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First of all, the packaging is super cute and they are wrapped up well to make sure they get to you safely. Now, I have to point out that these are synthetic hair and that I would love to have real ones.
Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInWhen I wear extensions, I have to be suuupppeeeerr careful about my leave in. So before I straightened my hair this weekend for my dad’s birthday party, I used a small (in between pea sized and dime sized) amount of product and coated all of my leave out prior to blowing out and straightening. This acts as a barrier for the heat when I am using it and makes my hair uber shiny and frizz free!
Check out Nene’s Secret and you can find them at select beauty supply stores and pretty soon, major drugstores. Secret Extensions are made of an all new Keratin Conditioned Fiber that moves like, feels like, and looks like the real thing. Hair extensions at a salon can cost as much as $500, but you can get Secret Extensions today for just $39.99. I love to wear my Secret Extensions, but sometimes they get tangled and messy because I use a lot of product on them. I use the Michel Mercier Detangler Brush on my Secret Extensions because I find that it does the best job.
2) Once your hair has split the damage is done and will require you to get a hair cut, so protect it by keeping it moisturized. 3) Brushing the hair properly cleanses and stimulates the scalp and distributes your natural oils along the entire hair shaft, which in turn will keep the hair soft and shiny.. 4) Nothing beats the feeling of freshly-washed hair, but many times the thought of blow-drying can be a deterrence. 5) If you are using a straighter to straighten your hair, make sure that you use it carefully and rarely. 9) Don’t EVER dry until your whole head is completely dry – you need to leave in some moisture, so your hair won’t dry out, and become frizzy or damaged. When I first saw them on TV, I thought that I would definitely give them a try because I have always wanted extensions and these ones are pretty inexpensive. Especially because I am wearing wavy extensions and I have to keep my hair straightened, I have to protect and prevent my hair from damage. I use my paddle brush to gently glide the conditioner through and I let it activate with the steam in the shower!

The best part is that secret extensions are available in different colors that perfectly blend in to your hair. Brush your hair, so that you get all of the tangles out before drying and don’t do any unnecessary damage to the hair. Let air dry and run your fingers through the extensions to keep them from being to tangled when they dry. So, I would suggest never doing that because you will lose a lot of hair from your extensions! Smooth locks before washing means less tangles after washing when your hair is wet and at its most fragile. Do NOT rub your hair with the towel as the friction causes split ends, frizzy dryness and generally does a lot of damage.
This is probably one of the most difficult tips to follow, but you will see a difference once you stop using heat on your hair. This is something that I thought was ridiculous, but my hair dresser of 5 years told me that it really is true.
I love doing my friends hair & makeup too, so I thought I would share my favorite things and share pictures of my own work. I’d love to hear what you guys think of them, so please comment below with questions, tips, or experiences. The key for me is to achieve beautiful, frizz free, straight hair BUT I want my hair to curl back up and be free from heat damage. Take them out of the packaging, put them around your neck, and push your hair back with the band like a regular headband. I used to wear Jessica Simpson HairUWear extensions, but those became too expensive for extensions that I don’t wear too often.
I would suggest washing them about every 4 to 6 weeks because they do not receive natural oils like our hair, so they will not need to be cleaned often. Shampoos that lather too much are often overloaded with moisturizing products, which can leave build-up in your hair, making it look and feel dirtier quicker. Before straightening your hair with an iron, make sure that you have dried your hair completely! Instead, gently wrap the towel around your hair and squeeze, like blotting the water out of your hair. You don’t want long hair that is full of split ends, you want healthy strong, and beautiful hair.

Spring Valley – Biotin 5000 mcg, Super Potency, 120 Softgels is great for not only you hair, but it also promotes healthy skin and nail growth.
You don’t want rubber bands to damage your hair and ruin all the progress that you have made.
If you massage your scalp for just a few minutes in the shower it will increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. They come in such a wide variety of colors, that there is no way you won’t be able to find a match. On this blog I feature reviews on makeup, haircare, nailcare, skincare and wellbeing products, as well as fashion and personal product favorites. I also like to run my fingers through my Secret Extensions so that I can easily detangle them again once they dry.
The good news is that when your hair dries naturally it’s much stronger than when a blow dryer is used. This will help you to maintain your hairs natural oils, which will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.
I like to braid it before I go to sleep, or spray it with Sea Salt Spray so I wake up with beachy waves the next morning. They are invisible hair extensions that give your hair thick and natural looking volume and length in seconds. I have tried the other no tangle brushes (thin and normal hair brushes) and they did not work as well for me. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, 4-Ounce Bottle works the best for all hair types and it smells fantastic! However, if you have acne prone skin, I wouldn’t suggest it because it can cause breakouts. I like Secret Extensions as a cheaper everyday set of extensions and I like Luxy Hair as a more expensive set for special occasions.

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