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We didna€™t make it over to Siegfried and Roya€™s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat until our last trip and when we did we wondered why we hadna€™t had it higher up on our list of things to do in Sin City. As well as being entertainers the duo set up the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat to safeguard the future of endangered species. In their own words: "Long ago, Roy and I realized that everything that happens to this planet is man's responsibility. The cost of visiting all the great attractions Las Vegas has to offer can really add to the cost of your trip. The main purpose of the mini zoo is research and educating visitors including students and teachers about these magnificent animals.

To help keep costs down we usually get a Las Vegas Power Pass With it youa€™ll have access to over 20 attractions, tours, rides etc. The adult tigers paid no attention to the chicken that was wondering around their enclosure. Until the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack in 2003 ended their show at the Mirage Hotel Vegas it was one of the most popular in Sin City.
They were so cute and acted just like puppies tumbling and rolling over each other to get to the red ball he was throwing for them. So we felt compelled to create a safe environment a€“ an environment in which these animals could live in serenity," says Roy.

So we felt compelled to create a safe environment – an environment in which these animals could live in serenity," says Roy. Experience an exotic, enchanting and wondrous world at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.

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