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Crime investigators Jess (Julia Roberts) and Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are called to investigate a dead body found in a dumpster. Julia Roberts and Nicole kidman are playing the leads in a dark film about the inner workings and intense struggles that investigators can face in the line of duty. In the film Roberts takes on the role of Jess, an up and coming investigative agent for the FBI.
Julia Roberts comes onto the projects with an Oscar under her belt along with a great story from early stages of production. Secret in Their Eyes will be on the must see list for anyone aiming to see all of the movies in the Oscar run but will also certainly be worthwhile to anyone looking for a good movie.
A tight-knit team of FBI investigators, along with their district attorney supervisor, are suddenly torn apart when they discover that one of their own teenage daughters has been brutally murdered. When they arrive at the crime scene, they are horrified to discover that the teenage girl who has been brutally murdered is Jess' daughter. Thirteen years later, Ray has a new lead and tracks down the suspect, but Jess wants to serve justice her own way. The story backing Secret in Their Eyes is dark, disturbing, and pulls upon a chord of fear that almost everyone has. This sort of event is a special kind of boogeyman because it is an unlikely worst case scenario. It is important to know that while this film is sure to put its own unique stamp on the story, it is actually based on an Argentine film from 2009 of the same name.
The scene where she finds her daughter in the dumpster is of utmost importance to the film because it essentially defines Robert’s character and explains many of her motivations.

After the filming was done Ray approached Roberts and thanked her for her performance, saying that as a fellow human being he could not ask her to do what she had done another time. Kidman has been nominated for two Oscars and took one home for best actress through her role in The Hours .
There is sure to be plenty of emotion, hope, and twists with this interesting take on the standard cold case narrative.
I’m not spoiling too much of the plot by telling you what kicks the movie off because it is revealed in the trailer, along with the fact that the movie is going to be gruesome and heart-wrenching.
Returning home only to find that a loved one has been kidnapped or worse is a fear that many people imagine when out of contact with those they care about but are usually able to shake off, for the most part. Secret in Their Eyes truly kicks off when a new clue to the case appears 13 years after the fact. The movie has yet to be released to critics for review but expectations are very high. That film was awarded an Oscar for its quality and has left the team with a high benchmark to aim for. The emotional and practical weight that surrounds the scene is massive and Julia Roberts had a stroke of acting genius during filming, according to reports. Getting into the headspace necessary to give a good depiction of a mother confronting a nightmare can not be easy, and to do it on your first try is commendable. It also provides a rare opportunity to compare and contrast an example of American cinema crafted by top tier actors and actress with the work of a South American team of equal quality.
It’s a splinter fear one that does not seem very real or pressing because it is so unlikely, but it is always way in the bag nagging just slightly.
Huge amounts of confidence and anticipation surround the film because of its top tier cast and the excellent track records of the people involved.

The director asked for a second take just for insurance purposes and some extra material incase editing became necessary. You’re not supposed to be human.” Hearing about chemistry and high spirits on any movie set is always reassuring because it belies a healthy working atmosphere and happy working conditions almost always serve as a hint of great creative work to come. Chiwetel Ejiofor is perhaps not as well known as Kidman but he has been equally successful and impressive throughout his film career. Secret in Their Eyes promises to leave anyone who sees it shocked and a little disturbed but will hopefully smooth out the deep catharsis with stellar acting and excellent writing. Apparently her second take was even better the first and director Ray wrapped up shooting the scene directly after the second take.
Cohesion among the cast is important to every move and the same holds especially true for Secret in Their Eyes because it is relying largely on an impeccable cast to do the story justice both as a remake and as its own film. He gained recent attention and an Oscar nomination as best actor with 2013’s 12 Years a Slave . The film has much to prove given its counterpart’s success but has a team more than capable of living up to its expectations.

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