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After a few years, however, I soon had students and postdoctoral fellows and no longer spent time in the lab.
A big lab is considered to be a sign of success, but you lose what you originally wanted to do, which was to work in the lab. I think it’s great that there are now courses to train graduate students on how to manage their own laboratories.
COMMENTS:I didn't notice it much at the time, but I found the transition to supervising a laboratory rather easy--I had done it all before! After 109 posts, over 3 million visitors, and 26 lunches we have achieved the high mark of our first anniversary.Yes lunch clubbers when we reflect on the last year let me share some of the highlights. In one episode called "Branch Wars" Pam, Oscar and Toby have formed a very exclusive club that meets once a month called The Finer Things Club. Same idea here, Joel and I will meet bi-weekly discussing Bigfoot at different vegetarian buffets in Portland, Oregon.
Are 12 Step Evangelists looking to "Predicting and Preventing Patient Suicide" when on a 12 Step call at hospitals? IAYPAA - Iowa Young People in AA Friday, June 24 - Sunday, June 26, 2016 - teaching new prospect hunters where to look. Has anything in Alcoholics Anonymous changed since the September 19, 1964 Saturday Evening Post article by Dr. Washington Post Article Bashes the tactics of AA Oldtimers who bait Younger Members to develop self-fulfilling prophecies.
Today’s question from Rolf Ankermann to all the visiting AA members is simply this; what, if anything, in the Twelve Steps enables or teaches people how to STOP drinking? Residents of Capistrano (Capo) Beach, Dana Point, Orange County California have had it with the 20 Sober Homes in their neighborhood and 40 of them showed up at a City Council meeting in Nov. What the picture doesn't show is that these two gentlemen are proctologists, who are "Friends of the Dr.
Now that local governments have little money and many people have been laid off from work, the question arises as to what we can do locally to mitigate the situation--peak oil and recession in general. Another issue that has been mentioned at The Oil Drum is the need for more attention to the population issue, and better publicity of the need for family planning. Another idea that comes to mind is setting up some sort of program for bartering services--perhaps accounting services in return for baby sitting, or piano lessons for swimming lessons. I just read about a depression organization that did a point system trade for good and visa versa.
In a related note if you volunteer for a day then Disney will give you a free day pass for one of its theme parks. I wonder if we are headed to a world were the cooperate will ask the public to do civic related work in order to keep us busy until a new civic order can be established.
Now that local governments have little money and many people have been laid off from work, the question arises as to what we stop doing locally to mitigate the situation--peak oil and recession in general. Exactly - what can make the biggest impact is what you "stop doing", or a general behavior of not doing, slowing down the frantic pace of consumption. I live in a fairly slow paced semi-rural community already, and its always a shock to go visit relatives in the city. One of the skills I would list as being useful is just to be comfortable in your own skin, with nothing going on but the thoughts in your own head, and no hurry about them. My city does not - but using the SF as an outline I hope to see if there can be one created independently. Sorry about all of the posting - much of what adaptation efforts need to be done are being done - just not on the scale nor scope they need to be in the future. Imagine a small group of volunteers overwhelmed with a whole bunch people wanting to get involved. This is why I am not a doomer - I know the problem we face is scaling up the solutions we already have. What I am talking about is not taking used soda drink cans and making them into more soda cans. Recently, I got an electric Lawn Mower (which I'm scrapping for the motor and batteries), and have done similar with a few Treadmills, which have some terrific hardware on them. Also, our Habitat for Humanity has a 'ReStore', which makes money for Habitat by selling Donated Household and construction materials.. Freecycle and ebay are widely used in my (wealthy) village in the UK to reuse goods that are no longer required by the original owner.
According to The New York Times, unsold clothes from the two retailers were found destroyed in garbage bags outside the H&M store on 34th Street east of Sixth Avenue, and in the nearby 35th Street Walmart. I waa once given the job of smashing a large warehouse cart full of toasters, fans, hair dryers, and other assorted electrical goods returned to a store where I worked a few weeks.The boss had to write it off as not worth anything although most of it actually worked or needed only a very minor repair such as reattaching the cord, etc. You can learn an awful lot about the business world by taking temporary jobs for a week or two just to see what's going on.I look at this as getting paid by a sucker to go to a hands on school for ten days or so.
I guess in ten or fifteen years when I put some little tyke on my knee and tell him about the good old days when premium gasoline was thirty five cents a gallon, and you had a car that would lay rubber for a hundred feet with both back wheels and go over a hundred mph in less than a quarter of a mile and you could get a job instantly almost anywhere if you were sober and could say yes sir and no sir in response to a few questions-well I guess the little fellow will think Ole Unca Mac has just totally lost his last few marbles. I wonder if there is any data on what % of merchandise (stuff) goes to landfills without ever being used? We have "scavengers" that roam the alleys in pickups, collecting anything left out by the trash bins. That's beside the "grocery-cart" collectors that roam around searching trash bins for anything saleable, such as aluminum cans. I think its partly the mark of an insanely competitive society, where what a store can't make money on must be destroyed lest someone else gain from it, or what a person can't use is locked away, so that its value can't benefit another. Haven't been able to use freecycle as much as I'd hoped but Craig's List works well for me and is a huge hit in our area.
