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Together with a smaller selection of full-color designs once used in wallpaper, tapestries and other domestic accessories, the handsome motifs offer a vast storehouse of ideas.
Please contact the content providers to delete copyright contents if any and email us, we'll remove relevant links or contents immediately. Drawing on his considerable experience in tournament play, International Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan shows players how to apply flexible strategic principles to every part of their game. Even within the Vatican's own walls there is no individual who has an overall view of its infinitely ramified financial operations.
Using Seirawan's simple and effective planning and analysis techniques, they will enter each game with confidence and energy, ready to play forcefully and intelligently--the way they need to play so they can win every time!

In The Vatican Empire, Nino Lo Bello, a former Rome correspondent for Business Week, presents the first comprehensive and authoritative report on the Vatican as a nerve center of high finance. Learn to: Knock opponents off balance with bold opening moves Formulate an overall game strategy before the middle game Interpret the motivation behind an opponent's every move Position for a winning endgame Diagrams throughout the book illustrate game positions, and readers wi'll meet history's greatest chess strategies--learning from them move by move! Bello describes in fascinating detail Vatican investments in real estate - one third of Rome is owned by the Holy See - electronics, plastics, airlines, and chemical and engineering firms. He also gives evidence that the Vatican is heavily involved in Italian banking and that it has huge deposits in foreign banks. Many of these are in Swwitzerland, since the Vatican financiers prefer numbered Swiss accounts where annonymity is maintained and where they can gain control of foreign corporations far from the public eye.

Although written in the objective, non-sensational style of the newsman, this is a book that finally demonstrates the depth of the Vatican's commitment to the world of big business.

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