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James Taylor is one of the most misperceived and underappreciated artists I’m acquainted with. James’ first album is virtually unknown in his canon, and somewhat outside the curve of his recording career. Over the next ten years, approximately the 1990s, he released three more workmanlike CDs, each containing two or three memorable cuts. McLaughlin contributes to the One Man Dog (1972) album, along with a list of other famous Jazz musicians.

It was made in London in 1968 when he was 21, the first non-Beatle album produced by Apple Records. James had a patrician upbringing in Chapel Hill, NC, where his alcoholic father was dean of the medical school. This last decade is often thought of as James’ comeback, reflected by his increased profile in the public eye. I think a lot of people who dismiss JT would appreciate him a whole lot if they’d overcome their prejudices against him.

By 20 he had been institutionalized twice (for depression and heroin addiction, both of which would continue for decades).
I don’t think much of his work in the last twenty years, certainly not in comparison to the 15 that preceded them.

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