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UK broadcaster Channel 4 has ordered a documentary following 10 four-year-olds over the course of a year from Zodiak Media-owned indie RDF Television. Set to air early this year, The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds (working title; pictured) centers on a group of children who meet in a specially equipped nursery. The doc is produced by RDF in conjunction with bio-medical research charity the Wellcome Trust.
Well, therea€™s nothing new about this TV format is there?A You take a motley assortment of subjects from very different backgrounds and stick them in a house together, with cameras monitoring their every move.
Ten children were signed up for the show, designed to examine how they interact when adults A arena€™t presentAnother Big Brother spin-off then? The Goody: Christian's mother says that her son is 'four going on 40'A She could have added a€?manipulative, rude and downright cruela€™ because ita€™s all on display here. Chaim (left) is the most rebellious of the group with his parents admiting that they 'go soft on him'. This video is not showing because you did not accept our terms of use for age restricted material. The doc focuses on the four-year-olds’ behavior and social interactions, which are being monitored by educational neuroscientist Paul Howard-Jones and developmental psychologist Sam Wass. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. One sweet little girl follows another around the playground for hours, asking if she can be her friend.
The stars of this intriguing show, The Secret Life Of Four-Year-Olds, are, yes, four-year-olds.A Endearing, infuriating, sometimes sweet, sometimes right little terrors, their behaviour is usually only laid bare in the family home.

These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. Here, however, ita€™s out there for national viewing a€“ every tantrum and hissy fit included.
Romance seems to be in the air too.A a€?Luke is in love with Jessica,a€™ one little boy declares, when Luke asks Jessica if shea€™d like to come to his house to play. Yet therea€™s also behaviour that seems extraordinarily mature for a four-year-old.Ten children were signed up for the show, designed to examine how children interact when grown-ups arena€™t present. Is that different to how they behave when grown-ups are there?A a€?Absolutely,a€™ says Dr Paul Howard-Jones, one of the experts who monitored the childrena€™s every move. They worked out how to sort things out.a€™The children were filmed over several days at a school in London, with nursery teachers on hand to make sure things didna€™t get too feral. These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners. Obviously, much of the a€?experimenta€™ is staged.A Two scooters are left in the playground.
Some of the programme is a sobering reminder of how sending your child out into the real world is akin to flinging them into a bearpit.
A chocolate cake is placed in the classroom, with a vague mention of it being a€?for latera€™. No parents felt this more than Natalie and Stephen Taylor, whose little girl Jessica was the sensitive soul so keen to make a new friend.A a€?Shea€™s very shy and really sensitive,a€™ admits Stephen, a painter and decorator. What will happen?One boisterous little boy, Chaim, is quickly identified as the class rebel.

His parents admit that because they work long hours theya€™re quite soft on him at home and he may be a bit of a handful. We actually thought it would be good for her, to build up her confidence and trust in people.a€™Jessica provides one of the showa€™s heart-stopping moments when she makes an imaginary phone call which ends with her saying, a€?Richard, you are not the father, stop phoning here. Chaim learns a very important lesson about sharing.a€™It does take a certain bravery to have taken part, though. Annette Headley, who runs a beauty business, let her son Christian (a€?four going on 40,a€™ she says) participate. You start thinking, a€?Whata€™s she going to come out with next?a€?a€™The programme-makers say the period covered in these childrena€™s lives represents a€?some of the most important months in any humana€™s lifea€™. They explained that it was about seeing how relationships between kids evolve, how they make friends, how they learn. Christian has been at nursery since he was ten months old and as a parent you get an idea of what hea€™s like when you arena€™t there, but only an idea. If you were a betting person youa€™d put money on Christian being a future Prime Minister.A He, though, wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Ia€™ve always worried that hea€™d tell on other kids to the teacher, and get picked on for it. But actually I was surprised a€“ in a nice way.a€™A She emerged quite delighted when Christian gave into temptation and stole a teeny bit of cake.

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