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The Arts & Expression theme for next year's The Secret Garden Party 2013 has been announced as "Superstition". In 2013 the Arts & Expression theme is there to provide inspiration and this year the Secret Garden will be asking festival to join in with exploring their affinity to the supernatural, the inexplicable and the irrational? to indulge the tussle between the left brain's sober analysis and the right's need to conjure it's own reality.
The head gardener says, "Ours is a rational world, where science and mechanics control much of how we live and think.
Next year attendees can pay homage to the power of the number thirteen, leave reason at the Garden gates, search for the four-leaf clover along the path and see where lady luck takes them. Grants are available for artists who wish to submit their creative proposals to the Secret Garden Party 2013.
Last year the Secret Garden Party funded over 40 action camps, games and activities, over 50 art installations and hundreds of performers. Last year saw a record number of festival goers interacting with on site installations, artworks, performances and absurd happenings, all woven between the 17 arenas & stages showcasing over 350 bands across 4 days. There are no acts confirmed yet for The Secret Garden Party held from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July 2013.
The Secret Garden Party held at Mill Hill Field, Abbots Ripton, in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire is a garden-party-gone-crazy.
Tucked discreetly among the upscale shops on West Broadway, this old-world Italian eatery boasts a sizable garden with a maximum capacity of 150 for a seated dinner. With space for 300 this Camden pub boasts ales, lagers, beers, ciders, wine plus BBQs and hog roasts. A decent Good pub that’s got it all; fruit machines, dart boards and a gig venue in the Cellar Bar below. 8 private cabanas and a whole lot of old school picnic tables make this place perfect for groups. Weeping willows and wisteria hang above and all around you in this huge picturesque patio at The Albion.
Keep dry under a covered dining room when the British summer decides to p*ss on our parade or hit-up the outdoor bar on a sunny day. Decking and picnic tables give this place holiday vibes whilst the parked up food truck serves garlic prawns and ribs. Head down an alleyway in Shoreditch and you'll find a mega beer garden, full of drunk media heads and music types lapping up the sunshine and beers.
A favourite with Putney locals, this laurel-hedge enclosed garden has got long boozy evenings written all over it. Right opposite the park, The Rye is where you wanna be (because it's where the booze is at). The Avalon’s back garden is more than just some outside spot for a p*ss-up, obviously it's that as well but with little dens, umbrellas, cushioned areas and tables, it's the perfect spot for all ages (and dog-friendly). Tuck into the full menu or grab a burger from the BBQ, you won't regret it!
A traditional pub with a jokes name, The Gipsy Moth is all about British summertime with its over-spill of outside tables plonked right next to The Cutty Sark. Not that nasty faux-qualification you had to do at school but instead one of Brixton's best kept secrets. Don’t be put off by the slightly damp and dark alleyway you'll need to navigate, an enormous garden awaits you.
A 200 capacity sun-trap hidden off the New Kings Road has its own dedicated bar that mixes up decent cocktails and pulls good pints.

