when she should be filming that day. Seul also attend to that event, beside seeing Oska singing on the stage, Seul also paid attention to Tae Sun who was looking at Oska singing.
Tae Sun gave Oska for Seul,  so Seul should hold Oska tight, Tae Sun also created a song for her. Back to Joo Won and Ra Im, after the concert there’s no more Oska-oppa, now there’s only Joo Won-oppa for Ra Im. They, Ra Im, Joo Won, and their three children were standing in front of the gate of Madam Moon’s house. Madam Moon opened the gate, welcoming her grandchildren happily but ignoring Joo Won and Ra Im. Finally Ra Im could reached her dream became a martial art director, and strangely she still had the same enemy, that evil director.
And finally after 15 years, Oska proposed Seul with the ring that he used when he proposed Seul for the first time. Our hilarious couple, secretary Kim-Ah Yeong got a miracle because the message in the bottle for Ah Yeong that 5 years before Secretary Kim floated in Jeju island. Ra Im was still curious about what Joo Won meant as a failure to pass on the message for her at dad’s funeral. But after all I hope you like my writing.  Thanks for Rizz, my beloved bestfriend, who has been fixing my lousy writings, without you I wouldn’t be able to finish it all. For us, everyone who keeps coming to our site and gives us comments or critics has become our friend.
She decides to confront him, and hands him a coffee, saying he must be tired following her around in this cold weather.
Joo-won peers over as Ra-im is writing, complaining that she’s writing awfully slowly, when he was totally fast. As they laze around and read (Is it sick that this is the thing I’m most jealous of—that these people have time to laze around and READ?) Joo-won shows her the rewritten ending to The Little Mermaid. It’s a win-win, as Joo-won earns an ally and loses an enemy, and Director Park gets to keep the job he loves. Jong-soo congratulates her and gives her a script to a new project: Sector 7 (another shout-out to a Ha Ji-won vehicle). He makes Oska practice over and over, concerned that his vocal skills aren’t going to top the charts. Tae-sun is the only one who looks on with a heavy heart, as he sighs wistfully, slings a bag over his shoulder, and walks away.
This time he follows her into the elevator for a makeout session, only to be awkwardly interrupted by his entire executive staff. He cried outside and watched over her all day and night, but couldn’t bring himself to go in.
They had met that way, in the wake of her father’s death, only to repeat the same actions over and over again. All the dramatic payoffs actually happened last week, and this week was mostly a happy send-off for all the characters, one by one.
I think this writer’s strengths are in the moments—her dialogue is crisp and witty, and all the butting of heads crackles with humor and dramatic possibilities. Ra-im seemed like she was going to be all spunk, but ended up quite the lackluster heroine, for all the badassery that was initially advertised. In the end I think the show courted the audience a lot like Joo-won courted Ra-im: it wore a bunch of shiny things and then expected us to come running, impressed at all the awesome. I wish the writer had found a way to make a finale that was more organic to THIS show, that felt like it flowed out of the 19 episodes preceding it, but I think she’d run out of steam (and perhaps more importantly, time).
That’s totally not an insult (and I really enjoyed Gourmet), although I know there will be those who take it as one. The acting, for sure, and the chemistry between Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin, which I think was fabulous despite never fully warming to either character.
Joo-won effects his so-called miracle to get her the role anyway, circumventing Dad’s intentions, which I can accept as one of those hand-of-fate motifs that kdramas so love to incorporate. The 21-year-old Joo-won gave me some of my favorite bits of hilarity so I’m fine with the drama taking us there, if only to provide some bubbly fun. I really don’t get it why jb and gf are acting uber sensitive feminists with the drama.
The only thing I really liked about ep 20 was the couple tracksuits lol…they’ll never let us forget about that, will they? She greeted him so kindly and handed over coffee for him.  Secretary Park declared his support for Ra Im and Joo Won, he even cheered Ra Im saying “Soon, everything will be over!” Actually he was already tired being Madam Moon’s watchdog.
Then Joo Won rectified Jong Soo’s statement “I just want to be Gil Ra Im’s man because I only have the ability to do so.
Recalling the love story between Ra Im and Joo Won, Oska realized that any bad memories will lead to the happiness. Grandpa was very surprised and unhappy to hear that news because it was certain that the marriage was without the blessing of Madam Moon. Ra Im said sorry to Grandpa for making all this happen, but Grandpa still didn’t give them blessing.
He was surprised to know that the MV script was the story about their first meeting ten years ago. Tae Sun was a love competitor with a big heart, he knew when to fight and when to give up without hurting anyone. From her chair she wrote a message (like they used to do) for Oska that was true she liked chessnut but not with the cheesecake.
Madam Moon upheld her stance, she still didn’t give her blessing for Joo Won-Ra Im’s marriage, but she received their children as her grandchildren. After having put down Ra Im, Joo Won hugged her from back and they continued  walking together ….
From the outside he saw Ra Im crying but he didn’t dare to enter, he just squatted outside.