We answered an ad for firewood to be collected from a back yard after the local utility was done clearing right-of-way there, and it turned out to be eleven full pickup truck loads, pre-cut.
One thing I would like to see locally is an ordinance requiring all gas stations and take out restaurants to provide free tap water, and tax bottled water. The way things are shaping up, the paranoia of Matt Savinar, Jim Kunstler, Michael Ruppert and others might be justified after all. Things aren't going well, but I would hope there would be more positive things we could do. I like this approach very much and am in the process of expanding my network of people with whom I can do this myself.
Another thing I'm involved with, and this is in the beginning stages, is starting a co-op for people involved in the PV and solar business in my area, there are a group of us all with different professional skill sets that we could possibly pool, share and help each other out.
I'm not much in favor of guns and arming myself, I have a very short fuse if directly confronted or if I catch someone stealing from me.
Running out of ammo should never be a problem- I have been using out of the same box for many years as far as deterence goes, having fired off only a handful of rounds to convince people they would be better off elsewhere-as out of my sight if I caught them doing donuts in my field with a 4wd truck.I didn't actually shoot AT them but they had no way of knowing that of course.
A gun is a tool.Hitting a target might be moderately difficult depending on the circumstances, but missing on purpose is as easy as not hitting a tree with your car. Quite right, you only have to look at Canada, less gun ownership equals less people getting shot. Personally I think it is a trivial nonsence, that said so are my attempts to set up community power and forest garden projects. The important thing is to do something IMHO even if you fall flat on your face or achieve nothing.
Reasons, it might give someone else with more ability or clout the idea to do it better or different. Plus flogging the Peak everything EROI theory will have more weight if you are seen to be spending your time doing community work on a Peak rationale. The most dreadful reality that everyone will have to face up to is food shortages and declining population.

I know that ideas around of guns, ammo, and militias are not particular popular on this board, but the idea of a 'freeman militia' goes way back in Anglo history. If centralized Federal power weakens drastically, armed villages may be able to defend themselves against gangs and pillagers. Along those lines, there are often volunteer 'Search and Rescues' teams you can join or support in the West. I think Dmitry Orlav has suggested that young men may sell "security" on a monthly basis to residents--sort of replacing local police, and making a profit for themselves.
Well if I remember history right, our fore fathers survived because they had guns and guts. Do you really think that if the world crashes that it will be easerier for us than it was for your great great grandparents? Lets realistic we will need to protect our own and work with our neighbors if we are to prosper in the difficult times ahead. Either that or they had skills and knowledge that made them more valuable alive than what their ammo cache and food stockpile was worth. But you must remember that sligs,buckshot, and any rifle cartridge are dangerous at long ranges.
If you buy a break down , bolt action , or pump gun built by any old line well known manufacturer, store it in a dry place, keep it clean, and lube it properly , the odds are at least a thousand to one in your favor that it will fire at least four or five thousand rounds over the next hundred years without needing a single repair of any kind. Semi automatic weapons are not nearly so reliable but the chances that one from a reputable manufacturer,properly cared for, will let you down is miniscule indeed. Speaking of being over powered was a little shocked at our company's New Years eve luncheon in the conference our office manager showed off a new .44 mag he was given in case "something happened". Unfortunately a lot of male feel the need to possess and use excessivley powerful weapons-I guess it makes them feel virile, and I suppose the possession and use of such a weapon in a totally Mad Max situation would actually enable one to attract nubile young women -or to capture them, which although morally repugnant to people in this day and time was considered par for the course a few generations back in many places. If that guy fires his hand cannon in his office because somebody threatens or assualts him the bullet may penetrate three or four partition walls and kill his secretary or boss.Such hand guns are useful in grizzly bear country and maybe in an outright fire fight but they are too big and to heavy to carry, especially concealed.
If you are attacked by a meth crazed wild man one or two shots, any caliber, even a twenty two, will put any man on the ground in five or ten seconds, usually less. I've thought about the prospect of corraling more then one of those nubiles should we enter a Mad Max world. I do not understand why anyone would purchase a firearm if they are not emotionally capable of using it.
You should not run out of ammunition, assuming you start with a few thousand rounds that should last you through any sort of civil unrest.
Sounds like a plan but for most folks that will not be possible so just moving to a small town and growing your own may be a good start. If they whisper, "I've got six-months of freeze-dried, how much do you have?" you can also safely discuss gasoline shortages with them.
