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As many ex-supermodels later admit to, maintaining that high level beauty is very hard work. Age 14: A highschool friend of Adriana’s wants to enter Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” modeling contest, but feels nervous and doesn’t want to enter by herself.
Age 20: First acting role in The Follow, an episode of the excellent short film series The Hire  produced by BMW. Age 21: Lenny Kravitz, somewhat of a playboy, tries to lock down Adriana Lima and proposes to her.
Age 25: Meets Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric and falls in love instantly, tells interviewers that she’s met the One.
Age 27 (Valentines Day): Marries Marko Jaric in small private civil ceremony on Valentine’s day. An enthusiastic Catholic, she goes to church every Sunday and wears a scapular (prayer and a sacred symbol, like a locket) around her neck when not modeling. I know she waited til marriage, but this article says nothing about her struggle to wait or what her level was. But if you have better evidence stating the contrary, link me and I’ll update the article.
While modeling lingerie, etc, is very unusual for someone who is trying to remain pure until marriage, it speaks volumes about her character in a way. Actually I noticed my male friends treat or talk to me differently (in a kinda good way) compared to the other girls (that had many many partners).
Yeah she is a lingerie model but people, seriously, have some respect and admire her for that.
And for people saying she got pregnant quickly, maybe she isn’t on contraception because guess what the church is against that too.
Before she got married, she had dated prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (check their pictures together – drunk and kissing), Danny from the Brazilian Bahia band, Timbalada Group, Lenny Krawitz etc.
Yeah, too catholic not to use contraceptives but not enough, not to get a divorce when the going becomes tough.
Congratulation when, you true choose is wait VIRGEN until get married with you thuth man, I waited 37 year I am so happy for my decitions GOD BLESS YOU!!! Comedy Central rolls out a new half-hour, single-camera comedy called Secret Girlfriend on October 7 at 10:30pm ET. The series stars Derek Miller (Scrubs) and Michael Blaiklock (Hung) as BFFs Phil and Sam, respectively, while the crazy ex is played by Alexis Krause (Ugly Betty) and the latest romantic interest is played by Sara E. That a successful modeling career is more a factor of genetic luck than hard work and character. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not.
She plays a beautiful damsel in distress (and appears alongside Clive Owen, Mickey Rorke, and Forest Whitaker). They are engaged for several months before ending their relationship (for reasons she refuses to talk about).
Becomes official spokesperson for Telcom Italia Mobile, earning her the nickname “Italy’s Catherine-Zeta Jones”. Ranks 99th on Forbes Celebrity 100 (highest paid celebrities in the world), and is the fifth highest-paid supermodel in the world. This is a quality, one interviewer notes, that is atypical of supermodels, New Yorkers, and the wealthy (of which Adriana is all three), who usually arrive late.

Once this site gets a little bigger, I’d like to start chasing down our OWN interviews and see who we can get to talk to us and give us the real scoop. Thats why you dont kiss before marriage or do anything that leads up to it and you should be okay. I bet she was a total slut before getting married, and now Valentina will be as well when she gets older. She is taking advantage of opportunities she receives because she is so beautiful, but isn’t letting any of this go to her head. Shes an amazing gorgeous drop dead beauty and one of the most famous supermodels, makes millions and millions of dollar, also is a great mom and wife.
In the adult world, literally no one cares whether you saved it or not except for maybe parents and the one you’ll marry. I as a female waiter, find it hard to meet guys that actually have strong beliefs in waiting. If she is a Catholic, and values chastity until marriage, then it doesn’t make sense to me that she models sexy lingerie for a living.
Once someone says something a lot of people quickly jump on the bandwagon claiming she is a liar because you all think it can’t possibly be true!
You quickly assume, and as a fellow catholic also waiting until marriage it sickens me that people complain about girls sleeping around but once actually someone waits until marriage everyone loses their minds. She could get an anulment(there was never a marriage in the first place), but after have kids, it’s kind of weird. I’m in a keeper league where you keep 2 players from your last year roster, u loose the draft pick this year as in what rd you picked him last year. But think of how much effort you put into making yourself presentable for a first date or a job interview. In this sense, Adriana Lima is to beauty what Stephen Hawking is to brains, because people have been virtually showering her with beauty contest crowns and modeling contracts since she was 15 years old. The agency likes Adriana’s headshots so much that they accept Adriana into the competition (no word on how the friend fared). She also begins dating Lenny Kravitz (her longtime favorite musician). Watch the BMW short film The Follow with Adriana Lima here. So before you’re so quick to judge a gorgeous girl, who makes more money in a day then you will in your life time, get your facts straight or keep your mouths shut. Eventhough shes been a body of victorias secret for more than a decade now, she stays a humble person. I am happy to see that her career didn’t change her character, and that she was able to weed out low quality people from her life by staying true to her values, limits and wishes. But I must say everyone is different and some people don’t save it and have fine relationships. No one understands that you can be good looking and still be a virgin or that you can be not good looking and be sleazy. Rather, it teaches that the human body was made in the image and likeness of God and that sex between a husband and wife is in many ways a foretaste of the divine.
Its easy for people to look at someone like Adriana and certain others & make assumptions about what they do or do not get up to.
I applaud Adriana in her decision and I think she is a good role model for young girls, especially the ones who are very beautiful. Since she is a Catholic, it would make since that she believes in chastity(no sex before marriage).

I hope she stays a good Catholic though, because divorce with young children is never good. I have lesean McCoy as a 1st rd and Calvin Johnson who also is a 1st rd pick so if I keep them two I’d loose my 1st and 2nd rd picks.
Imagine that kind of meticulous physical preparation, but with a hundred times bigger stakes, fierce competition, and all the time.
She just looked like a slut in those pictures cuz she was wearing pretty skimpy skirts and dresses, and she models lingerie and stuff.
When she’s not posing for photoshoots, she remains someone who is proud to follow God. I already admired Adriana Lima so much before, it’s so great to find out she was successful at waiting until marriage. After reading that i realise its not so unusual (as what i thought) to be a virgin still in your twenties!
So don’t worry, you are a rare jewel in this over-sexualized world and when the right girl comes your way and realizes that, it will be worth the wait. I understand that she does model clothes as well, but if she has good Catholic morals, then why not focus on finding modeling gigs that are more consistent with them?
I’m pretty cute, and I also have been dating a very handsome great guy for almost 3 years. He finds it just silly when you say “sorry I am still virgin” haha he just runs away! I don’t know if it will be until after marriage but for sure only if i love someone and knew he was the one.
Everyone at my college (who had like lost it at ages 15 or 16 had obvious issues and were sleeping around the most) around me were like oh my Gosh ur still a virgin??? Temptation is all around (of course nothing like what Adriana has had i’m sure) but I have still held onto my virginity.
I already have my sights set on someone who has morals i agree with even though we are of different religions.
I have been, and always will be, judgmental (a big personality flaw of mine,) but I am going to try and tone it down a little! The hardest part is deciding in your own mind and choosing to keep your mind from thinking about sex. If you can stand firm in your choice than it’ll be a lot easier to tell the other person that you want to save it. We have way less problems than all my friends relationships that involve sex and living together and such.
I also believe in the personal choice whether to be sexually active or not before marriage because my views are pretty liberal. I mean of course we have problem, but they aren’t so dramatic and there is no baggage really.
Waiting for the right one is a decision thats right for me and thats something i want to do.

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