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Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. Back in the present, Amy's still stuck in the hospital, miserable and cranky as ever—so cranky, in fact, that she sends Ricky out to the Dairy Shack to get her a burger. Back in the now, Alice and Henry are IMing on laptops in the hospital waiting room, just like they were doing the summer before freshman year (minus the hospital waiting room). As Ashley and Ricky wait in the hospital for Amy to finally give birth (and to name that baby), Ricky asks Ashley to be nice to him—'cause everyone who sees Amy in pain must be hating him, and he needs a friend. Samuel Scott, Trip Pony (Priya Sami) and Randa (Mainard Larkin) Photo: Yadana SawThe artist currently known as Samuel Scott, Sam Scott, Samuel F. Scott explores the world of band names and pseudonyms, picking the brains of artists to see how other people fret over what to call themselves, and finds himself humbled at the complex struggles many artists go through. From gender-queer hip hop sensation Randa to NZ rock icons Shihad and their unhappy time as Pacifier, The Secret Life Of Band Names is not about finding a quirky name to put on your poster, it’s a story of identity, self, and how musicians see themselves, hide themselves and reveal themselves. Celebrating the music industry people who work back stage, or on the other side of the glass… the tireless support crew who assist the artists to perform and release music, or just ensure they turn up on time! Greg Guillemin is a French illustrator who works on graphic design and comic character illustrations. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies!
In a clip exclusive to THR, the two revisit the past in an effort to move forward with their future together. After Ricky tries to tell Amy that she's changed a lot in the past three years, he hoped that the revisit to the past would ignite their future. Brushing on a broader canvas than previous albums, the wide collection of sounds and grooves here are some The Sunnie's best to date.

We're suddenly there on the very first day of band camp circa 2008, where a younger and NOT pregnant Amy first catches sight of Ricky out on the high school field. Ricky approaches Amy in the lunchroom to ask if she'd like to hang out, then promises to watch her play later that night—she's the freshman soloist.
Ben tries to do something nice for Amy by bringing her a Kobe beef burger (fancy!), but she rejects it. Cue flashback to another band-camp moment, where Ricky's subtly hinting to Amy that what he's REALLY looking for is a girlfriend—and it takes every last cool bone in Amy's body for her to stay calm. Those in related creative industries, such as album cover and tour poster designers, instrument makers, music teachers, and the composers of music for big and small screens. Seeing them on the television completes our day and it seems that we have that desire to be like them in some way. She's so thrown off, she forgets to make a turn in the marching-band formation, which prompts him to laugh and wave at her. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren are at Grant High for orientation, where they first catch sight of Jack and Grace. When we see Grace in the present day, Tom's grilling her about what happened between her and Jack at the baby shower. We figure out that the two cheating lovebirds met at (where else?) George's furniture store. And in another flashback moment, Adrian's getting that red convertible we all know and love her for. These characters, no matter what they are, have a great impact to us as we grow like we want to make a difference in the world just like how Superman helps the needy and how Spiderman could climb walls.
On his Secret of Super Heroes series, he revisits some famous characters and illustrated them in a hilarious way as he sort of revealed some moments which could be a private thing for them.

Flash-forward to present-day Amy, who's dozing off in the hospital room as she waits to give birth. The young couple has just gone on their first date, and Jack says he doesn't want to go out with anyone else. We flash back to a conversation Grace and Marshall had in summer 2008: He's grilling her for details on her date with Jack.
It's a present from Cindy, who managed to score it with a little negotiating help from George—though nobody quite knows about the affair yet, not even Adrian. But aside from these superheroes, we also fancy other characters like having that dream to meet Prince Charming same as how Snow White did. The series turned out totally hilarious but we are sure it won’t change the way you look at them! Well, it varies from one person to another but we all have that fave character even until now that we have grown mature.
Well, you’ve got to see more from Gregorie Guillemin because what you see above is just a glimpse of all the illustrations he had for this series. And over at the Boykewich residence, a pre-high-school Ben is excited to get his braces off, hopefully in time to score some chicks. One artist have created a humorous and creative twist to our childhood faves through some illustrations showing the Secret Life of Super Heroes.

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