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Credo Mutwa, Zulu shaman, with his wife Virginia, in Kuruman (Northern Cape province, South Africa). Standing in the background are, from left to right : Willem de Swart, Michael Tellinger and Mike van Niekerk.
The High Priestess card is linked to the Tower of Destruction Tarot card, which is ruled by Mars, god of war. As every Tarot card has two meanings that are negations of each other, we will call this card Devil-Christ. This means that the High Priestess is in direct contact with the conflicted mind, which is symbolised by Mars. As this card is connected to Capricorn or the Devil, which means knowledge, it means that the lineage of offspring (bloodline) is associated with knowledge.

But the link is part of the universal solution of all things, represented by the equation 3 + 17 = 20. In the Bible, we find these ideas combined in the story of the Devil taking Christ to the top of the temple and showing him all the kingdoms of the Earth. But cats, in universal sympathy with Mars, are symbolic of hunters of spiritual power, not hunters of meaningless bodies. So physical cats hunting other physical bodies are cats that have have fallen victim to the Ego Mind's insanity. In Genesis 3, Eve, symbol of the Empress (mother), gazed at the Tree of Knowledge and saw that its fruit was good and desirable to make one wise. But you can drive yourself nuts in the belief that they are controlling you, if you want to.

Another interesting way that this card connects to the Empress card is through the word 'seed'. The illusion of their ability to manipulate people is the insanity of contradiction playing itself out in the physical world. Capricorn means 'eye (see)' and if we combine them we get 'seed', source of plants, a symbol that is associated with the Empress.

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