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The Runes of the East's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window.
The Runes of the Norsemen's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. The Runes of the Norsemen costume pieces are a tad better than normal tier 4 PvE gear and were the best armor in the game before tier 5 was released. The Runes of the Norsemen costume pieces are so far the only armor pieces which neither drop nor can be bought at a vendor. By admin September 26, 2010 Leave a Comment Runes are the sacred symbols of the Teutonic tribes, and in the past, a whole system of philosophy and magic was based on them. Runic divination has affinity towards all forecasting methods which rely on the symbols to stimulate latent clairvoyancy into activity.

From the total of 25 runes, 13 tell of the important cycles of self-transformation: Ansuz, Othila, Uruz, Perth, Nauthiz, Inguz, Kano, Berkana, Ehwaz, Hagalaz, Raido, Thurisaz, and Dagaz. In ancient times, it was customary to call on to one of the Gods, guardians of the runes, Odin or Freyja, to ask that the runes give a correct answer and helpful advice.
The first runes were engraved in stone or wood, and that’s why the symbols are so characteristically angular in shape. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player. They must be made at an R&D station from Codices found in eight player tier 4 operations of the Hand of Fate DLC. Runes were used in rituals for calling on to the higher forces and to predict the future outcomes of important events, such as harvests or battles.

A rune in reverse position does not have to be a bad sign, only a hint of a new challenge, or a possible warning (like a retrograde planet in astrology).
Teutonic shamans postulated nine cosmic forces which were identified with Sun and Moon, five planets visible to the human eye, and North and South moon nodes.
The cloth used for rune-casting must be of one color, and traditionally, white color is used.

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