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It takes a re-education for those of us used to equating farmland with big flat fields, but gulches were so significant in the life of the Hawai’ians before Europeans arrived, that the gulches were named and those names are still in use today.
Most became overgrown during the plantation era as sugar cane was cultivated and cattle ranched on the flat areas, but some beautifully recovered examples are accessible to prospective buyers who want to research the possibilities their property’s gulch has to offer. At Hawaii Life, we rarely do print advertising on real estate for sale, as National Association of Realtors statistics show that only 4% of buyers say they found the home they eventually purchased through some form of print ad.
On the other hand, we have a top-notch creative department at our disposal to make sure we market properties properly.
Beth might be found sitting open house and watching whales frolic from an oceanfront resort listing one day, and driving prospective buyers off-road across a large ranch acreage with views of snow-capped Mauna Kea the next.
Mo Shunhai, 59 years old, and Zhou Qunxing, a year younger, have been married for 34 years. Photo taken on May 15 shows several hundred Taoist priests kneeling down for pilgrimage at Laojun Mountain in Luoyang, central Chinaa€™s Henan Province.

Walking across the PBSC campus this morning, I ducked a tree-beard and noticed it to be in full bloom. This plant hangs around unrooted, not even enjoying  the obvious tree-top adaptations of other epiphytes, such as the tanks of bigger Bromeliads, the pseudobulbs and specialized roots of Orchids,  or the hairy rhizomes of Polypody ferns.   How does Spanish Moss get away with it?   How does it take in water?  How does it photosynthesize up there in the sun without frying?   Does it have a sex life? George Rogers is the Chair of the Horticulture Program at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens. It’s a parcel of over 29 acres located walking distance from nearby oceanfront public access. Because they are protected from the winds and have deep soil and naturally running streams, Kohala’s gulches were (and are) prized for their agricultural productivity. I enlisted their support to showcase a few more of my favorite listings on the facing page.
Not just raw land, it comes with a sweet guest cottage for the lucky buyer to enjoy while building their dream home.

In looking at it today, I realize that of the four properties I chose to feature, three of them have gulches! For years, he has held her hands tightly.Recently, a candidate from Super Speaker, a renowned variety TV show, hits the Internet. She has recorded for a number of hot shows, such as Extraordinary Dance, More Than Perfect, Wonderful Chinese, which build her fame among audience.Fishing used to be a way to make a living, whereas it has become a kind of rite now.
Yang Bin, who has been a fisherman for over 40 years, sees his identity change from a full-time fisherman to a part-time, the fish-catching method transformation from man-power to motor vessel then back to manpower sailing ship, the fishing period adjustment from the whole year to a month.

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