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Your question relates to the importance of bees in the novel and the way that they act as as incredibly powerful motif, in particular in relation to the character of Lily.
I am assuming you want to know about some of the metaphors used in The Secret Life of Bees. This the website we will use for the rest of the semester as we make our way through reading The Secret Life of Bees.
Before we had it removed by a beekeeper, several hundred of them clumped together in this ball as they busily started work on finishing their search and migration to a more permanent home.

A Bees are social animals: they form colonies and work tirelessly in the dark for the queen. You will be expected to read this book independently, as well as work on the pre-reading and during-reading tasks independently. You will have check points along the way to ensure work is completed and reading is completed. The reading calendar is not only posted here on the weebly, but it is also in your shared folder in Google Drive.

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