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The island of Okinawa – the healthiest place in the world where people live a happy and prosperous life! The secret to longevity is simple and complicated at the same time: the key to success – healthy food and a carefree attitude to life!
Unfortunately, modern life gradually brings about changes in the measured life of the islanders.
The Japanese island of Okinawa – a prime example of that in 100 years, life has just begun!

Work Japanese island of Okinawa residents perceive as pleasure, they never get angry at the start of work. 96-year-old martial arts master Seikichi Uehara won more than 30 champions in boxing, 105-year-old Nabi Kinjo still hunts poisonous snakes, and the local 90-year-old farmer is carried out in the field for 11 hours a day. In recent years,there are more and more recorded cases of obesity and lung cancer among local residents. The reason for that – ignoring the rules of a healthy lifestyle that are so well-known by local old-timers!

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