Previous Open Your Minds SA (OYMSA) investigations have uncovered that Nelson Mandela is a Freemason, as was Oliver Tambo. Thankfully OYMSA have not been asleep at their desks and have now exposed the dastardly intentions of the Cape Town nightlife institution. The Berolsky family, who own the Assembly can only claim to be 50% Jewish and 50% Portuguese but with all that olive skin and curly hair we can excuse the oversight on behalf of OYMSA. In a remarkably candid interview with Mahala, Sascha Berolsky admitted that his grandfather had indeed tried to take over the world by selling formal work shirts while his father had continued the family’s maniacal quest for global domination, on behalf of the elders of Zion (and Lisbon), by owning a record store in Johannesburg. Most “civilians” remain clueless as to what they witnessed even though it happened right in front of them – seeing nothing more than a stone-faced soldier or Marine at attention quietly facing a commanding officer, politician, or at best a nation’s President, before reaching out firmly to shake hands.
And just like that the longstanding military tradition of giving away a “challenge coin” is over in the blink of an eye. News photographers find it nearly impossible to catch a coin in mid-flight and not many can claim those bragging rights. No one can accurately identify when or where the practice of carrying them was born but with certainty almost anyone wearing a military uniform today would be able to produce one immediately when challenged while drinking inside an NCO, or Officer’s club on any post, base, or camp around the world. Collecting is eagerly pursued by most anyone today, especially in official Washington DC, where coins seem to have replaced the business card. The two Secret Service coins toughest to score are the “CAT” coin (Counter Assault Team) with the menacing paw on the front side and the “Counter Sniper Team” coin featuring a rifle’s scope cross hairs built inside a clear plastic window – prized trophies for varsity collectors.
Also at the top of a serious wish list are coins from military units, supporting either of the aircraft the president flies aboard; Air Force One and Marine One.
But not all coins are created equal and only one wears the king’s crown and that’s the rarest coin to get – the Presidential coin! We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. It’s a lot cheaper to give someone a shiny trinket than to provide them with the physical and mental health care they need.
Yes yes yes…very objective submission, one very much yearning for the acclaimed, lofty heights of High School Journalism. You see…I even took the time to read it, comparatively narrate its meaning to that of others and find babbling to be the main source of action informed within. You see…you can already think of at least a few ulterior motives behind this apparent story. Perhaps schools without work plans should institute a similar program to give such experience to people receiving support under the various kinds of Work Study programs now in existence at many colleges. As we all know the biggest news was the Georgia hoax.Before we go to the chart below I would like to present a link to our first post Since then we have come quite a ways. People (including myself) have predicted that recession would go with peak oil--whether this particular recession is a result of peak oil can be debated, but we still need to do something, money or no money.
Another is finding ways to better reuse products that have already been produced, through something like a planned community "garage sale" program or consignment sale program. While this idea is not likely to be popular with elected officials, it seems like it might be something volunteers could do through community groups.
Or it might be that individuals could offer free lessons on a topic that might be helpful, such as gardening, as a community service. My favorite question for local candidates is: "How old is planet earth?" Our current batch of commisioners refused to answer this question (and approved new FSPs for law enforcement). Having been burned out on a lot of volunteer activist groups, this is something different and fun, and it could work. Some things may not scale but a slower paced, more actively civic minded lifestyle to an aging population is not a hard sell. I am talking about the many things that our society throws away before they end their useful lifetime--toys, clothes, dishes, etc. Our transfer station has posted rules about not removing anything, but people still set usable things aside in case someone comes along that may need them. Furniture, appliances, bedding, clothing, construction materials, basically anything unwanted, with resale or reuse value. Also we've gotten free windows for remodeling the potting shed and making solar dehydrators, a nice couch, and a huge wooden cabinet for the food storage cellar. I have been held up at gun point and been mugged as well, I still don't think that works for me. If this could be organized in such a way that it would work as intended--not a shakedown--that would be best. Putting a loaded weapon in the hands of a person not emotionally ready to take a life is worse then being unarmed.
If they are not capable of doing that, they have no business owning firearms as they are only a liability.
If you are getting into gun battles and going through hundreds of rounds of ammunition, you are doing something wrong and probably going to end up dead. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them.

But for heaven's sake, do not mention peak oil unless someone has given you the secret handshake first. And finally, thanks to some excellent investigative work from the Facebook Group Open Your Minds SA, the Assembly in Cape Town has been exposed as a front for the Illuminati. Mandela acquired power at the helm of the South African government by arrangement with the heads of the llluminati’s Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Oppenheimer dynasties.
