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Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC has just received its first major wave of bans for players in GTA Online who used mods and cheats in order to gain an unfair advantage. GTA 5 launched on the PC earlier this month, after many different delays and pushbacks from developer Rockstar Games. Immediately after the game's launch, lots of different mods started appearing for GTA 5 on PC, delivering various changes and tweaks to the title.
Now, after having collected various data and reports from players, Rockstar Games has just rolled out the first ban wave for GTA 5 on PC.
The information arrives from many fans on Reddit, and it seems that quite a lot of players who used cheats and trainer programs have been punished by Rockstar.

However, many are also reporting that harmless mods are also triggering bans from the studio's anti-cheating system. More specifically, a popular mod that allowed players to change the field of view beyond the limits imposed by the game is also causing false positives.
Unfortunately, it seems that certain mods that changed only the field of view are also targeted by Rockstar Games.
The title got a pretty smooth launch, and while some errors and problems were encountered by different players, overall, the open-world experience delighted many fans.
Unfortunately, besides these regular mods, various cheats and trainer programs also appeared, allowing many players to start making life difficult for others in the GTA Online multiplayer mode.

The tool uses the same method employed by cheating programs, which is code injection in the game's process.

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