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When Natasha takes a trip to the mall and comes back to find a note telling her to fill the birdbath. Natasha meets a new friend who's staying in her neighborhood for three weeks, but when she comes over something strange happens. This episode was accidentally deleted, and since the creators did not consider it important to the series, it was not remade. ANYWHO despite my eternal confusion regarding the academic status of these soap opera teens and the ultimate emotional consequences that come from being lied to by my favorite shows for so many years, they never ceased to provide me with endless entertainment. So maybe their initial college experience was a little bit more realistic, despite, you know, the whole vampire thing. The Red Carpet At The Pretty Little Liars 100th Episode Party Reminds Us They Only Play High Schoolers On TVWhere Are They Now? Can we also mention how on Secret Life, LITERALLY EVERYONE was talking about what was supposed to be a secret?? Shockingly, Natalie splashes Samantha while they're at the beach, making her pop a tail in public.
03:52 My Secret Mermaid Life season 1 episode 14 Tail, powers,water and Natalie What Next? After Natalie's clumsiness gets Samantha wet again, the mermaid decides that what her friend needs is powers of her own, so she shows her a spell to do it. Following instructions which she can't even fully read, Samantha puts her ring out in the sunlight, then puts it on.
Unfortunately, I remember it well. For those who peaked early it was a wondrous time full of parties, underage drinking, and general tomfoolery made all the better by those awesomely overactive teenage hormones.

Without further ado, here are 8 TV shows that lied to both me and you about what high school is really like.
She would send around emails to everyone in her address book telling us about drama she’d heard about. First of all, it made me think for a hot second that it would be a good idea to wear heels to school. But this show was amazing and most of the time I could overlook the fact that Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was killing vamps all day and night because she was an otherwise pretty normal person. These people were weirdly technologically advanced and Clark Kent‘s (Tom Welling) friend Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) was way too aggressive of a newspaper reporter for a high school publication. She first accidentally sprays water on herself, then her friend Alice comes over right at that moment! For the rest of us, though, it was a time full of social awkwardness, relatively poor taste in clothing and hairstyles, and overall coming to terms with the fact high school was just nothing like it is on TV. That’s about as far as Gossip Girl goes in terms of being even mildly realistic, and I think that was a pretty isolated incident. No one was at all disturbed by the fact that Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) was supposed to be Stefan‘s (Paul Wesley) older brother and he was constantly loitering around campus. The only reason I watched it was because I wanted to see how bad Shailene Woodley used to be (and to be honest, I didn’t think she was half as bad as everyone else on the show).
For people here in the UK school is far less glamorous and was far more like Grange Hill, which was rather shabbier and can be easily found on youtube for anyone curious. I remember flipping on the good ol’ boob tube and staring in wonder as these statuesque ladies strutted down the hallway in designer clothes, while muscular men played football or soccer or lacrosse with a near professional ease.

No 15-year-old girl in the world has a body like Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively), boys wear those dumb snapback hats more than they wear pastel seersucker trousers, and if I even tried to go out to a bar to have a drink on a Wednesday night when there was a book report to be written, my mom would have grounded me so fast it would have made your head spin. But also I should probably mention the fact that everyone except for like two people at this school is some sort of supernatural creature. Buffy’s life should have had her running for the hills, or at least the nearest psychiatrist. My son starts secondary school (middle and high school combined) in September and British schools still look like that today.
It never really did match up with the string bean boys with whom I attended class, and oh my god, did these TV students NEVER have homework? Also, I feel like a teacher would have gotten involved in this whole Gossip Girl situation and there would have been some terrifyingly boring school assembly about respect and responsibility followed by the implication of strict cell phone laws.
Granted, he’s over 100 years old in vampire years, but the same high school rules should still apply. Even lunch time, girls were talking about how they were gonna sex it up with their man by the weekend. And, finally, I thought that maybe I could be super independent and dabble in federal missing persons and murder investigations without parental supervision while still maintaining a decent GPA.

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