The Assembly have long been using triangles and other sacred symbols to brainwash their regular crowd of Southern Suburbs hipsters, but to what end? Besides, the Berolsky family also owns and runs two restaurants in the city, which is pretty bonafide Jewish behaviour. A small, shiny medallion riding inside the palm of one hand and seamlessly ending up in the other; similar to the practice of slipping the folded $20 dollar bill to the maitre d’ on date night. However, Reuters senior photographer Jason Reed beat the long odds and froze two with his camera last June while on assignment in the dangerous dust of a hot patch of Afghanistan. Once a coin is loudly slapped down onto the bar, folklore demands everyone else must quickly answer that call by slapping down their own coin or pay the price and buy drinks – and lots of them.
Anyone working in the nation’s capital “who is anybody” has designed their own to pass out.
That keepsake originates from only one place on earth – the right palm of the man occupying the Oval Office at the White House. I realized owning that coin made me an imposter compared to those returning home from combat so I found a home more deserving. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. Challenge coins are an interesting topic… I actually found this infographic on the history of challenge coins, pretty cool graphic if anyone is interested!
I personally met the president on behalf of my brother Deon Josephs and I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving a challenger coin from the president himself!!! Although we endured the peak of August 15th -- the official press release of the Georgian Hoax. When Cain saw that Abel's pleased God whereas his did not, Cain murdered his brother out of jealousy.
That's us above in the secret handshake--every club needs a secret handshake, even a Bigfoot Researcher's Lunch Club.
What is really being done in communities, particularly that is low budget and that deals with the real situation we are in now? At H&M, they'd been slashed by a box cutter, rendering a bunch of fiber-filled coats unwearable.
There will always be bullets just make sure you have a common type of gun so bullets will be available.
A pump action is probably best, though a double barrel break action has fewer moving parts to replace.
The last thing you want to do is grapple with someone over your gun because you were too hesitant. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim. We knew there was something fishy about all those triangles, the heavy bass and those damn lazers. A coin forever worthy on the mantle above the home fires alongside military medals, other unit coins and glowing citations reminding future generations of the personal victories of a distant relative during adventurous times. Secret Service easily monopolizes the “cool” factor because of its many different job specialties with a separate coin for each special division protecting the president.
He enjoys giving it more than the other does receiving it and he always ends the handshake with an electric smile. If one was to say that this election cycle had nothing to do with this article, would that not be a symptom of stupidity??? Calling it a news article is more to the point stretching the credible nature of what news is…perhaps. I suddenly realized that I really liked dealing with things, rather than with people, which I would be doing as a doctor. Yes, but you have to get used to it, and a little training in administration and dealing with people would have helped.
My sophomore to senior years I was the equivalent of a Teaching Assistant, and the senior year I was also responsible for all equipment and reagent inventory maintenance and ordering for everything in the chemistry department. We scooped most media by posting the news July 30th.As you can see though, news traveled slow for the rest of the world, bigfoot related searches and news media mentions waited a full 15 days. Additionally, shotguns hulls can be reloaded fairly cheaply and almost indefinitely (for all practical purposes). If they are capable of using the firearm, I see no reason to handicap them in a time of need. The chances are excellent anyone carrying his coin is combat wounded and probably deserving of it. I enjoyed research and went on to receive my doctoral degree in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.
I always dismissed it as a racist myth, but when asked, he just smiled and said there may be some truth to it. Different local government agencies which could use a new hand or support, which can offer some level of training and organization.
The FBI recommends at least 12 inches of penetration, they learned that after the FBI Miami shootout. Military tradition suggests all those currently serving to carry one at all times, helping to build morale and promote camaraderie. Shane not only lost both his legs while serving in Iraq but suffers from traumatic brain injury. As soon as our owner returns from holiday I'll try to have a very diplomatic chat with him and explain why it was a very bad idea on so many levels. I recently replaced a lower quality AR-15 with a Colt 6920, I wouldn't use anything for self defense that I could not trust my life to. I was not a big fan of him up until April 9th when I saw for myself that he truly did care about what happened.
5.56 will go through walls, but so will most pistol cartridges as well, might as well be able to bring more firepower if you can. I asked him where he dwelt and he replied that he had no home, that he was a wanderer in the earth and traveled to and fro.
He said he was a very miserable creature, that he had earnestly sought death during his sojourn upon the earth, but that he could not die, and his mission was to destroy the souls of men. 127-128.)Another recent publishing of this connection is a fictional book that uses the Folklore as a jumping point. Here is his book as described by himClan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot is a newly published book that offers a different dimension to the Bigfoot mystery.
A recently uncovered document reveals a possible connection between the origins of the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and Bigfoot. Searching through the archives of historical church documents the author; Shane Lester uncovered an extraordinary story that becomes the foundation of a new theory about the origins of Bigfoot.
There are a few more sensational press Bigfoot has recieved lately, which I will be posting in the next few days.

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