Less beer garden more floral Victorian haven, the al fresco space here is a total oasis to work your way through the botanical cocktail menu.
Not a garden per se this terrace is a bit of an institute for those who play west; it’s brimming with tables and hotties. Tuck into a rotisserie chicken from the Garden Bar and Grill and drink wine, beer, spirits or Champagne. A pretty charming pub with whitewashed walls, a cocktail bar, sweet mismatched furniture, coloured glasses and flowers on the tables. A big-ass pub and a big-ass beer garden complete with lots of places to hide away with a lover, an outdoor BBQ and riverside views. As seen on ‘Bafta award winning’ Made in Chelse expect stylish garden furniture, swinging chairs and comfy pillows surrounded by a whole lot of plants.
A large grass area, pillows, space for picnic blankets, swing chairs and a terrace with a great BBQ and outdoor bar complete with a Tuck Shop - you can count us right in! Hidden in the busy streets of Soho is a whole courtyard at one of BarChick’s favourite gay bars, The Yard. Escape to New York festival wrapped up it’s inaugural art, music and interactive performance party on the Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton, NY also announcing they plan to return next year.
Festivalgoers experienced Escape to New York and Secret Garden Party founder Freddie Fellowes creative vision full of happy surprises and pop-up performances throughout the party. The Garden Party relies on the audience participation to rejuvenate and regenerate each year. Yet many of us feel an instinctive resistance to this world of reason, a primeval attraction to beliefs and actions without logic. Will festival goers be saluting magpies or courting black cats, touching wood or spilling salt, crossing their fingers or breaking mirrors? To ensure that this principle is upheld, Secret Garden Party gives over half of all programming money back to the gardeners, in the form of arts and expression grants.
This allows a reserved ticket for a deposit of ?50; the balance to be paid by 30th April 2013.
As well as music there's loads of activities for kids and adults alike, and it is more of a party experience than a live music festival. Make hay (or a Shandy) while the suns shines and hit one of these banging gardens the only way BarChick knows how; boozily.
With their handy garden bar within stumbling distance, it shouldn’t take long to refresh those empty glasses either. If you want more of a relaxed, and beautiful setting without huge loud groups this is where to hang. They’re big on their beers, have meantime on tap and despite its edge-of-the-city location the crowds a whole lot less rank than you might think. Grab a table on the raised terrace and laugh at the cool kids in London Fields trying to spark up disposable BBQs in the mud. Fresh air-enthusiasts will love the no smoking area. Reserve a table cos this place is always full, cocktails aren't their thing but they do Pimms so why complain? Plants and vines are tangled around the wooden shelter and high tables and stalls and a couple of sofas make this place lovely.

There's a damn fine beer selection, huge heaters and a covered conservatory in case of emergency.
With eleven Thai-style tree houses no less, an enormous 25sqm outdoor film screen and huge wooden tables, there’s space for everyone.
Next to the Tate Modern perch on the patio and ponder the meaning of life as you look over St Paul’s Cathedral and the boats sailing by on a summers evening. I'ts pretty poetic really.
Chilled but filled with groups of boozing mates, this one’s a great spot for a lazy days drinking with pals.
Serious festival vibes, mismatched sofas, board games and oversized lamps; drinking in a beer garden has never been so fun. Not strictly a garden but definitely a great shout when the sun’s out, this spot in Elephant and Castle has got DJs, street food and killer cocktails. Start with a teapot of A Symphony of Peculiar Deliciousness which mixes Hendrick’s Gin, rose infused jasmine tea syrup, Bruittet bergamot liqueur, lychee juice and lime. Enjoy regular tasting sessions with beers both local and further afield in the canalside beer garden.
You can’t hire the whole thing but you can reserve sections, so make sure you do cos this place is gonna get rammed on any sunny day. An al fresco bar in the year-round heated courtyard and another up on the balcony 'loft area', plenty of seating and if you're a planner you can book an area ahead to make sure you get a good spot.
Though the last day of the 3-day party was cancelled due to bad weather, Saturday brought in near capacity crowds for this first time event. Tier one and Tier two have already sold out so gardeners are encouraged to buy now at Tier Three Price.
The only hiccup is that the yard—dotted with blossoming trees and a fountain fashioned from ceramic wine barrels—cannot be tented.
It's primarily a communal garden for local folk to come chill, grow plants and watch the world go by.
They’re rocking some big parties this summer and will keep you warm under heaters and blankets if you haven’t got your cocktail jacket on yet.
All cushions, secluded areas and big tables, it’s perfect whether you’re doing al fresco date night or just a big garden p*ss up. Kick back out here with a dignified one (or three) and then go get inspired by the bar’s namesake and have an adventure-filled time in the treasure land that is Mr Fogg’s! The 18th century terrace has banging views of a post card perfect London: the Thames, London Eye and Houses of Parliament. If it pours, take the party inside altogether; you might want to do this anyway as the night wears on—amplified music is not permitted in the garden. This ain't a rowdy vibe, don't get us in trouble now, but if you have a date, or want to catch up with a pal without the usual raucous crowd, this is where to head.

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