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It’s taken us a few months to get through The Secret Garden, especially since we took a few weeks off from reading.
I thought I would share some of the discussion points we covered while reading The Secret Garden.
Tagged books, discussion questions about the Secret Garden, Homeschool, reading, reading aloud, reading comprehension, reading to kids, reading together, The Secret Garden. Mandatemi anche le vostre citazioni per ingrandire la raccolta, includendo il titolo del drama e il personaggio che pronuncia la battuta.
Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. L'autore non è responsabile per quanto pubblicato dai lettori nei commenti ad ogni post. They are still young, only 4 and 6, however the snuggle time in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is a huge treat to them so they like to listen to bigger books even though there are fewer to no pictures.
Remember, these were points discussed with a 4 year old and a 6 year old, but you can adjust them to use with kids of any age.

Respect and Manners: There are so many wonderful concepts in The Secret Garden, however with any great book, there needs to be conflict.
Ma nonostante questo, non riesco a trovare la parola giusta per definire la nostra relazione. At each reading session we always gave a recap of what was going on, then the girls snuggled in for some reading.
On occasion they would fall asleep, and I would just consider that a need for them to catch a few zzzz’s before dinner. In this case, one of the conflicts the characters need to overcome is a somewhat disagreeable personality, to put it in terms related to the book. Sometimes while we were in the middle of a chapter, and sometimes when we were done reading we stopped to talk about some of the points we had just read about. With our girls we talked about the actions of the kids throughout the book and noted how they changed over time.
It’s amazing what getting into nature can do for you, and the same thing applies to the Secret Garden and how it affects everyone involved.

Just discuss and ask them questions to forward the conversation and enhance their own critical thinking on the subject. This is a fun question to ask the kids about as we read through the book, especially as we get toward the end and Colin is commenting on it frequently. I asked the girls how they would have reacted if they were the character or in a similar situation.
Altrimenti, come cavolo è possibile che ogni momento che passo con questa ragazza ordinaria mi sembri una favola?
There are so many directions you could take this concept, just talk about it and see where the conversation goes.

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