She replies that she’ll roll over in her grave before that happens, and Joo-won takes his leave with a heavy sigh.
He takes her inside, asking pointedly that if she wants to run away, it’s her last chance.

He just smiles, asking if there’s anything she wants to do in her last ten minutes before becoming a married woman. He puts out his hand, as he says that there isn’t going to be any flowers, or candles, or even a ring…but will she still become his wife? He promises to remember everything, even the bad stuff, and turn it all into happy memories of how they met, fell in love, broke up, and then got back together. She disowns him as her son, and though she lets him keep his job, she takes back everything else, and tells him to cough up money for the land that his house is on. What’s hilarious is that they cast someone to play the younger her, but Oska plays himself. Oska makes a big heart over his head as he sings, signaling to her that he loves her too, and she cries, holding up her sign in the middle of the audience. On the upside, it wrapped everything up neatly with bows and all, and we got an entire episode of future bliss for all involved. You can really feel the rush job with the awkward cuts between scenes, changing threads without a proper sense of build and flow. But as we see, after she’s in her coma and pronounced very likely brain-dead, Dad still has the magical wherewithal to restore her body, healthy and whole. But couldn’t the drama have cobbled together a reason, any reason, no matter how flimsy, to explain it? I agree with the 2 reviewers that the whole body swap was pointless but it did gave me some cheap laughs especially the way Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won acted on the switch.. Unfortunately, i didn’t enjoy a single moment of it as i kept feeling that the author will pull the rug from under my enjoyment during the last 5minutes.
Although i rooted for her and hope her backbone didn’t pull anymore sudden disappearing acts throughtout the drama, i felt detached as well. He’s only bewitched for a while, the same thing happened when she decided marrying Joo Won’s father.
Ra Im just replied “It’s a miracle”, and of course since Ji Hyun was doctor, she couldn’t believe miracle. Joo Won said if Ra Im want to runaway, do it now, because later she wouldn’t have anymore chance to do so…Huh? She also hoped one day Madam Moon would approve their marriage and came to their wedding ceremony.
That’s why Oska would remember all the memories between him and Seul, the good or the bad ones.
The person who considered that the little mermaid was the greatest love story about mistress!
Joo Won had to pay the rent for his house (since the land belong to Madam Moon), and because Madam Moon only trust Joo Won to run her business, she still needed Joo Won as LOEL CEO.
He also knew that Manager Park was very loyal to the company, but with one condition, manager Park should stop hoping to replace him as CEO, because for Joo Won it’s impossible .
As the good brothers, they warned Joo Won to keep Ra Im happy and didn’t even dare making her hurt and cry. Seeing this incident, Ra Im recalled about Yeong Ah’s last weird dream So this was what that dream meant. I’m so relieved but also so sad, because it means no more things about Joo Won-Ra Im to write.
They sign with matching heart-signatures, the way Ra-im had signed Joo-won’s name when she was in his body. Joo-won accepts the warning this time, but says the next time, he’s gonna tell on them to Ra-im.
She realizes that he genuinely loved Oska, and asks if he can’t stay and be his friend.
May your soul have flowers that bloom, a cool breeze, a shining sun, and…once in a while, a magical rain that falls.
I thought it felt like the finale episode of a drama that has been given a last-minute extension—lots of padding to provide fanservice and fill out the time. So why did he ever initiate the swap in the first place, if his mojo could revive the brain-dead? Instead it just waves its figurative wand o’ hoodoo and makes the inconvenient questions disappear into bubbles with that narrative cure-all, magic. Then, Ra Im talked about body-switch-thing, and absolutely that thing made Ji Hyun more confused. Hwang sunbae asked her if Ra Im was really married to the person-who-making-a lot of-money (Kim Joo Won). It’s because he worried about Oska, Tae Sun didn’t want Oska to look bad in the concert.
Joo Won thereafter finally fainted  with his hand’s position was above Ra Im’s hands. Well that explains a lot, but did it really require us to wait twenty episodes for that explanation?
Hero’s mom struggles with it, causes a shitstorm of trouble to keep them apart, never gets over it. I also noticed that the character of Gil Ra Im was poorly developed but thanks to the excellent performance of Ha Ji Won – she added a different kind of persona to the character which made Gil Ra Im real and vulnerable.
I watched SG just because of Ha Ji-won, and I’m glad she finally has a happy-ending drama. I will definitely rewatch this ep when the subs are available and i’m going to enjoy every damn unsuspenseful moment of it this time! But I think this was more reasonable, compared if suddenly Madame Moon approved their marriage. Is anyone going to be sympathetic for you after all that shrill shouting, for all those episodes? In fact, I enjoyed Secret Garden despite much of its absurdity, shed a few tears, and laughed out loud at its wackier moments.
This drama is meant to incorporate fairy tales, and I think these elements had brought extra dimension into the drama. While avoiding Ra Im, Joo Won just replied ” A man trying to win over a girl will obviously say these things. They were kissing and making out every where, even in the elevator because  Joo Won was no longer afraid to get into the elevator.

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